TikTok Viral Video: A Teen Wrote the Essay That Made the Teacher Cry 

Famous poet Robert Frost once said: “No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader”. What this means is that a good writer conveys his/her emotions in a way that they are felt by the reader. A teen who is going viral over TikTok is a true example of this. She wrote the essay that made the teacher cry. What was that essay about? What made Ryan’s teacher cry? How did she put her feelings into the essay? How was she able to have an impact on a large audience? We’ll explore the answers to all these questions in this article. 

The Essay That Made the Teacher Cry – Viral TikTok Video 

The essay that is going viral all over TikTok is written by a girl named Ryan Harman. Ryan graduated from High School in 2022 and has just started her college life. In the essay, she mentions the battle that her mother had against cancer, how much she loves her mother, and how her absence in Ryan’s life has affected Ryan. 

The essay is written in an emotional tone and is enough to raise empathy in someone’s heart who reads it. People have been praising this essay a lot on TikTok and the video that contains this essay has gained huge popularity in a short amount of time. 

What Is Written In the Essay by Ryan Harman? 

You might be curious to know what the essay by Ryan contains. How was she able to move people’s hearts and raise empathy in them? In this section, we’ll give you a walk-through of the essay written by Ryan Harman. 

At the start of her essay, Ryan describes that she was pretty happy and satisfied with her life as she was about to graduate from high school, and she was excited about the challenges that her college life would bring to her. 

Her mother was recently diagnosed with Sarcoma Cancer and had to undergo Chemotherapy and other radiation treatments. She was not in very good health and was battling life every day. Ryan’s mother had only one dream, she wanted to see both her daughters at their senior prom.  

In the essay, Ryan describes her mother as a strong, resilient, and caring woman. She describes her as a lady who has fulfilled her duties as a mother.  

Ryan’s mother was able to see her dream come true when she witnessed Ryan’s graduation ceremony. Ryan mentions that she was on a school trip with her friends when she stopped responding to her texts and Facetime. It was then she got to know that her mother had left this world. 

What Impact Does Ryan’s Essay Leave on Its Readers? 

Ryan has put her feelings excellently using words. She truly has been able to convey what her heart feels after she lost her mother. Readers have shown empathy towards her loss. Her writing skills were so intense that her English professor cried after reading the essay. 

It makes readers feel the importance of every moment and the importance of close ones in our lives. It also shows the emotional connection that a child has with her mother and how there comes a void in his/ her life when their parents are no more. 

Ryan’s essay tells its readers to live life to its fullest and love all the people, especially the ones who are extremely close to you. 

How TikTok Embraced This Essay? 

The video that contained Ryan’s emotional essay went viral all over TikTok. The video was shared by Ryan herself after she submitted her essay to her English professor. The video has around six million views and nearly a million likes.  

The video was appreciated all over TikTok and viewers were highly impressed with the way Ryan described her feelings about losing her mother. The video has around twenty thousand comments where people have poured compliments and their sympathies.  


Some pieces are written so well that they stay with you forever. The essay that made my English teacher cry Ryan Harman is a great example of such a piece. In this article, we have discussed the video that is viral on TikTok that has the essay by Ryan Harman. We have included what that essay contains and its impact on its readers. In the last section of the article, we have mentioned how TikTok reacted to Ryan’s video. For reading more such content related to social media buzz, keep following our blog page.  

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