KP HR Connect: How to Create Profile and Sign In

Kaiser Permanente also known as KP in short is one leading healthcare service provider in America with a delighted customer base. Their main goal is to offer affordable and reliable healthcare services for the betterment of the community and its members.

Not only that, hundreds and thousands of employees as well as management work within Kaiser Permanente. Therefore, they have introduced “kp hr connect” which is an online portal to help the human resource department to manage all of the workforce with ease and zero hindrance.

If you are working with Kaiser Permanente HR department and want to know more about this platform then read the blog below. We have talked about its advantages, how to create a new profile, and instructions to sign in.

Kaiser Permanente HR Connect Overview and Advantages

As you probably know, managing is one of the most difficult jobs in any department especially when talking about healthcare services. There are hundreds of hospitals and clinics you have to go through that have thousands of doctors and healthcare staff working within. With the help of “hr connect kaiser” you can now do most of the related tasks with more efficiency.

There are many advantages of using this platform, but being able to access any documents or credentials as well as being able to download them is the most beneficial. Now, you do not have to worry about physically carrying important documentation from place to place.

All you need to do is enter some initial details of the document you are looking for and you can get the exact copy directly on your device.

Another significant benefit is both accepting and requesting leaves or time off like holidays, jury duties, sick leave, court apparel, and others. Besides that, you can also apply for internal jobs present in the company or refer other candidates.

If you are new to your position and do not know the work then you can access educational as well as training resources. This includes guidance for experienced experts, webinars, online courses, etc. After that, you can leave feedback on what you like and what you in the future to get added.

Last but not least, from your profile you can update your existing information and details such as phone number, email address, home address, residence, emergency contacts, and others. This could come in handy in situations where you are not able to apply to changing through the office.

How to Create Kaiser Permanente HR Connect Profile

You now understand the needs and advantages of working through the kp hr connect online portal. If you want to create a profile then you need to make sure you fulfill these requirements first:

  • You need to be a working employee of Kaiser Permanente and be registered to their online database. If you are not then you will have to get registered, or else you will not be able to create your profile.
  • Have access to “kp hr connect login” username and password. In case you have not received your credentials after registering with the Kaiser Permanente online portal then you will have to request it from the employee support to send it to you again on either your registered phone number or email ID.
  • You must have all the physical documents which you have submitted at the time of employee enrollment available. This will also include your SNN (Social Security Number).
  • Lastly, you need to have a computer system or smartphone with a compatible web browser.

Instructions to Create and Sign In KP HR Connect Profile

Now that you have all the requirements fulfilled, all you need to do is follow these simple instructions:

  1. Open a compatible browser on your device. (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera)
  2. Tap on the address bar and enter “hr connect kp” then press “Enter”.
  3. From the results window, look for “Kaiser Permanente Connect” webpage with the official domain name.
  4. You can also use “” to directly get to the official page.
  5. Once you are on the page, tap on “Sign Up” or “Register”.
  6. Here you will have to type in all the required details such as KP online database credentials, name, email ID, address, position in the company, and other details.
  7. After entering the details, tap or click on “Register” button.
  8. You will now see a popup to enter the “captcha” as well as an “OTP Code” which you will get on your registered email or number.
  9. The last step will be to successfully authenticate your login by entering the code.
  10. Now you can access your profile and take advantage of all the functionalities of the online platform.
  11. If you want to sign out of your profile then click on “Profile” button or icon and choose “Sign Out” option.

Note – In case you are unable to proceed with either the registration or login then you will need to contact the executive support number. They will give you the instructions and offer you advice to resolve the issue.


Kaiser Permanente is one of the best and biggest healthcare service providers with thousands of employees and hundreds of management working under them. If you want a more streamlined way to work then you can use their “kp hr connect” online platform. It gives access to training resources, manages workloads, assigns tasks, and many other things. To learn more about it, read the blog post above.

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