Uses of QR Codes for Better Marketing Strategies

With the advent of technology, many people use devices and want every result in one snap. However, these applications sometimes experience technical obstacles. Thus, buy managed web hosting services to support advanced configured applications is recommended.

Scan and pay system we hope you have heard many times. How is it possible? QR Codes (If you close this process carefully, there is a role of QR codes that users scan and pay). That square-shaped black QR (Quick Response) code that many small businesses and massive business merchants prefer QR payment systems. Also, these QR applications are hosted with a web hosting for small business plans.

Now, these QR codes you have only seen for the scanning purpose. What if we say they are a valuable asset to sun your successful digital marketing campaign? Don’t get surprised by this information, because the answer is YES! QR codes are used in digital marketing measures. Read this guide to get more information about the same.

QR (Quick Response) codes are special codes scanned and understood by devices. Brand marketers leverage these codes in billboards, magazines, web pages and several marketing assets. With the QR code, users get more information about products or services in just a few snaps and scans. You will quickly get the required information on your device once you scan QR codes.
QR codes (If you close this process carefully, there is a role of QR codes that users scan and pay)

In simpler words, QR codes promote an engaging interaction between you and brands via mobile phone. Such marketing activities enable businesses to convey information to users in the one-to-one communication channel as many users look for instant communication or the service. They scan QR codes and get the information.

Who is Using QR Codes?

We have one 2011 data to share with you. There are 14 million Americans who scanned QR codes. However, the major problem was they installed third-party applications to scan QR codes, resulting in a more complicated scanning process. Hence, apps henceforth came up with the features of scan and use. Only in America, there are 11 million users who scan QR codes and buy products and services. Users can do the following tasks by scanning QR codes.

Codes direct users to download applications.

Shares the digital information directly on devices like hotel menus and many more.

Using QR codes in a direct mail piece, business card, or postcard helps provide discount offers.

In the enrolment of several programs like webinars and many more.

As technology is expanding, QR codes have become a common thing now. You should thank to the increase of smartphone users, which increased from 59.01% in 2017 to 78.05% in 2020.

Amazing Ways to Implement QR Codes in The Marketing Campaign

1.     Direct Customers to A Landing Page/Website

Users don’t want to invest much time and effort in navigating to the landing pages of the site. Thus, QR codes are helpful for them to scan and bring them to landing pages. But to make this process easier, your QR codes should match the landing page URL. Businesses that implement optimization software for their landing pages see an average conversion increase of 30%.

2.     Dial Your Business Number

Marketers use QR codes in huge business conferences or events for event attendees to engage and interact with the crowd. If you are running a business and implementing QR codes in events, ensure that scanning will give all relevant contact details of your business, like email or phone number. You don’t have to provide contact details to every individual separately. All this task is easier with the help of QR codes. In this manner, you generate leads for your conversion.

3.     Download Apps

Mobile applications are essential digital marketing assets that many businesses use. But users find the searching and downloading process from the app store a time-consuming process. Therefore, QR codes are there to make this process easier. One of the leading gaming brands implemented this marketing measure to increase the number of downloads, and they received a valuable outcome. QR code scanning makes the download process easier and hassle-free. Even one of the music brands implemented QR codes to share songs and increase the listener’s list.

4.     Shopping and E-commerce

Let us talk about the most popular QR codes used by businesses. In the shopping and eCommerce field, QR codes are widely used to generate receipts or pay for products. With the help of a smartphone, users take the receipt of their invoice and complete sales. You can use these codes as a CTA (Call-To-Action) element to make the eCommerce activity interesting.

Final Thoughts

QR codes are the future of digital marketing for Business, and many businesses are using this marketing measure to scale their business and maximize their revenue. This marketing activity does not only save time for users but also avoids the clutter of irrelevant information’s reach users.

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