Future Skills For Students To Live A Good Life

The rate at which the world is evolving and changing, giving birth to unexpected changes and challenges every day. Especially amid the pandemic covid-19, everything from breathing to bathing to buying, many twists and turns witnessed. 

All of this brings us to a question- are we preparing a new generation for the future with adequate tools and skills to deal with this rapidly evolving world?

We can start today knowing what future skills are required for students to live a good life. 

Earlier when people learned life skills by passing days. However, time and technology are faster than ever, so the new generation should learn the skills while growing up. 

What are those skills? Let’s take a glance at essential skills and understand their necessity

Writing Skill

Today every student is facing challenges in their studies and in their career as well. As we know that this pandemic situation gave us a reason to understand and create a second source of income. Digital skills are not so easy but one who learns them always makes his own way of success. As many students search queries to write my essay for me over the internet to hire professional writers. You can also learn writing skills to explore your knowledge and work habits.

Decision-Making Skills

The skill of decision-making does not grow in a day. With time and cases, students learn to understand what is right and wrong for them. Hence, parents and teachers should be taught to make wise and straightforward decisions quickly. 

You can start it by letting them decide what toys or clots they want. Teachers can allow students to choose their topic of interest and activity. Allow kids to be creative in what they are doing. Instead of restricting them from falling, let them learn how not to fall and to stand up after falling.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Kids know well that you are always there to solve their problems. But, the fact that you cannot always be available is undeniable. Therefore, allow them to find a solution. Let them brainstorm what they can do to resolve it.

Once they start dealing with the problem, they will also explore the dimension of its causes and effect. They will begin to formulate their own solutions. In this process of resolving the issues, kids will also learn to be creative. 

To enhance the skills, teachers can present kids with situations where they need to find the solutions in multiple ways. 

Communication Skills

Both oral and written communication skills are vital skills to live a good life, not only for students but also for anyone. What you say, how you say affects the understanding of the listener and reader. 

It is learned with time and people. It requires practice, critical thinking, enunciation, volume, gesture, and eye contact. 

Excellent communication skills are a tool that helps students to excel in their careers, deal with and adopt any environment. 

Focus And Self-Control

With the advent of technology, the sources of distraction and noise have also increased. So it’s natural to get distracted. But, the consequences can hurt students’ personal development.

Hence, they must learn to stay focused irrespective of circumstance. It will positively impact students’ growth and make it easy to work in any environment. 

With that, the skills of self-control develop. It is basically the control over oneself rather than controlling the surrounding. It is the student’s life where they come across diverse emotions (affection, anger, impulsive, impressive, etc.) and is the golden time of their life to enhance the skill of self-control. 

Adequate Use Of Digital Devices

Technology is covering all our resources and is an essential part of life now. But, for students, the need and demand should have a scale. They develop technical skills and focus on their physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects. 

Although digital devices and other electronic tools are helpful, extreme dependency on them can have adverse consequences. 

Curiosity And Imagination

Curiosity is the way to discover new things. It also generates perspectives to see, feel and understand things in diverse ways. 

Their creativity and imagination are vast, untamed, and endless if given wings. Let’s understand this way- how do you reach when kids use chopsticks not just to eat but to draw lines? Interesting and innovative, isn’t it! you can start to jot down your imagination thoughts for a better understanding of it. Like if you imagine any science project, your can arrange your thoughts in the form of an essay, and if you are stuck somewhere or need essay help, just find professional help.

By participating in their curiosity and imagination, you can help them to be a better learner. Further, provide them with games that they have to brainstorm to play with. It can be a puzzle or a riddle, lighting a bulb through a circuit, or anything like that. 

Thinking Skills

Thinking skills focus on mental development. It can help students process information, use their experience, solve complex problems, ask questions, make decisions, and develop new ideas.

Thinking skills can be understood in two ways: analytical thinking skills and divergent thinking skills. 

Analytical thinking assists kids in visualizing the problem, splitting them into significant sections, and solving them quickly and effectively. 

Divergent thinking refers to coming up with problem-solving methods and using creative ideas, finding multiple solutions to resolve a problem.

Cultural Understanding

Today’s world is witnessing a great diversity in culture. In a class of 30 students, about 60 % of them vary in many aspects. It is a good thing because it teaches them to adapt to diversity and respect humanity. 

From sharing food to sharing culture, students learn to interact positively, collaborate and communicate with others. It will help them in the future when they switch places for their jobs and other reasons. Such a skill will make them flexible and comfortable in adapting to a new environment.


Last but not least, self-defense is as crucial as food for us. With physical self-defense, having an awareness of mental and emotional self-defense is also a necessity now. 

The 21st century is a century of great inventions and complications. Many students all over the world face physical harassment or peer pressure to follow physical punishments. Apart from that, over 33% of students between the age of 13 to 15 encounter bullying from their peers. 

The causes are many, but the solution is one, and that is self-awareness. When students feel confident of who they are, they will be able to protect themselves both physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

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Students’ overall development is not restricted inside the four walls. We should set them free to explore the world and themselves. Hive, as a parent, guardian, or teacher, you should always keep a check on what they are doing and assist them whenever needed. Such guidance will connect them with you. We hope that this guide has helped to gain insight into life skills for students. Ureter, if you want to know more about a topic or have queries, feel free to connect with us. 

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