How To Track IMEI Number through Google Earth?

Tracking a phone’s IMEI number with the use of Google Earth is easy if one knows the steps involved in doing so. This article with title “track IMEI number through Google Earth” will explain readers how to track some device’s IMEI number using the Google Earth application.

Before moving on to the actual steps involved in the process of tracking IMEI number, we will look at what an IMEI number and what the Google Earth is. This is important in order to make the viewers/ readers understand that how the Google Earth will be used to track a device’s IMEI number.

IMEI Number – What it is?

IMEI number is a unique identification number which is given to every device. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. This number is permanent for a mobile and does not change once assigned.

IMEI number is of 15 digits and is used to identify each mobile phone. To find out the IMEI number of your device, dial *#06# on your mobile phone. As soon as you dial up this number, IMEI number of your device will be visible on your screen.

By now, you might have understood how important IMEI number is and why tracking it is basically tracking the phone. Next in the track IMEI number through Google Earth, we’ll see what is Google Earth application and what does it do.

Know about Google Earth

Through Google Earth, you can view the satellite images of the entire Earth. It is completely free and its accuracy is also very high. It was first created at Keyhole.Inc but later on Google acquired it.

It uses “Satellite Imaging” and with this you can view images of any place on the Earth in real time. You can zoom into the place on Google Earth for more detailed view.

This application can also help you in tracking your phone’s IMEI number. Google IMEI tracker has been effective in the past and one must definitely try it if they are trying to find out the IMEI number of their device.

Step by Step guide on How to Track IMEI number through Google Earth

Using Google Earth to track down a phone or the IMEI number of your phone is pretty simple and straightforward. This section of the article will provide you a step by step guide through which you will be able to track the IMEI number and view the location history of the phone.

  • Open the browser on your device and go to the Google Earth website. To sign in to the Google Earth you must have your Google account credentials with you.
  • Enter your Google Account credentials in the Google Earth website and login into it.
  • In the next step, Google Earth will ask for your number. Enter your number and tap on “Send a link to my Phone” option.
  • After completion of this step, you’ll receive a text message containing a link. Tap on this link or copy it and open it in any browser. If Google asks, allow it to access your location.
  • Next, grant all the required permissions.
  • After you have completed the steps mentioned above, you’ll see the real time location of the target device on an IMEI tracker online map or on Google IMEI tracker.

What else other than Google Earth

Though tracking IMEI number with Google Earth is a good option, but the only flaw here is that it requires you to have credentials of the Google Account linked with the target device.

It is not necessary that in every case you’ll have that information. In case, you don’t have it and you still want to track IMEI number of some device, what will you do?

In such scenarios, you’ll need to have some alternatives for tracking the IMEI number of a mobile phone. The upcoming sections of track IMEI number through Google Earth will contain some alternatives that you can use in the place of Google Earth for tracking IMEI number of a mobile phone.

Advantages of using alternative Phone Tracking Apps

There are certain advantages linked with using phone tracking apps other than Google Earth. Here are some of them:

  • These can be used to track location of any phone number.
  • They provide real-time location of the phone number or the phone.
  • Security is enhanced and they are also reliable.
  • Mostly available for all kind of Operating Systems, be it iOS or Android.
  • The User Interface is well designed and is easy to use.

So we saw that the third party alternatives have better features and are also easy to use. Moreover, these offer more services compared to what is offered by Google Earth. Next we are going to see some applications and websites which prove themselves better than Google Earth in terms of tracking.

The GPS System for tracking Phone

GPS stands for Global Positioning System can be used for IMEI number tracking Google map or as a Google IMEI tracker. This can be used for finding routes, navigation purposes or to locate lost devices or mobile phones.  These tools do not require much knowledge and are easy to understand.

We will give you a step by step guide on how to use GPS as IMEI tracker Online map.

Track Phone with GPS service

If you are going to use GPS for tracking your phone, then Find My Phone is one of the top services that you should go for. The best thing about this service is that it does not require any kind of app installation and can be used in both Android and iOS.

Here’s a guide for you on how to use GPS service of Find My Phone for tracking a phone.

  • Step 1: Open the browser in your any device and type in it
  • Step 2: It’ll ask for some details from you such as the targeted phone number and your e-mail address.
  • Step 3: You’ll get an OTP on the e-mail provided.
  • Step 4: On the e-mail, you’ll receive the location of the phone linked with the targeted phone number.

By now, you might have got an idea how simple is it to track your phone with Find My Phone. The location which you receive on e-mail is on an interactive map. Through this one can find out latitude, longitude, state, area, city and zip code by zooming and tapping onto it.

This is especially designed for people who misplace their phone. Find My Phone can be of great help to these people. It can also be used by the parents who get concerned about the whereabouts of their kids. This can be used by them to locate their kids.

Keeping track of your Family members with Family Orbit

Family Orbit is one of the best alternatives out there if you want to keep track of your loved ones. All one has to do is to install this app on a smartphone and it can be tracked from anywhere, in real time.

This can also be used if someone’s phone is lost. The only requirement is that the phone should have Family Orbit app installed in it. This app offers several great features to its users. Some of them are listed below;

  • It monitors call and text history of the phone on which it is installed.
  • Web browsing history is also monitored through this app.
  • Updates the real time location of the phone on GPS. This can be utilized to track the phone.
  • One of the additional features of this app is that it monitors photos and videos of the phone too.
  • WhatsApp, contact list and many other things are also monitored through this app.
  • The interface is easy to use and so much flexible.

The list above tells us that the features offered by Family Orbit are great and it is also easy to use. This app fulfills almost all the basic requirements of a tracking app and thus is a great app for IMEI tracking if you don’t want to track IMEI number through Google Earth.

Some Other Names

In the sections above we saw how to track IMEI number through Google Earth, got to know about some other alternatives to Google Earth such as Find My Phone and Family Orbit.

In this section, we’ll see some more names of the apps which are great in phone tracking and can be used in place of Google Earth.

  • mSpy
  • Bark
  • Fonewatcher
  • KidsGuard Pro

Although, much data and review is not available about these app but these are some popular names which you should know about.


Phone tracking is not always for illegal purposes or to spy on someone, but can also be for locating one’s lost phone or to keep an eye on underage kids. This article is a great guide for its viewers who want to track IMEI number through Google Earth.

Not only Google Earth, but later sections of the article do mention about some alternatives too and about the features that these alternatives offer. The benefits of using these third party applications and websites are also discussed. This article is purely dedicated towards educating the readers and does not contain promotion of any kind.

For reading more such informative, interesting and educative article pieces, keep following our blog page!

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