Benefits & Importance of Jam Session- Guide

JAM Session or ‘Just a Minute’ session is a specially designed task some companies provide to their candidates. In this session, one has to speak about a certain topic for a minute. The topic might be given to the candidate by the selection team or he might be asked to speak on a topic of his/her own choice.

Going through an interview process and completing all its tasks is one thing. But for better performance and results the appearing candidates should also know the importance of various tasks. This helps them to decide on which task requires more focus and which one requires less.

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Why Is Jam Session So Important?

Lately, many companies have introduced JAM Session in their interview process. One reason behind this is that it helps the interviewers to judge a candidate on several parameters in a very short span of time. Thus, it becomes crucial for you to prepare for these sessions.

For the recruiters, JAM Sessions help them to:

  • Judge a candidate’s general awareness and his knowledge about various topics. JAM Sessions are not for checking your deep knowledge in some specific area. Rather, you are required to have introductory level knowledge but you should know how to put it on the table.

  • Judge how much confident a candidate is. Always remember that confidence is the most important thing. You might know certain points about the topic that has been provided to you but if you lack confidence you won’t be able to convey those points to your audience. Thus, it is important to speak boldly and confidently in a JAM Session.

  • Judge a candidate’s communication skills. Communication skills are very important in corporate sector. If you do not possess good communication skills then it will become very difficult for you to survive in an organization.

You cannot develop good communication skills in a day. It requires a lot of practice and patience to get the results. There are lots and lots of articles and videos on how to develop good communication skills. Try those methods and be patient. You’ll definitely see the results coming and this will help you immensely in both personal and professional life.

  • See how a candidate manages his/her time. You might be having a bunch of points about some topic but how you organize them and put them before your audience within the given time is what going to give you points in a JAM session. Your organizing ability is also checked in this.

  • Decide on how good is flow of thoughts of a candidate. Flow of thoughts is a thing that won’t come to you naturally. You’ll have to read about various topics and then try speaking about them before a mirror in your home.


Through all these points mentioned above you must have got the idea that JAM Sessions are not as easy as they sound. They are not difficult either; they just need efforts and preparation. We have several articles on our website which talk about JAM Topics and how to prepare for them.

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Final words

In this article we have talked about the importance that JAM Sessions hold in an interview process. We have also put various parameters based on which interviewers generally judge candidates. JAM Sessions are not a thing for which you can prepare overnight. You’ll need consistent preparation for acing these sessions.


On our website we keep publishing about JAM Sessions, so stay connected for more such content.

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