What Is The Difference Between A Hacker And A Cybersecurity Professional?

Difference Between A Hacker And A Cybersecurity Professional

People often get confused with the terms hacker or ethical hacker and cyber security professional. Cybersecurity is a broad term in which various computer security mechanisms are included and hacking is one of them. Let’s now talk about what is the difference between a hacker and a cybersecurity professional and to get a better understanding … Read more

The role of automation in improving cybersecurity defenses

automation in improving cybersecurity defenses

In the era of digital transformation, cyber threats have become increasingly sophisticated, warranting a proactive approach to ensure data protection and system integrity. One of the most significant shifts in cybersecurity has been the increased reliance on automation. This article delves into the role of automation in fortifying cybersecurity defenses and how businesses can leverage … Read more

What are the three goals of cybersecurity?

What are the three goals of cybersecurity?

Answer – Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability The right answer to “What are the three goals of cybersecurity?” is the CIA Triad. CIA is also referred to as Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. These servers as the principal for protecting digital information and systems. Let’s look at all three of them in detail for better understanding. Confidentiality … Read more

6 Ways to Raise Your Cybersecurity Level

Raise Your Cybersecurity Level

No matter how you use the internet, whether you’re shopping for gifts for your loved ones or finding the best insurance for you and your family, understanding how to stay safe online is imperative: According to Infosecurity Group, online data breaches rose by 70% in Q3 2022 Ignoring your cybersecurity is the first step to … Read more

8 Cyber Security Trends to Be on the Lookout for in 2023

Cyber Security Trends

AI and machine learning are growing in capability and sophistication, and businesses will continue to hone these technologies in 2023 as part of their security infrastructure. AI is increasingly being used to build automated security systems that would replace human intervention, making it possible to analyze massive quantities of risk data faster. This would be … Read more