How to Log Out Of the Twitch App?

Twitch is used to stream gameplay footage, esports events, music festivals, and more. If you’re a Twitch user, you may have experienced the frustration of losing a livestream due to a power outage or internet issue. 

So, this article will tell you how to save twitch Streams Xbox One. If you’re already sure that the journey to Internet stardom is something you want to pursue, then here’s everything you need to know for how to stream on Twitch. 

You don’t have to be a PC game player to watch twitch, it is for all game players. You can broadcast games on both the PS4 and the Xbox One. It is as easy to set up as it is on PC, and does an equally good job of broadcasting your gaming to the world. This is a video that will show you how to record on the Xbox One.

You could theoretically start streaming by the time you finish reading this article because the process is very straightforward. If you’re more serious about taking up streaming, you could put together a decent setup in under an hour, regardless of whether you’re using a PC, gaming laptop, console, or even a phone. The best gaming PCs can be used for streaming and connecting with your audience.

Setting the scene is what we are going to do. You play video games on the XBOX One and stream them to other people. Rather than just broadcasting live, you also want to record those videos for later use. If you want to watch whenever you want, you can use the one-click setting on twitch that archives your streams as video on demand.

There are limitations that can’t be overcome. Between 14 and 60 days is the amount of time that VODs can be kept. If you want to keep them forever, you need to download them first.

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We will walk you through the entire process from beginning to end, so you have the most complete picture possible. Setting up to stream and enabling VODs are some of the things that have to be done. If you can skip to the part you need to know, then you have all the information you need to.

There is a feature built into the OS that gives the Xbox users an advantage when it comes to streaming. To be able to stream live, you need to enable it on the box and create an account with twitch. There is no need to download the app from the Microsoft Store.

You can find it in the Microsoft Store on your gaming console. If you want to download it to your console, you need to select Get. You can either log in with your account or set up a new one. If you open the page on another device, you’ll be able to log in. You can add the 6 digit code to your app.

You can navigate to the settings on the console. Select Account, Privacy and Online Safety, Xbox Live Privacy, View Details and Customize, Online status and history, Others can see if you are online and select Everybody.

This makes it possible for others to look at your stream. You can go back to View Details and make changes. You can broadcast game content by selecting game content. 

Allow is the option you should select. You can go back to View Details and make changes. You can share game content with other people if you select Allow in Game Content. It’s a good idea to enable your headset and webcam as needed. You can start broadcasting when you are ready.

When you first select Broadcast, you will be asked if you want to use a microphone or a camera, and if you have either. Select the mic you want to use and you are good to go. 

We will take care of the saving streams as a part of the broadcast part. In order to enable that setting, you need to log into twitch and select the dashboard. On the left menu, you can choose settings. Down the page, you can enable Save Past Broadcasters. 

You will be able to record and retain your live streams under this setting. VODs will be kept for 14 days before they are deleted if you are a free user on twitch. If you are a Prime subscriber, they are kept for 60 days before they are deleted. If you want to keep the videos, you’ll have to download them.

Troubleshooting Twitch streams on the Xbox One

There is no need to worry about the streaming process going wrong. At one point or another, there will be something that gets in the way. There are a few basic checks you can make to make sure everything is in place to stream.

Check your WiFi connection

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have a decent connection to the internet.

Check the Twitch connection

The first step was to use a 6 digit code to link your console to the internet service. You can find out if the two are connected by going to the connections page on twitch. If your console is there, you are doing well. If it isn’t, you can go to settings and connections on your console to see if it is there.

If that isn’t the case, you’re going to have to uninstall the app and do it over again. If you want to record a twitch stream on the Xbox one, there is only one thing you need to do. 

Twitch System Requirements

If you want to stream on twitch for 60 frames per second, you’re going to need a semi-decent PC, and there are some minimum specifications. You don’t necessarily need the best streaming PC money can buy, in fact, you can get away with older 7th and 8th Gen CPUs in most cases to get your channel going.

This is largely down to the extra work the CPU will be taking on, which is why it isn’t recommended much lower than this. The more cores the better, because the game will be converted into a video format for the viewer. If you are going to be doing everything off one PC, you should aim for a minimum of 16GB of RAM, which is the minimum recommended by twitch.

If you are going to be playing these games in high detail on max settings, then the more powerful the graphics card is, the better. You should aim for the best graphics card you can afford if you want flawless broadcast quality and a smooth experience on those games.

To go along with the PC, you will need a strong internet connection with an upload speed of at least 3.5Mbps for full HD (1080p) live streaming. Don’t worry, if your net isn’t up to snuff, you can still stream, but it might have to be at a lower quality. The minimum stream quality should be around 720p, but internet connections may cause issues if they are not strong enough.

Stream On Twitch Using A Secondary PC

Streamers may have one PC for gaming and another for streaming. Whether or not you have one or two PCs for streaming on twitch is down to how graphically intense some games are, when you factor in live streaming the stress can be all too much for a lesser PC build. You can have two builds in a single case with a dual setup like our runner-up case in the full tower case breakdown. 

Thanks to recent technology, streaming from a single PC is becoming a lot more feasible, and dual cases are a great space saver, but luckily there is headway with recent technology.

Streaming Peripherals?

The microphone quality is the reason why your top-of-the-line gaming headset isn’t good enough for streaming. A good quality microphone and a good quality headset are required by most successful streamers.

You don’t think it’s important to invest in a high-quality microphone as you are just starting out, but having poor audio of any kind could negatively impact your viewers.

Before you start streaming on twitch, you should have a high-definition webcam. A decent webcam is important because you need a sharp image of yourself, like having crisp audio.

It gives the viewer a more personal experience and can only help your channel because some streamers don’t show themselves on streaming or have a need for a webcam.

How To Stream On Twitch From Console

There are many different platforms that include consoles and even mobile gaming, which is why streaming isn’t a PC-only affair. You can stream directly from the console with the PS4, PS5, and Xbox One. If you want to play on these consoles, all you have to do is install the application on your console and off you go.

Other people who play video games on consoles like the PS3 or Nintendo Switch will need a card. Some of the capture cards plug directly into your device, while others need to be installed into a PC before you can use them. It is possible to use the capture cards on any console with some of the better ones being able to catch 4K gaming.


In short, there are a few ways to save Twitch streams on Xbox One. If you want to archive your favorite streamer’s content, or just watch past broadcasts, using the Twitch app is the best way to do it. 

Alternatively, you can use the Xbox One’s built-in tools to record and save videos of your favorite games or channels. Whichever method you choose. We hope that this article helped you gain all the information you How To Save Twitch Streams Xbox One thanks for reading! Let us know in the comments below!

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