7 Important Reasons Why You Must Own a Personal Website for Your Business

If you don’t have a website for your business, now is the best time to invest in this technology. Your first goal right now should be getting a website because it will bring many benefits to your company that won’t disappear with time. It is not only easy, but also more affordable, to create a website. To find more about the top-notch web development services for contractors, visit trady.com. Here are some more important reasons that will change your mind

It makes your business more professional

Businesses that have social media are doing a good job of pushing their brand, but according to consumers, 84% of them think that a website gives your business more credibility. On your website, you can highlight your certification and awards, present your staff and give a detailed description of your products and services. You can also create a branded email address when you have a website (for instance, [email protected]) and boost your professionalism even more. Plus, certain marketing tools don’t allow the use of personal addresses, so if you want to do email marketing, you’ll need a website and a business email account.

It allows you to show all your products and services

Through a website, any business or business professional can bring their services and products closer to clients. If your business produces something, you can display all the products and their specifications on the website. If you’re a professional that sells services, such as photography, you can create different albums for your clients to see your work. If you have a physical location of your business (a restaurant or a bar) through your website, your customers can get the feel of the atmosphere in your space. And finally, you can highlight certain important information that will ensure you attract the right clientele. A restaurant, for instance, should mark items on the many that are created for vegetarians or gluten-free diners, so they know they can come to your place and still leave with a full belly.

It can attract new customers

Even if you’re happy with how your business is doing, customer turnover is always a possibility. Therefore, if you want to keep the current size of your business, and even grow it additionally, you need to attract new patrons. One of the best ways to bring your business to the people is to make yourself available through Google search. Sure, you can be accessed on Google through social media, but with a website, you’ll have a bunch of new tools and strategies. For instance, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to getting your website on top of the results page.

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It allows customers to contact you easily

If you want to make your contact information easily available to customers, a website is the best place to start. You can keep your contact information in a header or footer of your pages or create a separate page for that. Through modern website builders, you can easily create contact forms that are great for reducing spam. And if you create a catchy personal website name with a smart domain, your customers will remember your website forever and be able to recommend it from the top of their heads. Finally, if you embed Google maps into your home page, everyone will be able to access your location easily and quickly. All they need to do is go to your website, click on the map and they will instantly get Google Map directions to your location—it’s a life-saver for many customers who are not in your area very often.

It offers social proof

Many people love to see good reviews (and bad ones) before they decide whether to give you their business. Sure, Yelp and other review websites exist, but through your website, people can get the best information about your business as a whole. Make sure you publish your best reviews so that other review sites can’t minimize your good reputation.

It is easy to create

Today, making a website is not a huge investment of money and time. With website builders like Squarespace and Wix, you can build a beautiful website that’s also mobile-friendly (very important today) without having any knowledge of coding or design. WordPress, the most popular website builder in the world, has also transitioned to a block editor that makes it extremely simple to create a website that’s beautiful, functional, and effective.

As we concluded above, building a website is very easy, but it’s also more affordable than ever. Those willing to take a DIY route and follow simple instructions can make a website for free and pay for maintenance about $100 per year. WordPress is 100% free, and with a free WordPress theme and cheap hosting, you can end up with a good product for very little money.

It provides you with lasting value

Investing in a personal or business website is a great business venture because it continues to give you returns and great value for years after your initial investment. With social media ads, people will only see your advertisement while you continue to pay for them. But with websites, you can build your ROI over time. It might not bring you amazing returns right away, but you can always change things around and make your website work. A good website is there for you forever, without the need to do constant changes to the way it looks and works.

As you can see, you can’t afford NOT to invest in a personal or business website at this point. With a majority of people using the internet daily, you have to get your name out there. If your plan is to continue working and growing your business and brand, a website can be a great ally on that journey. Customers are already online, and so is your competition most likely, so it’s time for you to make your move and start a website—you won’t regret it.

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