Write Half Day Leave Application for Doctor Appointment with Format and Sample 

If you are at your school or at your office and you have a doctor’s appointment scheduled in the next few hours, what do you need to do? It is quite obvious that you need to ask for a half day’s leave from your boss or from your principal. In case you are confused about what to write in your request letter or application for this purpose, don’t worry, we’ve got you! 

Half day leave application for doctor appointment will give you hints regarding what to write in your half day leave application. We are hopeful that this article is definitely the solution you are looking for.  

Format Used in Half Day Leave Application for Doctor Appointment 

Almost all the applications that are written follow the same format. For this application also, we’ll be using the generally used format. 


The Class Teacher/ Principal/ Manager, 

(Address of your school/ organization). 

Date – DD/ MM/ YYYY 

Subject – Regarding half day leave request. 

Salutation (Respected Sir, Ma’am) 


————————(Your Content Here) ————————————- 


Thanking you, 

Yours Sincerely 

(Your name here). 

Following this format, you can write an application for half day leave for doctor appointment. We are also providing a few examples for your reference so that you understand this better and get some hints for writing the application. 

Sample Application for Half Day Leave 

Application for requesting a half day’s leave on the same day. 


The Principal, 

DAV Public School,  

Ranchi, Jharkhand. 

Date – 04/08/2023 

Subject – Request for a half day’s leave. 

Respected Ma’am, 

With due respect, I want to state that I’m a student of class X-B of your school. Ma’am, I have some problems with my eyes, and I often find myself unable to see the teaching board of our class clearly. 

For this purpose, I need to go to the ENT specialist and an appointment with him is scheduled today. Thus, I request you to kindly grant me a half day’s leave so that I’m able to get my eyes checked. 

Thanking you, 

Yours Sincerely, 

Dheeraj Singh. 

Application requesting a half day leave on the day after the date of writing it. 


The Manager,  

Bloom Marketing, 

Noida, U.P. 

Date – 07/09/2023 

Subject – Requesting a half day’s leave for tomorrow. 

Respected Sir,  

With reference to the matter cited above, I want to state that I have been suffering from a blocked nose for the past two days. In this regard, my appointment is scheduled with a doctor on 08/09/2023 at 3:00 PM. 

I understand the importance of my work and thus I’ll be available before lunch hours on the date mentioned above. I request you to kindly grant me a half day’s leave tomorrow so that I can see the doctor and get rid of my ailment so that I am able to work with my full efficacy again. 

I will be highly obliged to you. 

Thanking You, 

Yours Sincerely, 

Aman Kumar Gupta 

(Employee ID – BME678XXX)  

These are a few cases in which you might need to write an application requesting a half day’s leave. If you need to write application for reasons other than a doctor’s appointment, these samples and the format mentioned will still be useful to you.  

Tips You Need to Keep in Mind  

When writing an application to submit to your seniors, there are a few things which you should keep in mind. 

  • Do not write the application in a casual manner. Use good English. 
  • Double check the matter you’ve written for any grammatical mistakes. 
  • Mention the date and time properly in application. 
  • Keep the subject brief and concise. It should convey your request in a few words. 


Whether you really need a half day’s leave or it’s a question in your exam to write a half day leave application for doctor appointment, this article must’ve surely been useful to you. Even if you need to write an application for any other issue, this article has content for that too.  

We have provided the general format used for writing the applications and a few samples to help you understand better how to write an application requesting a half day’s leave. If you find this article useful and are looking for more such educational content, do visit our blog page.  

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