Which situation demonstrates an example of Augmented reality?

  1. Using a text-to-speech application to type a FB post
  2. Connecting a wireless controller to a video game console
  3. Getting directions to a location using a vehicle’s on-board GPS system
  4. Using a snap filter to overlay graphics on a phone’s camera feed

Answer – Option (D) using a snap filter to overlay graphics on a phone’s camera feed

Because this is a technology that is meant to combine digital computer generated detail with real-world images and videos.

Hundreds of millions of users use social media websites like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc. In those apps, you have the option to add elements to your selfie or portrait photo of yourself. These elements are achieved by the use of augmented reality. This is why you can see yourself with cat ears on your head in real-time.

In technical terms, AR technology in your smartphone is done through the combination of camera, sensor, and display. Your device gets a general understanding of your current environment and surroundings and then superimposes computer-generated elements such as a cutout of a picture, background, or other stuff into it. Almost all of the elements you can add are digital information you can interact with it to make your image more pleasing and outstanding.

Snapchat has the most unique and futuristic set of filters which is called “Lenses” on their application. They have gone one step ahead and added a basic facial recognition system to detect movements on your face as well as your expression. This makes it much more real and seamless adding filters to faces in real time.  

There are special algorithms placed to analyze the digital information and then process it further for content accuracy and adjustments made by you at the same time as applying the filter. There are many users like you and me who are still in awe while using this technology as it seems to come from the future.

Besides the addition of Snapchat filters, there are many other useful things that Augmented Reality can be used for one of which is in Education sector. If it is correctly implemented into student’s curriculum then it can make kids and older children much more interested in school education or learning in general.

Children can learn by interacting with their textbook content and interactive animations which could sharpen their minds and make them think more practically. Older college students, especially in the technical sector can learn and understand through by watching and interacting with elements that are impossible to replicate in real life.

Science students can learn about Physics and Chemistry via a practical approach, and Biology students can learn about flora, fauna, and human autonomy by seeing them in real time with the use of Augmented Reality.

Lastly, normal people can also make use of AR in their day to day life. For example, most of the latest cars already come with an Augmented Reality navigation system as a heads-up display on their windshields. This lets you drive around with real time navigation without moving your head in another direction. AR technology is still in its growth stage and is expected to improve multiple folds in the future.


Among the given options, option (D) is the correct choice for the question “Which situation demonstrates an example of augmented reality?” This is because using a snap filter to overlay graphics on a phone’s camera feed is a practical thing that we do on a daily basis. For an in-depth explanation, read the answer above. 

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