Explain how technology has affected people’s Activity Levels

Technology is both blessing and a curse, especially when it is introduced into our day-to-day life. To explain how technology has affected people’s activity levels is quite simple. When you look around yourself, you will find that even the simplest task such as walking is replaced by technology through vehicles and there are countless similar examples. Here are a few of them to get a better understanding of the situation.

Technology has affected people’s activity levels like this-

Screen-Centric Work Life and Entertainment

The rapid growth of technology has completely changed how we used to work and enjoy our free time. Now, most of us can find ourselves sitting in front of the computer screen for a long period of time without breaks. And even after work we now tend to use streaming services to watch movies and TV shows or play online games.

There is almost no physical activity throughout our daily life due to which we are more prone to get various health problems such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. The lack of movement can even impact our metabolism and blood circulation resulting in chronic health issues.

Screen Time and Inactivity

Screen time has grown for people of all ages due to the widespread use of portable devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Excessive use of gadgets in our life, whether for work or connecting with others can take away all the crucial time which we could have spent doing physical activities.

Outdoor activities have also been on a decline since the rise of digital entertainment and virtual experiences. Both children and adults are spending less time on activities such as playing outdoor sports, going on hikes, and other pastimes which is detrimental to their physical and mental health.

Transportation and Travelling

Transportation technological advancements have made it easy to use to travel longer distances for work, shopping, and other places. As a result, most of us use either take public transportation or drive to our destination instead of walking or cycling, lowering total physical activity level.

Because of the growing number of vehicles, buses, and trains, we now travel mostly in a seated way. This habit of us, sitting down can have a very devastating effect on our body and health over time, especially for those who travel frequently or daily.

Online Gaming and Shopping

The gaming industry has contributed to us having more screen time and unhealthy free time habits because of its realistic and engaging experiences. While playing video games can be entertaining, doing so excessively can have a bad impact on our physical health.

Similarly, we are less likely to visit shops in person due to the ease of online shopping and getting doorstep delivery service. As a result, people end up missing out on chances to take a walk or partake in physical activity while shopping.

Workplace Changes

Technology advancements have changed the modern workplace, with more of us becoming desk-bound during work hours and needing less physical mobility. This change can end up in a decrease in our total activity levels during these hours. Additionally, this advancement has replaced much work that requires physical labor as well. Therefore the need to sit in front of a screen and work all day is significantly increasing day by day.

Sleep Disruption

Constant use of electronics, particularly before night, has been shown to change sleep patterns. Lack of sleep can cause exhaustion and a loss of drive for taking part in physical activity throughout the day. A lack of sleep can impair the body’s ability to relax and recover, leading to a weak body and lower general health.

It is important to realize that technology, such as fitness apps, wearable gadgets, and online workout platforms, can offer answers to these difficulties by motivating us to exercise and live better lifestyles. To reduce the harmful influence of technology on people’s activity levels, it is key to find a balance between the use of technology and physical exercise.

We will also have to take the initiative of leading a better life by encouraging more physical activity during work hours such as taking breaks in between for walks or simply standing up and stretching. Additionally, when we are not working, instead of using our smartphone we need to become active and take fresh air outside.

If you are a parent then you will need to take better care of your children in relation to technology by implementing rules and regulations. Besides that, you will also have to take care of yourself by moving around in the house more frequently. Last but not least, we need to establish better sleeping habits as good quality sleep can improve our productivity and mood.


Technology is a great thing when used in moderation and we have tried out best to explain how technology has affected people’s activity level. Hopefully, this answers your question and helps you get a better understanding overall.

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