How to Bypass SMS Verification on Samsung

Samsung is considered one of the most popular manufacturers of mobile phones as well as some other things such as consumer electronics and components, telecommunications equipment, semiconductors, and others in the world. Their products are used by hundreds of millions of people, if not more. So, there is really nothing surprising that there is a high demand for possible methods to bypass SMS verification when signing up for an account from this company. In fact, though, that task can be done with only one method. It is called the online Samsung account phone number for verification.

Is it legal to operate online numbers?

Online phone numbers have been surrounded by many rumors. Thus, for example, some people believe that they are illegal and restricted to use. This is completely false. Since online numbers are just standard mobile phone numbers that work over the global wireless network, there is nothing wrong with using them for whatever purpose unless it breaks the law of a certain country. No country has prohibited online phone numbers as such. So, it is completely legal to operate them for legal tasks.

Easy use in bulk

Using online numbers gives users multiple advantages. Some of them are more significant, others less, though still worthy of attention. The most essential from them is the possibility to utilize online phone numbers in bulk. You can easily use two, three, and more of these phone numbers without any issues.

It is difficult to imagine doing this with regular numbers since one person can register not more than a few SIM cards. Registration of a larger number, such as several dozen, is available solely to companies. Moreover, when it comes to online phone numbers, there are no limitations at all. Every user is allowed to get and activate as many of them as required. Whether it is about a hundred or thousand online numbers, it won’t be necessary to provide any additional data or get some sort of permission.

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Bypassing OTP on Samsung with an online phone number

Performing this task is quite simple. You only need to buy an online phone number first and then use it to sign up for an account on Samsung via browser or mobile app. There are multiple platforms on the web that offer such an opportunity. One of them is SMS-Man. This service appeared on the market in 2017 and since then served more than a million customers. Using it for the intended purpose goes just like that:

1. Proceed to the website.

2. Register a new account.

3. Top up its balance with funds through a suitable payment system.

4. Select where the online number should be issued on the homepage.

5. Scroll the page to a tab with supported websites and apps. Find on this tab Samsung.

6. Click on the “Buy SMS” button to get the number.

7. Complete registration with the received online phone number.

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You can use this method to bypass OTP an unlimited number of times and thereby create multiple Samsung accounts if there is a need. Doing this is not prohibited.

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