40+Jam Topics with Answers to Excel in Your Interview

Just a minute or JAM topics in short is a round in some interviews where candidates are required to speak on a certain topic for duration of one minute. Sometimes the topic is given by the interviewer to the candidate and some other time candidate is asked to choose from a list of topics.

Latest JAM topics for B.Tech, MBA, B.Sc, BBA Students/ JAM Topics for school students

Have you got a ‘just a minute’ session coming up about some topic in an interview or in your school or college and you’re worried about it? Well then, you are at the right place. We will share with you some important JAM topics and tips to prepare for your jam session topics.

Before moving onto the actual guide, let’s first get an idea of what JAM sessions actually are!

Just a minute

JAM or ‘just a minute’ session is where the speaker has to speak about some certain topic for a minute. The topic may be pre-known to the speaker or he/she is told about it at the spot. These topics are known as JAM Topics.

Why are JAM Sessions required in an interview:

Recently, many companies have included JAM Sessions in their interview process. These sessions help interviewers to judge candidates on following parameters:

  • General Awareness
  • Confidence
  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Time Management
  • Flow of thoughts etc.

    It is observed that most of the candidates find JAM sessions troublesome as they don’t have a proper idea of what to speak, how to start, which details are crucial etc.

How are JAM Sessions or Jam round conducted:

There can be different ways of conducting a JAM round. Interviewer can ask candidates to pick a topic of their own choice or candidates can be asked to speak on some topic given to them. 
In both the cases, knowing about some recent topics beforehand can be immensely helpful.

Top 40 Evergreen All time JAM Topics For Interview

  • Unemployment
  • Globalization
  • Team Work
  • Internet
  • Pollution
  • Women Empowerment
  • Dowry
  • Favorite Color
  • COVID-19
  • Cashless Economy
  • Social Media and its impact
  • Demonetization
  • Pros and cons of online learning
  • Global Warming
  • Online shopping vs Offline Shopping
  • College Life
  • Role Model
  • Impact of Startups
  • Government vs Private Jobs
  • Impact of cinema on youth
  • Impact of communication skills
  • Brain Drain
  • Addiction
  • Smartphones
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Role Of Computers
  • Favorite Color
  • Favorite Movie
  • Role Model
  • Education Stress on Students
  • Digital Media Market vs Traditional Market
  • Online Shopping vs Traditional Shopping
  • Finance
  • Impact of Social Media Apps.
  • Social Networking
  • Public Speaking
  • Best advice I ever received
  • Trees
  • Politics

Tips for cracking your JAM Session Topics:

JAM sessions are mostly where candidates get panicked. Here, we’re providing you some tips which will become handy in your session.

  • Put up a natural smile. Neither too broad not too short. A good smile reflects confidence.
  • Prepare for some trending and recent topics beforehand. This will be very helpful if you stumble upon a familiar topic in session. To know some trending JAM Topics, stick around.
  • Use short sentences.
  • Maintain eye contact and a good posture.
  • Avoid taking long pauses and do not rush while speaking.
  • Use simple words, not complex vocabulary.
  • Take deep breaths if you get stuck, it’ll help you in remaining calm.
  • Have a direct contact with the audience while speaking. It is very important that the people you are addressing feels as if you’re talking to him/her personally.
  • Be to the point and always keep your ideas around the topic. Do not beat around the bush.
  • Slow down when you come towards the end so that audience knows that you are now finishing your speech.

If you follow these tips, they will make your JAM Session real smooth. Next we will be discussing about some recent JAM session topics interview.

How to prepare for JAM sessions topics

You should not wait for the final day to prepare for these sessions. As these require flow of thoughts it is very important that you practice some of these beforehand.

Ahead in this article we’ll be providing you with some expected JAM topics which may be asked from you. You can also use them for your practice.

We’ll also provide a short description of some of the topics to help you get started. You have to take idea from them, form your own speech and speak in front of a mirror for 1-1.5 minutes. This activity will be really helpful in increasing your flow of thoughts.

Starting with it you may find difficulty in speaking about some particular topic for one minute but after 6-7 topics you’ll certainly see improvement in your ideas.

Dos & Don'ts, Tips To Practice JAM Session

All time Just a minute topics/JAM session topics:

topics for jam

Below  are listed some topics for jam which you’re likely to find in most of the interviews. Also there are some hints on how to handle these just a minute topics.

Pollution: It has always been a global problem and has hit humanity in different ways. You can tell about what causes pollution, its effects and some preventive measures that are being taken to minimize its impact.

Women Empowerment:  just considering her as a goddess in society is not enough, they need to be given equal opportunity and encouragement to participate in all kinds of activities. You may also tell about participation of women in various sectors and how they are excelling there, giving few examples alongside. Also, some great names can be mentioned.

Internet: a thing without which it is hard to imagine what life will look like. You can tell how internet became so imperative in our lives and how it is helpful in fulfilling the day to day needs. How it has helped in simplifying human lifestyle. Don’t forget to mention the other side too which includes cyber crime, plagiarism etc.

Team Work: holds the highest odds. Speak about how team work becomes essential in achieving bigger goals and how much collaborative efforts mean.  Mention the pros of teamwork such as it builds morale, improves trust among co-workers etc.

Favorite Color: These types of topics generally help interviewers to know how much candidate is aware about his/her – self. Here, all you have to speak is what you really feel. Like in this case, tell your favorite color, mention any specific reason why you like it, some generally occurring things associated with that color etc..

Globalization: This is integration of economies from across the world to increase trade among them. You can mention how it provides a chance to people all across the globe to witness the skills of people from other countries. On the de-merit side, you can mention how it has been discouraging for local manufacturers.

Dowry : Initially Dowry was given by Bride’s parents solely to Bride in the form of money, property, jewelry etc. With the time this thing has become a price tag for the groom. You can mention how many crimes happen related to this issue. How much mental and physical violence some of the brides have faced. For the solution, we need social awareness among the people, stricter laws etc.

Below are mentioned some  more evergreen jam session topics which are likely to be asked:

  • Illiteracy
  • Women Safety
  • Self-Confidence
  • Education system in India
  • Reservation
  • Right to Education
jam session topics

Trending JAM topics for interview- 204

These kind of just a minute topics  help the interviewer to judge candidate’s general awareness. These usually consist of topics which were recently in news  or something which recently had an unnoticeable impact.

You can prepare for some topics like:

Demonetization:  It is the process in which a currency is stripped off its status as a legal tender. Simply put, that currency will no longer be legal or you won’t be able to do business with it. You can mention what happened back in 2016 when India went through this, the reason behind it and what goals were government planning to achieve.

Global Warming: it is the phenomenon of increasing temperature near the surface of the Earth. You can mention the causes of global warming, which are many and also the disastrous effects caused by it. For conclusion, you can give some preventive methods.

Cashless Economy: As technology is rapidly advancing and mankind needs to keep up with that pace so we’re changing our methods of exchange. You can tell about the assistance provided by various companies in this field. You can also mention some de-merits such as cyber-crime, account hacking etc.

COVID-19 : the most life-threatening virus humanity has ever seen. COVID had an impact not only on people’s health but on education, businesses, workers, lifestyle and sports. You can mention these things along with what preventive measures were taken by various governments and how doctors and scientists worked effortlessly to improve the conditions.

Social Media and its impact: social media is everywhere today. Most of the people in fact use 2-3 different platforms. You can mention how social media has evolved over time and how it has helped people (like donations, tweets etc.). It also has a darker side which includes plagiarism, frauds, cyber-bullying, privacy breach etc.

Online Shopping  vs Traditional Shopping: Again this is something like a comparison between modern technology and ancient method but restricted to some specific domain. Each one of them have their own pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Online Learning : as the Covid era has forced every school and college to shut down and students are continuing their studies online. On the pros side they get comfortable environment, self paced learning also in some cases. On the cons side, it makes them lazy, some students might not have that good access to resources etc.

JAM topics for college students

jam topics asked from college students

Below we’ll be mentioning some jam topics which can be asked from college students.

Government Job vs Private Job : as you are fresh out from your college, interviewers will be interested in knowing what are your perspectives about jobs in different sectors. One tip here is that try not to be biased towards any specific sector, every sector has their own pros and cons mention them all.

College life : one of the most asked topics from freshers. Tell them about your experiences, how college helped you to improve your personality and what did you learn from there.

Role Model : in our life there is always someone whom we look up to. It can be anyone, a character from a movie or book, some famous personality or even someone in your close relations. Mention who is it, what qualities of theirs attract you, what are you doing to improve yourself.

Startups vs regular jobs : Again something which is knowing about aspects. If you’re going for a regular job, compare it with a startup on factors like job security, regular salary, simplified work hours etc.

Impact of Startups : In recent times, several startups played a huge role in shaping the society. Mention some of the names like Facebook, Zomato, Uber etc and put an emphasis on the comfort they have added in lives of people. This is a topic where you can just explain how different startups have made our lives easier and there would be more than enough content to speak.

Impact of cinema on youth : Cinema is something that has attracted every generation. Undoubtedly, the type of content we watch affects our brain. Point out how cinema has changed over the time and the preferences of youth along with it. You can also use Internet to fetch some data on this, it’ll be really helpful.

Importance of Communication Skills :  As you’re looking for a job communication skills become really important. These can help you immensely in growth of your own career. Through good communication skills you can put up your points and  make yourself understandable. You can also give out methods to improve communication skills such as active listening, confidence, empathy, volume and clarity, respect etc.

Brain Drain : many students after graduating from their college think of going abroad for job purposes. They find it more attractive and secure. Foreign companies also offer fancy packages to attract native students. What reforms are necessary to stop this thing ? What is the root cause of Brain Drain? You can speak around some questions like these. 

Addiction : a high percentage of today’s youth has fallen into some kind of addiction or other. Addiction is not only of drugs it can be of any thing, for example, checking your social media frequently also counts as an addiction. Present before judges how addiction is harmful and some solutions like social awareness, self-discipline, seminars that can help people get out of these things.

If you’re a student from technical background, you may get some special topics related to technical domain. We are mentioning some here for your idea:

Automation : With rapidly increasing technology, many industries are moving towards automation. You can simply put up merits and de-merits here. The merits will include things like fast production, cost-effectiveness etc while de-merits may include need of higher maintenance, requirement of large capital to turn towards automation etc.

Artificial Intelligence : simply put, this is machine and computers doing and thinking what human intelligence does. You can mention how AI impacts our day-to-day life, what are its benefits, why is there a sudden surge in the field of AI etc.

Evolution of Microprocessors: the structure of microprocessor has changed drastically over the decades. You can tell about how this thing has been helpful in improving the technology, how we came a long way from large vacuum tubes to the smartphones we hold in our hands with help of these.

Information Technology : This comprises of computers, telecommunications, television, audio-visual media etc. Computer forms the main segment of IT. You can explain how computers have helped in development, minimizing the human effort and making life easier. IT industry has also contributed in the economy of our nation by creating millions of jobs.

JAM topics for school students

For school students generally, these are included in co-curricular activities. It is less likely that school students will be asked to speak on some complex topic. Below we’re mentioning some JAM topics for school students, there is also a little bit description about them for your assistance. 

If I were the principal of my school : “If I were’ topics are some of the mainstream JAM topics for school students. These are asked to know what are the aspirations of student and what reforms he/she can bring. In your school there would definitely be things you would have wanted to improve if given a chance, mention them. Mention how you would have been supportive towards your staff and students.

If I were the prime-minister of my country : again an ‘If I were’ topic just to improve your understanding. This will also go by the same rules. Mention the things you think should be changed and how you would change them if given a chance. Don’t forget that you have to create a positive impact through your speech so choose your words wisely.

My favorite Hobby : we all have some kind of favorite thing that we like to do in our leisure time. It can be reading books, playing some instrument, gardening, singing etc. Mention what hobby do you hold. Also mention, how did it become your hobby, why do you enjoy doing it and what do you learn from it.

My favorite TV Show / Movie : mention which TV show or movie is your favorite. Mention your favorite characters in it. Tell audience why do you like that character, what are his attributes that attract you, do you look up to your character. Also try to mention some short story about that show or movie.

Lessons to Learn from Sports : Children like to play sports a lot. There are different kinds of sports they engage themselves in. Mention what values sports have taught you such as courage, team spirit etc. Also mention which sports do you play and what you’ve learnt from them.

Online Games vs Outdoor Games : The recent years have seen an exponential growth in the number of children getting involved in online gaming. Mention the benefits of outdoor games over online games. How sitting for long hours and staring at some screen can be harmful to your body. Also mention the different psychological effects these games have.

If I had a Superpower : Just like the ‘If I were’ questions we mentioned earlier, these questions also follow the same format. But the condition here is more fictional. If you had a Superpower, what kind of superpower would you like to have. What kind of deeds would you do with it. How your superpower will help resolve issues pertaining in our society. You can speak around these topics.

My Favorite Subject / Teacher : this is again a ‘my favorite’ kind of topic where all you have to do is point out the good things about that particular topic. Like in this case, tell audience which is your favorite subject or who is your favorite teacher. Why do you like to study from him / her or that subject. Is there any special thing about them that allures you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best topics for JAM Session are the ones which are related to current affairs and which people can relate.

Some best topics for JAM session are:

  • Regular jobs vs startups
  • COVID-19
  • Demonetization
  • Online Learning vs offline learning
  • Unemployment
  • Pollution
  • Internet
  • Women Empowerment

JAM or ‘just a minute’ sessions is a round in interview where candidates are asked to speak on a topic which might be given by the interviewer or candidate might be asked to choose from a list of given topics. JAM session asks from a candidate to organize his/her thoughts and present them confidently.

During a JAM session, candidate must speak in a well-defined order. One must start a JAM session with his/her introduction, then introduction of the topic, some prominent points about topic and concluding note on it.

Just a minute topics or in short we call them JAM are topics given to a candidate, generally in an interview and he/she is expected to speak about that topic for around 1 minute. 

Do’s for JAM are:

  • Remain calm and confident.
  • Speak briefly about the topic.
  • End your speech with a conclusion.

In colleges, JAM sessions are held to prepare students for interview processes. In these are student is given a topic and he/she is expected to speak on it for around one minute.

There can be several ways of starting a JAM topic, but the best practices are;
1. Introduce yourself and the topic about which you’re going to speak.
2. Start in a calm manner, do not rush.
3. Speak with confidence.
4. Pronounce the words clearly.

Conclusion to the Jam Topic 2022

We have put before you a lot many JAM Topics for different groups and we hope that you found them useful. These may not be your exact JAM sessions topics. These are just for your practice and to instigate a flow of thought in your mind. Description is provided for some topics to help you in initial phase. We wish you all the best for your upcoming session!!

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