Free Google Play Redeem Code

Google Play Store is the best source to download applications, games, e-books, and movies. Some apps come from big corporate app development companies and some come from users themselves. One thing is for sure you will be able to find almost any type of application from Play Store. These apps and games are both free to download and locked behind real money also known as paid apks.

There are many ways through which you can access these paid apks one of which is via redeem codes. In this article, we will discuss free Google Play redeem code as well as the steps needed to redeem them to your account.

What is the Google Play Redeem Code?

In simple terms, Google Play Redeem codes are digital vouchers that you can use to access paid applications, games as well as in-app purchases. These codes are for one-time use only and most of them are non-refundable therefore, you have to be careful when using these codes. Other than that, you can use these codes to add balance to your Google Account.

There are various ways through which you can get your hands on these redeem codes. The main source is local retailers like GameStop and shopping malls. These places contain physical copies of these codes which you can buy using real money. Mostly, you will get the same value as the purchase amount. It can vary from $5 to $1000 but you won’t be able to find expensive codes because they are not very popular among customers.

Another place you can get these redeem codes is from promotional websites, giveaways, or as a part of packages. For example, if you are buying a computer part from any e-commerce website then you might receive a redeem code instead of a discount or as a part of a limited-time offer. The same thing can be said for physical stores as well.

With recent update to Google’s payment portal commonly known as Google Pay, you can now buy redeem codes of any amount using real money. All you need to have is an active Google Pay account that is linked with a bank or Unified Payment Interface (UPI) account.

Where to Find Redeem Codes?

There are promotional websites that offer you free Google Play redeem code in return for using their platform or answering a survey. These websites are available all over the internet and you can look for them through online forums or adverts on other web pages.

One such website is free reedem code .com which hands out different codes with an amount of money to any user using the website. There is no ulterior motive behind the website and they are just giving away code as a token of appreciation.

There is only one catch to it, you have to really fast with using these codes as it can get redeemed very fast by other users. You also have the option to look for another service that provides 1000 redeem codes every day which will significantly improve the chance of you redeeming the code available.

Steps to Use Free Google Play Redeem Code

Now that you have understood what redeem code for Google Play is and what are the different ways to acquire them. This includes promotional websites with free redeem code everyday and other similar sources. After getting your hands on such redeem code you might be wondering how to use it. If you are then don’t worry, here are the instructions to successfully redeem the code on your Google Profile.

  1. Firstly, look for “Google Play Store” in your device app drawer and then click on it to open.
  2. Now, head over to right most corner of your screen. Here you will find an icon with your picture on it. Simply, tap on it.
  3. Among the available options, you now need to tap on “Payment and Subscriptions”.
  4. Here you will see many other options related to payments in which you will find “Redeem Code” at the very last.
  5. Once you tap on it, you will see a new prompt with an email address. This is the account to which your redeem code amount will be transferred.
  6. In case you do not want to use this Google account then head back and change your current profile.
  7. Enter “free Google Play redeem code” inside the space.
  8. Now click “Redeem” button to transfer the designated amount.
  9. If you have a physical copy of the redeem code then scratch the silver bar at the back. This will reveal your unique code. Also in some cases, you will find a QR code behind the silver bar.
  10. You can also redeem the code using the “Scan Gift Card” button below the empty space in “Redeem” menu.
  11. Lastly, wait till you get a confirmation screen.

Congratulations you have now successfully redeemed your code in Google Play Store. Now you can use this amount to buy paid applications, games, movies, and e-books. Also, it can be used to buy an in-app subscription to access the premium features of an app or game.

Besides that, you have the option to make in-game purchases as well. Games such as Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG), Battle Ground Mobile India (BGMI), Call of Duty Mobile (CODM), and Free Fire Max have characters and gun skins that can only be acquired through real money. Here, you can use your redeemed amount to get your battle pass and favorite skins.


Google Play Store is the most reliable platform to access applications and games on any Android phone. Most of them are free to download and install while you need to purchase some of them. One way through which you can get access to them is through free Google Play redeem code. You can get these codes through promotional websites, offers, and physical copy purchases. In the article above, we have talked about these redeem codes, where to find them as well as how to redeem their value into your Google Account. Therefore, make sure to read till the very end.

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