Expansion Of Ideas Topics with Example – CBSE Class 12: English  

Expansion of Idea is the term given to the process in which you go deeper into your ideas or analyze your ideas in depth. To do this, it is important to first understand the given statement and then try to restate it. In the examples given in this article, we will see how to expand an idea and how you can write about it in the prescribed word limit. 

Further, the format of writing expansion of ideas and some tips and tricks related to it will also be shared.  

Format for Writing Expansion of Idea 

For writing expansion of ideas, one must briefly focus on four important sections: 

  1. Title – about which you are going to write the expansion. 
  1. Introduction part – containing a little information about the title, also builds a base for your essay. 
  1. Principle Matter – briefly describing what is the main idea behind the expansion and what this expansion wants to convey. 
  1. Summarizing – Towards the end of your essay, try to summarize in a few words what are the ideas which you wanted to convey through your words. 
  1. Moral or Lesson – Try to include a moral or a lesson at the end of the essay. This is not compulsory but can be counted as good practice. 

All these points will be implemented when we will see Expansion of Ideas examples. 

Three Main Sections in the Expansion of Idea 

Your essay about the expansion of the idea should be briefly divided into three major parts:  

  1. Head 
  1. Body 
  1. Conclusion 

Now let’s dive deeper into these elements one by one and see how to expand them. 

Head or Title 

  • This should be written in the middle of the page in bold letters. 
  • Form your ideas around this. 
  • The words written further in the essay should be linked with the Title. 
  • You should write a brief introduction about the Title in the first paragraph. 

Body or Content at the Core 

  • This contains expanded ideas about the title. 
  • Write this section in an elaborate manner. 
  • This contains innovative ideas about the given title which should be presented in a demonstrative manner. 
  • Avoid cluttering in this section. Do not write unnecessary stuff. 


  • This section is for summarizing what you’ve written throughout your essay. 
  • You may add some of your own ideas here in a brief manner. 
  • Check for grammatical errors in your writing, there shouldn’t be any. 
  • Try to conclude on moral grounds. 

Expansion of Idea Examples 

Mostly, the topics under this section are based upon some famous English sayings or on some famous Idioms. 

Strike while the Iron is Hot 

Procrastination has always been a well-discussed problem. Many motivational speakers and teachers have discussed this issue in their seminars and sessions. Yet, many people complain of procrastination. 

While procrastinating on anything, we do not understand that the time that is lost will never come back. If we contemplate this fact and start acting like time is our most precious wealth, then we possibly will never procrastinate or complain or procrastination. Doing anything at the right moment will greatly help us in taking a step ahead toward our goals and achieving them one day.  

Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You 

Loyalty in this era is something that doesn’t gain much limelight. It is not something that is very much appreciated among common groups and hence this raises a question in many minds that “does it even matter?” 

Being and staying loyal to someone, to your goals or to anything is important. We should never underestimate the tree that provides us with the shadow. The importance of shelter is not known until harsh weather strikes. Thus, the importance of our leaders or of the people whom we are following is hidden until we need them. Hence, one must always stay humble and loyal to a cause. This is a great way to provide meaning to one’s life. 

Better Late than Never 

In the modern world, there is a lot much chaos. Everyone seems to be in a hurry, and nobody wants to wait or stop for someone else. This can be seen on roads too while driving. People are in so much hurry to reach their destination that they forget to follow some simple rules of driving on the road. Often, they commit mistakes which cost the lives of others as well as theirs. 

Humans have been labeled as one of the most important resources, yet they forget that it’s better to be late than never. In a year, a lot many people die from road accidents around the globe and majorly this happens due to the rush on the roads. Everyone should understand that it is dangerous to be in a hurry while driving as the road is not just theirs.  

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence 

This targets a very important issue that is present among us but often remains unaddressed. We often look at others and assume that they are better than us or we should have that too what someone else has. People are not realizing the worth of their own possessions or of themselves. 

We often find ourselves comparing us with others. Another person might be good, but one must understand that “Everyone is Unique”. Once we understand this, we will start seeing ourselves as a unique creation and will develop confidence in our own abilities rather than watching what somebody else thinks.   

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away 

Health is becoming one of the most under looked things in this rapidly growing world. People are trying all the ways to get rich, acquire wealth, become happy but in all this they forget the most important thing, that is health. As it goes that “health is wealth”, if we do not focus on our health, then any other type of possession we have doesn’t matter.  

Eating healthy food is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. Our diet must contain all the nutrients which our body requires in the right amount so that it has all the fuel that it needs for proper functioning. We should build strong immunity and should fall less into the traps laid by junk or unhealthy food.  

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Expansion of Idea confuses a lot of students. Mostly, they can’t figure out what to write in this section. This article has sorted out all such problems of the students so that they can now attempt this section being a lot much more confident. 

In this article, we have discussed the format and what sections the essay should be divided into. Further, we provided some points which are to be kept in mind while approaching Expansion of Idea. In the latter section of the article, we have discussed some must look examples which will be immensely helpful for the students looking for what and how to write Expansion of Idea. For reading more such interesting and informative blogs, keep following our blog page. 


What is the topic of expansion of ideas? 

Expansion of ideas is basically the process of expressing your thoughts on some idea. For this, it is important that you first understand the meaning the idea is trying to convey, then only you will be able to expand that.   

How do you write expansion of idea an example? 

Expanding an idea depends a lot on what you think about that particular idea. In addition to it, here are a few tips that will help: 
Include some quotes related to that. 
Give some examples related to that idea. 
Express your views on that clearly. 

What is expand the theme? 

In expand the theme, you are required to present your views on a particular theme. The given theme can be related to any topic such as moral science, environment or technology. Present your ideas on the given theme. You can take help from some quotes, idioms and metaphors while expanding the theme. 

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