IGPanel Net: Your Key To Get Popular On Instagram

Do you find the number above the ‘followers’ on someone’s Instagram profile attractive? Do you also want to see a big number on your Instagram likes and “followers” section? Then you should be aware of the name IGPanel. The first step in becoming an Instagram influencer is gaining a huge number of followers so that you get a good number of likes on your content and it gets recommended to more and more people.  

In this article, we’ll introduce you to IGPanel Net which is an Instagram service provider and it’s going to be helpful for you if you are new to Instagram or you want to increase your followers. Let’s proceed to the section introducing this.  

What You Should Know About IGPanel Net 

This service provides you with likes, followers, votes, etc. There is a rush among the influencers on Instagram. Everyone just wants their content to be on the screens of the public. The algorithm of Instagram is pretty sophisticated and how it recommends content to people remains a mystery.  

Although, having a good number of followers on your profile and likes can always be a plus point for your content. This service provides IGPanel followers, IGPanel story views, likes on reels, and poll votes. The services listed here are subject to availability and usually all of them are not available for users.  

How To Increase Followers With IGPanel Net 

If you are opting for this service and are confused about the process of using it, then this section is for you. Here, we will tell you the steps of IGPanel login so that you don’t face any obstructions in using it. 

Step 1: You need to go to igpanel.net first and once the page is opened go to the top right corner and click on the profile picture icon. 

Step 2: This is where most people get stuck. So, after you have entered your Instagram account details and have tried to login into the service, it’ll show you a notification saying that “You can’t login with this account. Please try again.” 

Step 3: Do not worry about this pop-up. You just need to use some other account or if you want to use the same account then you’ll have to wait for a while. You can also try using a VPN. 

Step 4: There will be another human verification and then it’ll ask you for the username of a profile. In this section, enter the username in which you want to add the followers.  

Step 5: The follower adding system works on “credits”. If you have, let’s say 100 credits, then you should enter the number of followers as 80 or below that. The number of followers you have entered will be sent immediately to your account.  

Keep earning credits for increasing the numbers in your followers list.   

Similar Instagram Panel Services You Should Know About 

As we have discussed one of the services for increasing your Instagram followers, there are few more services like this which you should be aware of.  

Followers Gallery 

The safest alternative out there. Followers Gallery will provide you with a huge number of likes and followers quickly. Using this service is also easy. You just have to follow a simple guide and choose the package of your choice.  

  • Followers Gallery is users’ choice because it provides them with real and organic followers. If you opt for their services and select their package, you will get organic followers on your profile which have genuine accounts, not fake ones. 
  • The top-notch security provided by this app also puts it at top in the preference list. The credentials of the users are kept safe. 

Pros & Cons 

This list gives you the reasons why you should opt for this service meanwhile staying cautious about some points. 

  • Up to 5 Instagram accounts can be added into the Followers Gallery once you get unlimited access.  
  • No human verification procedure required in this. The login process is simple and easy for anyone to follow. 
  • The Mac version of the tool is not yet available so Mac users might have to look for some other options.  


This tool is specifically for increasing the number of likes on your Instagram content. Active users interact with the content posted on your account and it gets the likes. 

Pros & Cons 

  • Just like Followers Gallery, the IstLike provides you with a safe alternative and the user interface is also simple. 
  • You can earn coins only up to a certain limit here. Unlimited coins are not supported by this tool. Coins are later used to earn more likes and followers. 


This is a boon to the users who were not able to go for Followers Gallery due to their operating system. This tool works on devices with iOS. This tool provides over 10k Instagram followers To know more about this tool, you just need to download it.  

Pros & Cons 

  • As already mentioned, iOS device users can use this tool to gain followers and likes on their Instagram account.  
  • Better up your Instagram profiles with this application. 
  • The tool just works on iOS devices. People using Android or any other operating system cannot use this. 


Another app for iOS devices. This is a great option for exposing your Instagram profile to potential followers and gaining a huge number of likes. This app provides a variety of options to its users for gaining likes and followers. Users can opt for daily followers or instant followers. Similarly, they can go for auto likes or instant likes. All these services are on a paid basis and the app has different packages for all of them. 

Pros & Cons 

  • Offers a large number of services such as followers, likes, post analysis. 
  • This is another app which is just available for iOS devices. 

These were just a few services which you should know as alternatives. As we have discussed, there are many great options available for both android and iOS users.    

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With the increasing number of accounts on Instagram and the keenness of the people to be in the limelight, services like IGPanel Net have stepped up to accomplish this. On Instagram, there is a lot of content available by content creators and it’s hard to get noticed among them. By using such services, you can increase your Instagram followers and also gain likes on your content so that you come into the notice of others. 

We have discussed the procedure to login and also some alternate Instagram Panel services which users must check out if they want. To keep reading more such informative and beneficial content, keep following our blog page.  

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