OceanofPDF: Everything You Need to Know

OceanofPDF is a digital platform that provides an extensive collection of books and documents across different genres. You can read as well as download any of the books available on the website which was the very reason it got famous. However, there was a major piracy issue due to which the website faced lots of problems. In this article, we will be going to discuss the website in-depth and the problems it faces.

OceanofPDF Overview

It is a website made by a bunch of book enthusiasts to help other bookworms get free access to a limitless amount of books. On their webpage, you can read books from different categories including classic literature, thriller, mystery, etc. Not only that, you can even access Magazines, Newspapers, and Web Novels all in a number of languages.

The user interface of the site was kept simple and free from flashy menus or buttons to keep the focus on books and reading. Nevertheless, it is packed with features and useful functionalities to help new visitors and readers who frequently use it. One such feature is being able to search and sort books according to new releases, authors, trending, genres, and recently added.

Additionally, one of its most underrated features which many don’t talk about is the option to request the books or magazines you want to read which is not currently available. Also, if you want to share the book you are currently reading with your friend or family members then you can use its “Share with Other” function. This lets you directly share the download link with them via your preferred means including WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, etc.

Lastly, they have an active support team ready to answer any of your queries or solve issues related to the website. The response time is really fast and the customer service executives are friendly and not only that, you can share your feedback with them as well.

Is OceanofPDF Safe?

As we mentioned earlier OceanofPDF faced a lot of trouble due to piracy and copyright infringments. What started as a means to help fellow book lovers a means to access an endless library turned into a nightmare.

With the increasing demand for new and popular books, the developer of the website decided to take a shortcut and started adding pirated books and documents without buying proper rights for them.

When the legal teams of the corresponding authors found out about this they filed a lawsuit against them which. This question then raised was Is OceanofPDF safe? To simply answer the question, it is not as new because pirated content is still available on the website, and using it can cause you trouble as well.


If you are looking for a book heaven then “OceanofPDF” is the website to visit. It has a massive collection of books, magazines, and documents from multiple different categories which you can read as well as download. However, there is a big problem with this website. If you want to know more about it then read the article above.

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