All details about Snap One Women in Technology Summit

To celebrate the Women’s Day and to honor the women, Snap One has decided to hold the Women Technology Summit on International Women’s Day. The registrations for Snap One Women in Technology Summit are open and interested ones can get themselves registered for this event.

What is Snap One Women in Technology Summit?

Less number of women working in the field of technology has always been an issue and many big organizations are working towards the eradication of this problem. Snap One Women Technology Summit is a virtual event that encourages women to pursue career in the technology industry and rise up in the leadership roles. 

This year, the summit will be held on the theme: “Break the Bias”. There are two 90 minutes sessions in this summit and the registration for this event is open now.

Dawn Boland, Snap One SVP, said in an interview that a bias has been created against women that they cannot work in the technical fields. There are living proofs that women can not only work in these fields but can also prove themselves to be great leader and can make a significant impact.

Through this summit, industries and organizations will be encourages to bring in more and more women talent.

Sessions in Snap One Technology Summit for Women

There will be two sessions of 90 minutes each in the summit. Panelists from CEDIA, AVIXA, Snap One leadership and Dealership owners will be present in these sessions. There will also be an interactive Q&A session.

The brief details about the sessions are as follows;

  • Session 1 (March 8th at 9:00 AM EST) – In this sessions, there will be a panel discussion featuring Joe’ Lloyd (Senior Director of Communications, AVIXA), Dawn Boland (Snap One SVP of Partner Services and Technical Support), Jen Mallett (Owner of Level Up Automation) and Connie Gray (Snap One Sr. Director of Engineering). The guest speaker in this session will be Margie Meyers (Snap One Principal Product Manager).
  • Session 2 (March 8th at 3:00 PM MST) – In this session, the panel discussion will be featuring Patty Manning (Latin America Regional Manager at CEDIA), Ashley Swenson (Snap One Senior Vice President, Marketing), Louise Brandish (Owner and Senior System/Network Engineer at Eagle Technology & Solutions Pty Ltd), and Lisa Morf (Snap One Senior Principal Software Engineer). The guest speaker in this session will be Susan Cashen (Industry Board Member, Consultant & Advisor).

As per Boland, the theme “Break the Bias” is directed towards encouraging the women to develop their STEM talents and the whole summit will be centered around this only. The #breakthebias is for identifying obstacles and issues that come into the way of women working in the technological industries. The first step in overcoming these obstacles is to have a discussion.

About Snap One

Snap One was established in 2005 and it is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Snap One manufactures A/V, security, control and remote management products for professional integrators. Not only manufacturer, but Snap One is also exclusive source of these. To name one, Control4 is the premium brand of Snap One dedicated towards Automation and Control.

Snap One helps integrators in building up their businesses by providing a wide range of high quality products. The Snap One support and service is also highly appreciated and has won many awards. The products provided by Snap One can be easily found on their easy to use interactive website.

Most of the professional installers across the globe prefer Snap One. It has 31 branches in US and two other branches in Canada.

With such an industry leader hosting women in the summit, a great impact will be created of this summit.

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