Dumpor: Anonymous Instagram Post and Viewer

Instagram is one of the most used social media websites with hundreds of millions of active users. The unique concept of sharing pictures and videos rather than text messages with others is very enticing, especially for youngsters. If you want to see these posts from others, you have to make an Instagram account otherwise you won’t be able to.

However, some people don’t want to make an account and want to remain anonymous while watching these posts. You can do this by using “Dumpor” which is a free-to-use service that let you see all the latest posts and stories without needing an account or getting discovered. In this article, we will try to explain to you all about this amazing platform along with its features.

A Brief Summary of Dumpor

Dumpor is a website that lets you watch posts, stories, and videos anonymously on Instagram. With this service, you can join anyone’s live stream without letting them know as well. Besides that, you don’t need an account on this website or Instagram. The user interface is well-optimized, quite easy to use and there is no learning curve.

On the homepage, you have the option to either search for a specific account or look through all the trending ones. You also get the option to look through different public accounts based on tags or locations. One feature that let it stand out among others is the option to download posts and stories in full quality, so you can watch them even after they have disappeared from Instagram.

If that isn’t enough, you can also use statistics and Instagram data to analyze profiles on Instagram, likes, comments, and follows. Lastly, with Instagram story viewer Dumpor, you can see all the tags popular celebrities use on their posts to get engagement.

Therefore, if you want to get more likes and views on your posts as well then you can copy these tags and use them. One thing you need to keep in mind is all the features mentioned only works on public Insta account and not private ones.

Using Dumpor: A Step-by-Step Guide

As we already mentioned using Dumpor to view posts and stories anonymously is relatively simple. There is no need to create an account on either of the websites and all you need to do is follow this procedure:

  1. Open any web browser on your device and make sure it is connected to an active internet connection.
  2. Go to the address bar, type “dumpoir.com” and press enter. You can also look for the website on Google, it will be on the top search result.
  3. Once you are on the Dumpor Instagram viewer homepage, you can see multiple options.
  4. The first is to search for the account you want to see the posts of. The next is all the popular public accounts. And at the end, you will find tags and locations to discover new accounts.
  5. After you have found the account, click on the profile picture to open it.
  6. From here you will be able to watch all the Dumpor Instagram content anonymously.
  7. If you want to download any stories or posts, all you need to do is click on the download icon under or beside that post.
  8. A pop-up window will appear and it ask you to select the quality or resolution of the post.
  9. Finally, click on the “Download” button at the end and it will be saved to your local storage for future use.
  10. Also, if you want to see the data and analytics of an account, you can just click on the “Statistics” icon and it will redirect you to another page with all the information.

Advantages of Using Dumpor

Dumpor ig offers several advantages to anyone who wants to watch stories anonymously and download them without logging in. Some other advantages are:

  • You can view IG stories without getting detected by the owner of the story.
  • You can locally download stories, reels, or videos for free.
  • You can use hashtags, usernames, and places to search and discover new content.
  • Statistics and data can be used to analyze profiles, comments, likes, and follows.
  • The trending function allows you to discover trending Instagram posts in one spot.
  • Instagram viewer Dumpor is supported on every device, including PCs, mobile phones, and tablets.


Dumpor is a widely used Instagram viewer program that many people use to surf Instagram anonymously. You can also download posts and stories from their account onto your device storage to watch them later. Similarly, there are many unique features available on the website. If you want to know more about or how to use it then read this article till the end.

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