Six Sigma Certification in 2022 – Easy Step by Step Guide

Undertaking the best possible type of six sigma certification is considered to be a goldmine for the companies as well as individuals in the long run. This particular certification will always help in making sure that there will be no chance of any kind of defect in the organisational procedures and everyone will be able to improve the product performance. Hence, being very much clear about the step-by-step guide about what is six Sigma certification is very much advisable for people and the following are some of the basic things which people need to consider throughout the process:


  • People need to understand which certification level is right for them: First of all, undertaking the study of different kinds of five levels available in the industry is very much important and further, it is worth important to note down that white and yellow belt will be for the individuals who are interested to become knowledgeable on the basic components of the Six Sigma. On the other hand, the green and black belt will be for the individuals and organisations who are interested to lead the projects and bringing about the change in the respective business organisations throughout the process.
  • Making available the basic business requirements for any kind of certification: These kinds of basic business requirements will be including the passport size photograph, personal and professional information, email address, keen interest in project management, quality control and several other kinds of related things. People always need to make sure that everything will be available to apply for the certification of their choice.
  • Knowing different perspectives and prerequisites for every level: White and yellow belt will be coming without any kind of prerequisite attached in the whole process and people can sit for the examinations very easily. In this particular manner, people will be able to enjoy a strong interest in business control and product management. This particular exam will be running for only two hours and the result will be sent in between 2-5 days of writing the combination.

The prerequisites are explained as:

  • For Greenbelt: 
  1. At least three years’ experience in management
  2. Two or more projects to gain experience
  3. Undergoing the six Sigma greenbelt training
  4. Online application and downloading of the exam
  5. Exams for 3-4 hours
  • For blackbelt: 
  1. Interest in leading the project
  2. Assessing and possessing three years of experience in project management
  3. Completing two full projects
  4. Affidavit for the projects
  • For the master black belt: 
  1. Willingness to attain the highest possible level of management the organisations
  2. Six Sigma blackbelt professional certification
  3. Five years’ experience in the product management
  4. Application, training which will be running for 4-5 days along with three hours examination

    Hence, being very much clear about the commitment levels and the right amount of preparation in this particular case is very much advisable for people so that everybody will be able to carry out the six Sigma green belt exam without any kind of doubt. Hence, in this case, everyone will be able to avail multiple benefits and grab the future skills very smoothly and efficiently throughout the process.

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