Cricket 07 – The Most Exciting Video Game for All Cricket Lovers

Most sports lovers living in the Indian subcontinent, England, Australia, and New Zealand are crazy about cricket. All of them may not be able to play cricket on a professional level. But they love watching this game and even dream of playing it someday like their favorite cricketers. They can now fulfill their desire by playing Cricket 07, which is a computer game developed in simulation of an actual cricket match. Cricket 07 download PC is the most entertaining option for all cricket lovers across the world.

 EA Canada and HB Studios Multimedia Ltd developed Cricket 07 on November 14, 2006. This video game was published by EA Sports in 2007 during the World Cricket Cup that year. Cricket 07 download is an easy job, as it is compatible with several platforms. It opens in multiple versions of Windows and PlayStation 2. Cricket lovers can play many tournaments of this cricket simulation game with multiple players, just like real cricket matches.

Positive points of Cricket 07 download on PC

  • Perfect graphics – EA Cricket 07 is developed with excellent quality 3D graphics. So, people get the feel of playing real cricket while playing this video game. All the animation features of this game are too realistic, with life-size proportions of all figures. Thus, people prefer Cricket 07 download PC to feel the thrill of playing cricket, as they do while playing or viewing actual cricket matches.
  • Vibes of actual cricket – Unlike other cricket video games, Cricket 07 is provided with voiceovers and cricket commentaries by professional cricketers. Even the announcements for breaks during the game are made just like real cricket matches. So, people can have the feel of playing real cricket on a cricket ground, even though they are just playing a video game.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
  • Huge number of tournaments – Several cricket tournaments with distinct sets of rules are available for players of Cricket 07. The World Cup championship is the longest tournament, in which a player can choose to play for a team among 16 national teams of the world. Moreover, there are test series, Knockout Cup, and many other tournaments, which can keep players engaged for several hours. There are also limited over matches, for only 5 or 10 overs. Hence, Cricket 2007 download for Windows is the best choice for people who want to be engrossed in cricket at their leisure time.
  • Option of choosing players – One can choose licensed players from large cricket-playing nations in the world. India, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, and other real-life cricket-playing countries form the virtual teams of the Cricket 07 game, which is shown in the tour section of this game. Thus, people can fulfill their dreams of playing cricket with their favorite teams through this virtual gaming platform.  
  • Familiar cricket rules – All the rules and regulations of actual cricket are followed in the virtual game of Cricket 07. So, cricket lovers find it easy to play this video game, as they are familiar with the rules of their favorite game. The controls of this game are fast and responsive, making it easier for players to enjoy cricket tournaments for hours on this platform. 
  • Free download of the game – It is easy to download Cricket 07 on any computer from its official website. The Cricket 07 download PC free option has made it more popular among common people all over the world. As it is free, players from developing countries also love playing this video game for entertainment.
  • Highly compatible with Windows – Cricket 07 performs excellently on all versions of Windows. Thus, users can play this video game on any desktop or laptop. All the graphics and special features are designed to be shown clearly on Windows. Therefore, players worldwide can learn a lot about cricket through the game rules, playing experience, and interaction with other players from different countries.  Cricket 2007 download for Windows is the best option to indulge in cricket for several hours at a stretch.

How to play Cricket 07 video game on PC

First of all, the latest updated version of the Cricket 07 game should be downloaded on the computer of the user. Since its Operating System is Windows Vista, Cricket 07 download PC is compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows 2000. Its downloading size is 1.03 GB. Then the gaming software should be extracted with the help of Winrar or 7zip. Next, the EA Cricket 07 Game folder should be opened with the given password. There, the “Crack” folder needs to be opened to copy the files and paste where the user wants to play the game. Finally, he/she just needs to click on the “Cricket07” icon to start playing.

The player can select the venue of the game from a wide array of famous cricket grounds, like Eden Gardens in Kolkata and Lords in London. The nature of the pitch and weather conditions will be different in each venue, as in the case of real cricket games. The type of cricket match can be chosen from limited-over matches of 5, 10, 20, or 50 overs, first-class matches of 4 days, and 5-day test series.

Cricket 07 game requires a Pentium III or AMD Athlon CPU with 1 GHz processor speed, 256 MB RAM, 32MB Video Card, free space of 1.2 GB on the hard disc, DirectX version 9.0c, and Windows 7, XP, or 2000 as the Operating System.

So, cricket lovers can now have the opportunity to play or even learn to play cricket through Cricket 07 download PC. It is updated regularly, including the latest patches for enthusiastic players.

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