Invisible Braces cost, advantages and disadvantages

Invisible braces are the best orthodontic tools that help straighten the teeth without being visible to others. It is the new dental technique adapted nowadays by most people to correct their smiles. For obtaining the best orthodontic treatment, visit the best dental clinic in Chennai or near you.

In this article, I’ll talk to you all about invisible braces cost, advantages, disadvantages, and more. So if you want to know more read the article till the end.

An invisible brace is an orthodontic tool also known as Invisalign braces or Invisaligners that helps to correct the teeth alignment, correct bites, fill the gaps between the teeth, and more. Invisible braces are the best for teeth with minor misalignment and are unsuitable for severely crooked or misaligned teeth. Invisible aligners are more expensive than all other types of braces like metal and ceramic due to their invisibility function.

What is the cost of the invisible braces?

The cost of the Invisible aligners might differ based on various factors like the quality of the product, the dental clinic, and more. However, the average cost of the invisible braces in Chennai  is around 55,000- 1,50,000.

What are the advantages of Invisible braces?

advantages of invisible braces

Some of the advantages of the invisible braces are:

Less visibility:

Invisible braces are less visible than any other type of braces. If you want to align your teeth without letting others know and have less misaligned teeth, then the invisible aligners will work best for you. Hence it is less visible.

More Comfortable:

Invisible braces are made up of smooth plastic material, and thus they are more comfortable than metal braces. They do not scratch or hurt your gums, and thus they are more gentle and more comfortable.

Eat whatever you want:

Invisible Braces has the option of letting you eat whatever you want. You have to remove the braces before eating the food; you can eat whatever you want without fear and hesitation. Thus it is the best option.


Invisible aligners provide one more advantage of removing them quickly, and hence cleaning the braces is more accessible than any other type of braces. You can also remove the braces whenever you want or experience any difficulty with your teeth.

Fewer visits:

Unlike the metal and the ceramic braces, you need not run to the dentist more frequently. Invisible braces allow very few dental visits and examine well, just like the other braces treatment.

So these are some advantages of the Invisible aligners.

What are the disadvantages of the Invisible Braces?

diadvantages of invisible braces

Not suitable:

Invisible braces are not suitable for teeth that are severely misaligned or crooked. For such cases, metal braces are the best option, and it is only helpful to correct slighter misalignment and the gap between the teeth.

Can be removed:

As it is one of its advantages, it’s one of the disadvantages as well. Removing and wearing it, again and again, is one of the worst sides of the invisible aligners, and it may not be delightful for many people.

No freedom:

Dentists suggest wearing the invisible braces for 22 hours a day, which means you can remove them only while cleaning your teeth and while eating, and the rest of the time, even during sleeping, you have to carry them in your mouth.

Can brittle easily:

Invisible Braces are not as more potent as metal or ceramic braces, so it is for sure that they must be handled with atmost care as they can be brittle if much pressure is applied.


Invisible braces are expensive than metal and ceramic braces because of their invisibility. However, the cost of the single metal braces is around 55,000-1,50,000, and hence it is not affordable for everyone.

So these were some of the disadvantages of the Invisible aligners. Consider both advantages and disadvantages before opting for the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Invisible Braces:

What is the average time for invisible braces to fix your teeth?

It depends upon your teeth and the type of dental issue. The more complex your problem is, the more time it will take to correct your smile, and however, it can take time from six months to 2 years.

Do the Invisible Braces hurt?

Invisible Braces do not hurt. But it can leave your teeth sore due to the pressure exerted to fit it in the teeth. Initially, you may feel slightly uncomfortable with the invisible braces, but it’ll get habituated to you once you start wearing them.

Is it reasonable to eat and drink with the invisible braces?

Invisible braces cannot sustain themselves with beverages like alcohol, tea, coffee, and wine as they may stain. Eating with invisible aligners can also be dangerous as it may be brittle if more pressure is applied. So finally, it is suggested that not eat or drink anything with the invisible aligners. However, water is only recommended to be consumed with the invisible aligners.

Can I sleep wearing the invisible braces?

The answer is yes, you should. Many dentists recommend wearing the invisible braces for 22 hours a day. So you have to remove it only during eating and brushing and more than this you have to wear it even during sleeping.

Why are invisible braces so expensive?

Invisible braces are so expensive because of the lab costs that occurred in making the alignment, the premium materials involved, and the technology for the invisible aligners being more expensive.

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