Why is optimizing your ad rotation when setting up your ads recommended?

(A) Users will be able to review your ads more quickly.

(B) Users will be able to see more of your ads.

(C) Google will select the best ad for each option.

(D) You’ll be able to serve multiple ads per query.

Answer – Google will select the best ad for each auction.

If you are thinking about setting up an advertisement for your business then you might be wondering “Why is optimizing your ad rotation when setting up your ads recommended”? The right answer is Google will choose the best ads for each selection. Let’s see what Ad Rotation means and other related information in more detail.

What Ad Rotation?

You can decide how often and to whom your ads are shown when putting up your advertisements. Simply, ad rotation is the method through which your ads are seen by people online. There are generally two ad rotation setting you can choose from.

Optimize: Prefer best-performing adverts

Google recommends this setting because it uses a specialized algorithm to monitor your ad’s performance on different criteria like rate of conversion and click-through rate (CTR).

The algorithm then selects which ad is doing the best based on these metrics and shows it first. Over time, it will find the most effective adverts and display them to increase the conversion and click rates of your visitors.

Rotate Indefinitely

When you use this setting all your advertisements will be shown in an even manner. There is no algorithm working behind it and it also does not take any special consideration such as performance into account. Instead, it will keep showing all the available ads from your business equally to all your visitors. 

Even though this option provides a fair A/B Testing setting, it is not at all ideal for optimization in the longer term as it does not prefer the highest-performing ads are not set up for yielding results.

Benefits of Using Optimize Ad Rotation

When you choose the ‘optimize’ ad rotation option, you will get better results and several advantages. Some of them are:

More Click-Through-Rate: Google’s ad auction system will look at a number of different things to find out which ad is more relevant for the user and significantly increase the chance of then clicking on it. This will lead to more CTR meaning a large portion of the visiting users are interacting with your adverts.

Better Rate of Conversion: When you use Google’s recommended ad rotation method it makes sure that visitors who click on your advert find what they are looking for on your website or landing page. This relevancy can drastically increase the rate of conversion.

Improved Ad Performance: As you know, Google search ad campaign optimization can look for the most relevant ads for your target audience. With time, this will get you better advertisement performance and be more effective in reaching your marketing goal.


Google will decide on the best ads for every option is the simple answer to “Why is optimizing your ad rotation when setting up your ads recommended”. If you want a better explanation then you can read the answer above.

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