How to Improve Your Credit When Buying a Car

Purchasing a car is a serious decision. You want the best credit rating possible before you do anything else. If you have less than ideal credit, here’s how to improve it to get the best possible loan terms.


A credit score is one of the most important things you’ll need to have on hand regarding financial matters. This is true for a loan you intend to take out if you want to buy a car. It also applies to any existing car loans that you are considering refinancing. Refinancing auto loans is also easier if you have a higher credit rating.

Pay Your Current Bills

Your current bills play an important role in affording the kind of car loan you want. Those at Lantern by SoFi point out, “Essentially, auto loan refinancing is taking out a new loan to pay off your existing car loan.” You’ll want to make sure that you are paying your current bills on time to keep your credit score high before you begin this process.

Past Debt

Over time, you might have accumulated previous debt. In that case, you’ll want to do your best to clean it up. First, examine your overall fiscal picture. You might have minor debts of all kinds, such as student loans.

Now is an excellent time to get any remaining debt paid down. A mortgage is acceptable and will not generally influence the rate you pay on a car loan. However, other kinds of debt can be in the way. Pay them down now and reap the rewards of an improved credit rating.

Disputing Previous Errors

In some instances, there may be errors with your credit. First, make sure they are cleaned up before you do anything else. See what pops up when you run a credit check. You might have the same name as another person or one very similar. For example, they might have a credit problem that makes it appear as if they have such a problem. Ensure that the only name attached to any credit report is yours rather than someone else.

Late Payments

Even a single late payment can ultimately affect your entire credit score. You’ll want to pay all of your bills on time. If you have been in the habit of paying your bills even slightly late in the past, avoid this. This applies to every last one of your bills. All credit card payments should be paid on time. The same is true of any other bills.

Make sure you know the deadlines for each bill. Paying your bills on time for a few months will increase your overall credit score. Doing so will lead to a lower interest payment on your car loan.

These simple tips will pay off when buying a car.

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