Inside Out – The Hoverboard version

Even though Hoverboards have taken over the world, it is still confusing to people what is actually the difference between a hoverboard and a skateboard. 

People still think it to be just a skateboard, just that the names are different. 

Therefore before buying a hoverboard and investing their money into our valuable product, people need to at least understand what a hoverboard actually is.

What is a Hoverboard?

Hoverboards are self-balancing boards that are highly more efficient than regular skateboards. Hoverboards have complex motors present inside them, unlike a skateboard which has no machine in it and works only with labor power. 

Hoverboards have many other features, like LED lights, bluetooth connection, music system, etc, which can make the rider even more engaged with the gadget. 

Hoverboards also cater to a larger group of people, they can be used by kids from the age of 7year to older people as well. Hoverboard for kids are 100% safe and reliable if they are trained properly.

Now that you might have a little idea as to what a hoverboard is, it would be good to understand how a hoverboard works?

How does a hoverboard work?

So, when a rider is about to ride the hoverboard, the hypersensitive gyro-sensors which are present in the hoverboards will get activated, which will in turn activate the self balancing feature of the hoverboard. 

This helps the rider to safely get on the hoverboard. Then the sensors help you guide and travel across spaces which can be indoor or outdoor. 

While riding you can connect to bluetooth and listen to music, you can also turn on the LED lights at night. It can create a whole vibe!

It’s now the time to introduce you to the members (parts) of the hoverboard!

Motherboard :

A motherboard is a very important part of any gadget, and so it is for a hoverboard. 

The motherboard controls all the actions and functions of the hoverboard, it is the means for communication between all the parts in the board. It should be noted and inspected that the hoverboard’s motherboard is fully responsive and shouldn’t be faulty otherwise the experience of the hoverboard will definitely come crashing down. 

Therefore, we always make sure that the motherboard is the best and polished to near perfection, so controlling the hoverboard becomes a smooth process.

Hypersensitive gyro-sensors :

Now to make a hoverboard work at its level best, we need powerful sensors that do not lag or malfunction at a given time to prevent the rider from falling off. That’s when our hypersensitive gyro-sensors with START UP Balance 2.0 come into play. 

The sensors are really effective and have been tested to prove that they are the best and the safest. They don’t lag or respond late. It helps in creating self – balancing of the rider, which means that as soon as the rider will get on the hoverboard they don’t have to worry about balancing on the hoverboard, it will do that on its own, unlike skateboards or any cheap hoverboard that has a poor sensor.

Batteries :

To charge the hoverboard, the plug-in is on one side of the hoverboard. It’s very important that you get a good battery/ charger for your hoverboard, because if you use a faulty battery, it can affect the quality of the hoverboard. Also, we provide the best chargers for charging your hoverboards.

We don’t use non UL- certified batteries, we use highly efficient and fast lithium-ion batteries. Some companies do use cheaper batteries in order to reduce costs, but this only makes the hoverboard endangered and more prone to catch fire while charging or while using. 

So, whenever you buy a battery please inspect the battery, as your investment should not go in vain.

Frame :

A frame for a hoverboard should be strong, sturdy and durable. It shouldn’t be cheap, otherwise spending money on such a cheap quality hoverboard won’t make any sense. That’s why we provide a secure and sturdy framework made up of Solid Aluminum mainframe plus with ABS body. 

It will ensure that nothing happens to your hoverboard, and your inner motors will also be safe from damages. Some companies use plastic instead of aluminum, which makes the hoverboard quite cheap and more safe to fires caused in hoverboards.  

What are the different perks? 

There are a variety of perks that you can unlock after purchasing this very economic hoverboard. You get Bluetooth connection, there is a music system inside the hoverboard, it also has beautiful high quality LED lights which can brighten and set the mood for a situation, whether it’s outside or indoors. 

Why are hoverboards all of a sudden so popular?

When hoverboards entered the Indian markets, people saw something new and started buying it out of curiosity and liked it. It makes traveling to small distances so easy and without any hassle people can reach shorter distances. 

It doesn’t even require any major maintenance, making the lives of our busy people much easier. It also helped save money which would have been used in fueling up scooter / motorbike tanks, hence it was a very economical option. 

Also when you know you can exercise with a hoverboard, why won’t people buy it? Everyone today wants to be fit and smart, so what better way to exercise than this? Hoverboards cause a lot of calories to get burned and helps the body posture also of the people who these days need to correct their postures.

Hence, because of so many pros, people started buying more of these boards and hence they became so popular in no time!

If hoverboards are so popular then why doesn’t everyone own it?

We are aware that many people can’t buy hoverboards because some of them are very pricey and not even that high quality. It surely does make the customer more doubtful about the device. It’s actually the problem of that sole company, because here at Hoverpro we actually keep in mind the quality and durability of the product before it’s up for sale. 

We understand that the customer is investing his/her money and we want to value your money. That’s why it’s one of the goals of Hoverpro to make sure that as the future approaches more people have hoverboards than today, and hence we have very budget-friendly products. 

The features that you get without hoverboards at such a price as ours is unreal in today’s times. 

With the hoverbord’s absolutely artistic bodies on the outside it encompasses a very complex system that is both the safest and durable. 

Final thoughts :

In the end, hoverboards are one of the most convenient devices which have come across markets. 

They are portable and are a very efficient way to travel to short distances. Since, there is such a huge surge of hoverboards in the markets, it’s important to make a wise decision in buying one of these. 

Of course, this is the choice of you as you are the customer. You should see what a hoverboard provides you at a given cost. 

Our hoverboards give the riders an amazing experience while lasting quite a long time. They aren’t cheap and look very classy and stylish. The inside of our hoverboards are very powerful and this is proven by the hundreds of tests taken by our team to make your experience enjoyable yet safe.  

We really hope that in the near future hoverboards become common and everyone can own one!

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