Genyoutube download wallpaper: All You Need to Know

YouTube is the biggest video streaming platform in the world with millions of videos uploaded by content creators every day. While browsing YouTube you might stumble across a video or thumbnail that you like very much and want to save for later.

However, there is no download option available on YouTube and the only way to save videos or stills from the video locally is to use services like genyoutube download wallpaper. With this, you can download any YouTube video or photos you like locally on your computer or mobile device and use them as your wallpaper.

Genyoutube Download Wallpaper Overview

It is a web-based service that allows the user to download YouTube videos and thumbnails in multiple formats. All you need to do is copy the URL/Link of the video you want to save and paste it into the website. This service is especially useful for those who don’t have an internet connection all the time. Besides that, you can share downloaded videos and photos with your friends and families on other social media websites.

One feature that sets it apart from other similar services is the option to download in different file formats. If the video you want to download is a song and you want to save it in mp3 format then you can do. With genyoutube download wallpaper, you also have the option to save even the thumbnails or stills from a YouTube video. There are many other features available on the site just like this.

Features of genyoutube download wallpaper

Because of its extensive feature set, the website stands out as a popular and useful platform for downloading YouTube content. The site has an effective search function that allows you to quickly find specific videos using keyword or direct video URLs.

The website offers a number of download formats, such as 3GP, MP4, and WebM, as well as audio-only formats like MP3 and M4A. This lets you choose the format that fits your needs the best. Additionally, it gives you the freedom to choose the video resolution you want to download. The available resolutions range from 144p to 1080p HD, and at times even 4K.

In addition to single video downloads, genyoutube download wallpaper photo allows you to save more than one video, thumbnail, or stills from the video at once, making it possible for you to easily save the whole playlists available. Last but not least, it offers browser extensions function for Chrome and Firefox, removing the need to visit the YouTube website for downloads every time you want to save something.

Steps to Use genyoutube Download Wallpaper

If you want to download photos from YouTube using genyoutube download photos, here’s a quick start guide:

  1. Locate the YouTube video with the image you want and copy its URL from the address bar.
  2. Head over to the download photos or videos section of the website and you’ll see a dedicated search bar or area for pasting the video’s URL.
  3. Paste the URL you copied in the previous step into the empty space on the website.
  4. Once you’ve pasted the URL, the website will begin processing the video and give you a variety of options to choose from.
  5. Take your time looking over the pictures given and choose which one you like the most.
  6. Look for the download button beside that video, photo, or wallpaper and click on it.
  7. That’s all, your video or photo is now saved locally on your computer or mobile device.


If you want to download wallpapers, photos, or even videos from YouTube then try genyoutube download wallpaper. It is a very easy-to-use website and you get many features that you will not be able to find anywhere else like choosing different resolutions of images or videos when downloading, etc. If you want to learn more about the website or how to use it then read the article above.

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