Best Practices for Social Media Marketing this 2023

Social media marketing is inescapable. In 2021 alone, more than 4.48 billion people are using social media. And that number is still growing. For the marketing landscape, there are many untapped opportunities waiting to be the next viral trend.

Businesses are also making use of social media for their reach. Having an online presence helps the business to spread awareness and make a name for themselves. In recent years, many social media platforms have included professional tools to further reach their brands. This makes the competition all the more difficult.

With that being said, here are the 2022 best practices you can use to elevate your social media marketing. It can give you an edge to get more exposure. Read on to know more!

Trends change all the time. Some are short-lived, but some campaigns leave a lasting impact. It is important to track the data to know where the business is working on. This can address the weak point of why a certain brand is not performing well as initially predicted.

The data is typically found on the “Insights” page of any social media platform. While the data can vary, its intention is the same. Keep in mind the two most important data: engagements and the number of followers. The followers usually keep up the bulk of most of the data. More importantly, it is the engagements you should look out for more often. This is where the intention of the business campaign is actually working.

Use hashtags, but not too much

Hashtags are an effective way to keep track of a brand or idea.

The limits of using hashtags are when there are too many of them. Various platforms can have many hashtags, but most are 3 to 5. When there’s too much, it can make the post look less appealing to look at.

Even the number of characters is also affected by this. It is best to bring out the idea in few words as possible. It makes it easier to remember for many people. 

Connect with Social Media Influencers

Getting in touch with social media influencers can boost brand awareness. This always involves a fee for connecting with various brands.

Influencers have an established audience and their numbers can expand. For example, influencer A can have 10,000 followers and their engagement is active. On the other hand, influencer B could have more than 50,000 followers but the engagement rate is low.

This goes back to the campaign’s intentions: Either gain followers, boost engagements or simply spread awareness. Each influencer will also play a part in the overall success of the campaign. It is best to have an influencer who is in the same niche as you for more direct results.

Go live

Platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and more recently TikTok, encourage people to make livestreams. This encourages people to have a personal connection with the brand. These instances can be especially effective when an important announcement is on the way.


Marketing online enables many people to market their products or services online. These practices are one of many ways to spread the word. When you use them, your business can perform better because of active social media marketing.

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