Guide to Use Mobile Cross-Platform Development (Pros & Cons)

Mobile Cross-Platform Development

These days companies are experiencing the challenge of building mobile applications that are functional on different platforms, especially iOS and Android. That’s precisely why cross-platform mobile development solutions exist.  Creating a mobile app that reached both platform users is now possible with cross-platform app development. Perhaps you can make good use of the flutter cross-platform, … Read more

Inside Out – The Hoverboard version

Hoverboard version

Even though Hoverboards have taken over the world, it is still confusing to people what is actually the difference between a hoverboard and a skateboard.  People still think it to be just a skateboard, just that the names are different.  Therefore before buying a hoverboard and investing their money into our valuable product, people need … Read more

5 Pro Tips When Using a Screw Extractor

Screw Extractor

A screw extractor is an important and essential tool that should be in every toolbox. A tool extractor is used to remove broken or seized screws. There are two kinds of screw extractors – one with a spiral flute structure and another with a straight flute structure. Screw extractors are usually made of hard steel … Read more

Choosing the Best Body Massager in India

Best Body Massager in India

The key things to keep in mind while deciding on a body massager in Gurgaon, like a percussion massage, massage gun, or vibration massager, are as follows: Make sure that they give a quality medicinal massage. Make sure that they can be easily used on every body part. Besides the things mentioned above, you also … Read more

What is Anemometers? And How Do They Work?

An Anemometer Work

Anemometers are measuring devices used to measure the speed of airflow in the atmosphere, in wind tunnels, and in other gas-flow applications.  It is most commonly used to measure wind speed with the help of revolving cups. Seems interesting, right? Let’s take a sneak peek at what anemometers are and how are they work? What Is … Read more