Extempore Speech topics-Extempore Topics for MBA Admissions and interviews

Extempore term is used for something which spoken, done or written without any prior thought. Extempore speech is where you have to speak on a topic for one or two minutes without any kind of preparation beforehand on that topic. These are what we call extempore topics.

In the interviews of many companies, college admissions for management, in school or college level competitions; extempore speech is included to test the participants or candidate’s public speaking skills. Public speaking is one of the most feared things but with right guidance and better ideas you can gain the confidence for it. In this article, we bring for you a number of extempore speech topics, ideas about some topics for extempore and tips regarding the extempore speech.

For becoming a business proficient, it is very important to be confident in public speaking. You’ll have to speak in conferences, convince industry leaders and have effective communication with your colleagues. In MBA admissions this thing is examined through extempore speech.

Candidates are given extempore topics on which they have to speak for the time allotted, which is generally 1 to 2 minutes. Below we provide you a list of some extempore topics for MBA which will be helpful for you in your admission process.

  1. Globalization: A much expected topic during an extempore. Globalization is something which every generation has witnessed and will keep on witnessing. With the easy access to internet, this has grown even more rapidly. If you get this as your extempore speech topic, then you’ll have many areas to speak about.
  2. Impact of Demonetization: A much discussed topic and something that affected people at all financial levels. As someone who is entering into management, you should be able to understand what impact demonetization had on general public and how it could have been managed in a better way. These are some things you’ll need to include in your extempore speech.
  3. Unemployment in India: A widespread concern across the country. How can the resources/ vacancies be managed so that the employment rate increases? As a management aspirant, you’re expected to have answers to such questions.
  4. Reservations in India: In recent times, reservation has been something behind a number of controversies. There have been demands to abolish it while some other groups have demanded reservations for them. Is it right to give reservations based on caste, religion or should it be given based on financial status? Or do you think that reservation should be completely abolished? Present your views on such points.
  5. Rural Development: As someone who is aspiring to go into management field, it becomes very important for you to learn about managing things at every level. What things would you improve in a village? How will you manage the resources so that they provide maximum benefits to farmers and traders there? You can build your extempore around these things.
  6. Optimism: These are some topics which are given to a candidate to test the flow of thoughts. What thoughts did arise in your mind after listening to this word? What does the word optimism mean for you? What is its importance in your life? How this word will benefit you? These are some questions that you can answer in your extempore.
  7. Infinity: Another topic for testing the flow of thoughts in candidates. Infinity is something which can be related to many things. How you see infinity? Do you see it in a mathematical perspective or is it something thought provoking for you?
  8. Privatization: An idea which many governments are working upon. Privatization has its own pros and cons. It may be known to provide good and effective services to consumers but the people working in these sectors are prone to low wages and exploitation. Present your thoughts on how can private sector be better managed so that it is beneficial for both customers and people working in it.
  9. A recent initiative by the government: This is a current affairs topic. In this you’ll be asked to present your views on some recent initiative put up forward by the government. This could be one of the best extempore speech topics for someone who remains updated with the current affairs.
  10. Artificial Intelligence: Extempore topics of these kinds are given to candidate to test how much diversified knowledge does he/she holds. You’re entering in a management field but you’re being asked about something technical. This shows that you’re expected to have an overall knowledge about what’s happening around the world, even in the domains which are not yours.

Extempore topics for interview/ Extempore topics for interview with answers

Many companies include extempore in their interview process. Thus, it becomes very important for candidates to have a look on some possible topics they might encounter during this process and have some idea about the beforehand. This will give them an edge above other candidates.


  • Do we need more entrepreneurs or managers: Mostly marketing firms will put up such topics before you. They want to know what you think about the present situation of the market and how much knowledge you possess about it. Include in your extempore your thoughts about how the current situation in the market is going and how more number of mangers and entrepreneurs will eventually benefit the market.
  • IT-Boon or Bane: This is one of the most frequent extempore topics for interview. In recent times, information technology has laid its impact on nearly every field, from medical to business and management. You’ll need to describe the advantages of IT and how it has benefitted various sectors. With this you’ll also have to include in your speech how IT has proved to be a bane.
  • Atmanirbhar Bharat: This mission mainly focuses on increasing the self-dependency of India. Minimizing the imports and increasing the exports and also supporting indigenous manufacturing process. Present your thoughts on how this will be beneficial for the economy of India and what impact will it have on various sectors. You can also include how it will impact the company you’re applying in.
  • Cryptocurrency: This newest form of currency has completely taken over the market. Most people these days are investing in cryptocurrency and monitor its market almost regularly. If you get this as your topics for extempore you can include in your speech how beneficial it is and what are the risks involved. Also, what are few things which one should know before investing in crypto.
  • Importance of Data Privacy: These days data theft has become very common. Even many large companies keep the data of their customers on target. For your extempore, you can throw light upon the answers of questions like is it right to steal someone’s data? What measures should an individual take to keep one’s data secure and what policies should government introduce to keep the data privacy intact.
  • Promoting Innovation: Innovation is very important for an economy to boom as well as for the growth of a country. You can include in your extempore how innovations have provided benefit to several countries in the global market. In your speech you may also include the steps a government should take to encourage and promote innovations. At last, the role of education is very important. What is being taught inside the walls of schools will eventually effect how much innovative the youth of the country is.

Don’t forget to mention the reforms that you think should be brought to education system so that it promotes innovation.

Extempore Topics for College students/ Extempore topics with answers for students

We have looked at extempore speech topics which are used at MBA Admission level. Sometimes, the companies coming in college for campus placement put up an extempore speech round.

This section of the article briefly discusses what kind of topics you can expect in such situations and how to handle them.


  • School life vs College life: This topic is given to students to know about their overall student life experience. Student are expected to give speech on this topic in such a way that it includes what changes did they encounter, what learning they had and what were the moments they enjoyed the most.
  • Impact of Social Media: The generation today is encountering a lot many problems due to the social media as it has become highly addictive for them. From a thing which should have benefited the youth, it has become something which needs to be limited. Students are expected to speak upon things like how social media is bad for health, how it is affecting psychologically, how the use of social media can be limited etc.
  • Procrastination: This is one of the major problems student encounter in their lives. They procrastinate all the tasks assigned to them until the very last minute. This builds up a casual attitude in them which can be very dangerous at time. Why people procrastinate and why it is not a good thing? You can present your thoughts around these questions.
  • Ragging: Many college authorities are working continuously to eliminate the ragging culture completely. This has done more harm than good. Students are harassed in the name of ragging. How the ragging culture built up and how did it become so harmful that college authorities had to interrupt. These are some things which you can include in your extempore speech.
  • Corruption: Until now we have seen topics that involved student’s interests. Topics like corruption are given to students to see their views on different problems in the society. If you get such a topic as one of your topics for extempore speech then try to present the views which are most common in the society.
  • Women Empowerment: One more topic to see the perspective of students. In this topic too you’re expected to present the general views like what is women empowerment and why it is important. Remember that you don’t have to be in favor or against of the topic, you just have to tell in your speech about the topic that is given to you.
  • Importance of a Healthy Diet: A topic of major concern. In student life, most of the students don’t pay attention to their diet. They eat junk mostly and very few of them monitor the calories they are in-taking. In your speech you can mention how important is a healthy diet and why it is crucial for young generation to eat healthy. Benefits provided by a healthy diet and what happens if you don’t have one.

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Extempore topics for students/ Extempore speech topics

To prepare students for future endeavors, extempore speech competitions are organized actively at school levels too. Below we provide some topics for extempore speech along with their answers for such competitions.


  • What I want to be: In this you’ll need to describe what your ambitions in life are. What you want to become when you’ll grow up and what is the pathway you’ve planned to take for reaching your goal. How will you help the people around you upon reaching that position?
  • Joint family vs Nuclear family: This topic is included in school extempore competitions because the kind of family a kid is living in affects his/her behavior a lot. If you get this as your extempore topic, then tell in what kind of family you live in and why is it good for you. Further, explain what its advantages over the other kind are.
  • Games and Sports: For children, sports are something they enjoy the most. In your extempore, tell which sports do you play and why you enjoy playing them. What are some of its general rules and how it benefits your body as well as mind? What are the things that you learned while playing that game like team spirit, helpfulness etc.

Environment Conservation: As someone studying in school, it is highly likely that this will be one of your topics for extempore. Children are the future of this country and it becomes vital to inculcate a habit of conserving environment in them. In your extempore include what you think about environment conservation and why is it important to conserve the environment. What will be the consequences if we don’t focus on conserving our environment?

Tips for Extempore Speech

Now that you have read about several topics and have some idea about how you’ll organize and deliver your extempore speech, it is important to keep some things in mind.

These are mainly directed towards increasing the quality of your performance and also include some basic things that are expected from you while giving extempore.

  1. Give your brief introduction.
  2. Speak in a clear tone and loudly.
  3. Stay confident. Think that you know all about the topic you’re given.
  4. Organize your speech. Even a 2-Minute speech should have a starting, about the topic and then conclusion.
  5. Wish the judges and audience present.
  6. Do not stutter and speak in a relaxed way.
  7. Try looking towards the audience and pretend that you’re explaining something to them.
  8. Stand straight and do not make unnecessary hand movements.

These are some points that you should keep in mind while going for your extempore speech.

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In this article we looked on various extempore topics for MBA and explanations on how to give a speech on them. Then we looked at some extempore topics for interview and also saw some points that should be included while giving speech about those topics.

In the next sections we saw some extempore topics with answers which were extempore topics for college students and extempore topics for students.

In the last section we saw at some tips which you should know and keep in mind before delivering your extempore speech. This article was to help you in giving extempore speech. For more such informative and helpful articles, keep following our page.

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