Weberp Intermesh Net Login (Comprehensive Guide)

Weberp Intermesh Net login portal by IndiaMart is an open source business and accounting management system that works remotely through the internet. India Mart is one of the largest Business to Business Online marketplaces that connects both suppliers and buyers. If are a one man business or you own a large enterprise you can search for a large variety of goods or services from India Mart.

Weberp. Intermesh Net login offers a simple way to manage your distribution, wholesale, or manufacturing. You can also use it as a multi-branch management system for retailers. All you need is an account on their login portal, a good internet connection, a device that supports a PDF reader, and you can make sure of all the tools available directly from the India Mart WebERP server.

How to Make An Account on Weberp Intermesh Net Login Portal

As we said earlier that if you want to use the management system then you will need an account for it. Here is how you can create your own account on India Mart WebERP Server.

  1. Open any web browser that supports a PDF reader. (Chrome, Edge Web Browser, Firefox, etc.)]
  2. Using the address bar type in “weberp intermesh net login” and press “Search” icon.
  3. Tap or click on the first link with the “India Mart” domain name.
  4. On the homepage, you will see two sections. The first one will be “Login to WebERP” and the second will be their social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter (X).
  5. You will need to click or tap on “Sign in with Google” button in a blue box.
  6. After that, select the account you have created your India Mart account with.

Steps to Create a Google Account to Use on India Mart WebERP

  • If you don’t have a Google Account then tap on “Create Account” button.
  • Enter your “Frist Name” and “Last Name” then click on “Next”.
  • Now choose your “Date of Birth” as well as your “Gender Male/Female”
  • Then select or type in your “Username” and make sure it to make it simple as you will be needing that email ID for all types of work.
  • Finally, enter your “Password” and confirm it by typing it again.
  • Your Google Account has now been created and you can use it to log into your India Mart WebERP login portal.

How to Use Weberp Intermesh Net Login Portal

After you have successfully made your account on the India Mart WebERP login portal now you might be wondering how to use it. Here are the things you will do frequently when using the weberp intermesh net login.

Once logged in, you’ll arrive at the Free Seller Enrollment screen, where you’ll find a button labeled ‘I am ready.’ Clicking on this button will populate seller data on your screen.

You’ll see various information such as the company name, contact person’s name, address, and listed products. Read through this information to understand what actions need to be taken for each account. After understanding, proceed with updating the details.

Firstly, you’ll find the business name or company name. Below that, you’ll see its status, whether it’s a free seller or not. It will also indicate if the listing has been done on Indiamart. Besides that, each if the sellers in India has a unique ID which is known as the Glider, that helps in identifying them.

Next, you’ll find the name of the contact person, followed by their contact details. Note that this isn’t necessarily the owner’s name, but the designated contact for handling inquiries. Also, you will find that the address is provided below, including the city, state, and postal code.

Moving on to the products section, you’ll see all the products listed by the seller. This could change depending on the thing you are looking for in type and details. Additionally, all the products with images will have an ‘A’ sign, while those without signs have other data. Make sure that you have all the necessary information, such as prices updated to the latest information.

If the address appears incomplete, it may be due to missing details like landmarks or locality. You will need to confirm these details with the seller. Additionally, check if alternate email and mobile numbers have been provided by the seller. And if it is not, then ask the seller kindly to add them as soon as possible.

Lastly, regarding GST, ensure that it’s included in the listing. If not, you will need to help the seller in updating their GST information or guiding them on how to get it.

Note – If you a more detailed explanation of how things work on India Mart WebERP then you can contact their customer support number and ask them to assign an expert. This will help you understand all the small and big details that cannot be explained in a blog.


India Mart WebERP servers are game changers for anyone who owns a business especially if you are into manufacturing, distribution, or wholesale. You can manage all the essentials of your business from one place and it will also save you a whole lot of money. If you want to know more about weberp intermesh net login then read the blog above.

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