A quick review of the Kenwood NX1200 UHF digital Radio

NX1200 series are a whole range of radios and we have two of them here ,and as you can see there is a non-keypad and a keypad version of this radio. There is also D MR and NXTN versions of the radio. As per the chart you can see on the screen now they also have the capability to work in NXDN or DMR and can be switched between them, they are the replacement for the TKD series the 240 and the 340, but have a number of additional features and functions which will be very very use ful for this low tier radio.

If you’re using ken wood radios you’ll see that the boxes are very much the same as normal camera boxes and the designations for two radios are e2 and e3 . NX1200 is one of the display here and there is the one without display, so the extra items within the box are the belt clip and it’s two screws to secure it to the radio and if we look here you’ll see there’s two holes here and you’re screwing directly onto the metal chassis of the radio.

NX200 kenwood

I didn’t expect it to really lose any battery so um i’m not really putting it through too much of  as i’m right now, that’s right and then mgc 1200 we have a mix of radios overt here um but as of right now. I just have a setup as is now i’m gonna do more testing on it. So, i can give you more of an in-depth review but as right now there’s more or less just a quick review and a small, you know video other than you know the videos you see from communications companies. you it does come with a charger it’s a kilo sierra Charlie you three five three five sierra charger simple charger. You obviously the charger cord as wellantenna battery bubble clip and, it comes with adjust cover that is on the side here but also comes with this that way when you clip it on you put this here and you can keep your mic secure so if they ever pop you know if it so it doesn’t pop out you know when you’re running somewhere. If you’re just doing a lot of moving with radio you the one I recommend for the mic is the kmc 45d you this one right here it’s a good mic.

It takes the two pin connector here it’s a good fight because you got the earpiece here that you put out the bottom that works really well. You let me actually hook it up real quick for you so you can hear the audio from that, let’s see if I can answer 521.85 wsa 34 wrc 349 testing wrc through finance testing so as you can see the audio on this is pretty good and you. It’s definitely a nice radio receiver really well transmits really well I actually used it a few times last night I got it on that’s really all i have for right nowi’ll be getting the software for this later, I had the shop i got it from dewey for me but once I get the software i’ll be able to show you guys a more in-depth review and on the programming side atleast.
 I’ll also be doing screen recording of it instead of the normal you pointing my phone screen at the you when it came to that, so I can show you guys a better view you guys can see the picture more clear um rather than that that basically wraps it up and i’ll see you guys soon.

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