Ways to make money on cryptocurrency

The Bitcoin system appeared in 2009, and by the end of that year, the rate fluctuated in the range of only 800-1500 BTC per $1. And now, people are actively interested in how to earn cryptocurrency and consider it an investment object. Some methods of obtaining tokens become outdated over time, but other, more promising ones replace them, which is normal. 

In this article, you will learn how to earn cryptocurrency without and with minimal investment, how to use it on the sites of live casino in india during online slot games, and so on.

How to earn cryptocurrency without investment and risk? Many people have already tried to make money on the Internet with bots, services for boosting likes and subscribers and earning money by entering a captcha. Why waste your time for a pittance when sites offer cryptocurrency earnings for doing the same basic things? They are called bitcoin faucets.

What do you need to do to make money?

  • Create an electronic wallet in the Bitcoin system.
  • Register on the website.
  • Perform a simple task: enter a captcha, click on an advertisement, view a link, solve a problem, read a book, and so on.
  • Enter the Bitcoin wallet number to which you will receive money (satoshi) in a particular window. One coin is equal to 0.00000001 BTC.

There are Bitcoin faucets that transfer satoshi to users on a machine. Sometimes you need to wait 30-60 minutes or a day. Many sites have a cumulative system. Site owners promise to multiply profits after the PC is turned off and withdraw the money earned on the machine when a certain amount is reached.

Examples of Bitcoin faucets that have positive reviews and allow you to earn cryptocurrency:

  • Claim BTC – gives away free coins every 20 minutes, offers to solve recaptures (selecting suitable pictures and checking the box next to the phrase “I am not a robot”), funds are withdrawn on the machine after accumulating 20 thousand satoshis on balance.
  • Bonus bitcoin – gives out up to 5 thousand satoshis every 15 minutes, a daily bonus in the daily earnings; the minimum is 10 thousand satoshis.
  • TakeFreeBitcoin – each time you visit a Bitcoin faucet, you can get a certain number of coins generated in random order; the minimum withdrawal amount is 20 thousand satoshis;
  • Bitcoinfaucet – accruals every 15 minutes, makes instant payments, the minimum amount is only 1000 satoshis;
  • PaidBooks – allows you to earn cryptocurrency by reading books and credits up to 450 satoshis every 10 minutes.
  • Other widespread Bitcoin faucets that pay: DailyDoge, VisitVit, Ifauce, Satoshihero, Freebitco, and Bitfun.

How much can you earn this way? Very little. You will get at most $100 monthly if you convert the profit into dollars. However, most sites have a profitable affiliate program. Affiliates attract new participants (referrals) to the project and earn 20-50% of the latter’s income. The proceeds can be invested in other ways of making cryptocurrency.

Online games

Online games are alternative for making cryptocurrency without investments. 

There are some ways to get coins here:

  • Earn virtual money and trade it for actual cash;
  • Gain a reward of several satoshis for gaming achievements (for example, completing a round);
  • Succeed in matches and take away a prize fund – the tiniest investment and excellent gaming skills are required.

You may have already wondered why developers would pass out free satoshi to those who play. When playing online games, you must watch many ads and enter captchas. It is how developers earn money, and if you are interested in how exactly, we recommend reading about making money by watching ads. In addition, with the help of cash bonuses, they attract people’s interest in their project, which positively affects the promotion. So there is no catch here.


Mining uses computing power to solve cryptographic problems and obtain new coins. It requires the installation of special software on a PC. Since the creation of the Bitcoin system, the complexity of digital money mining has been growing steadily:

  • in 2009, almost any PC user could earn money by mining;
  • in 2010-2011, powerful and expensive video cards were required, but the investment paid off within a month;
  • in 2012, home farms combining several video cards and specialized equipment began to appear;
  • even later, miners started to unite in pools.

Thus, by 2023, cryptocurrency mining on a video card had long since lost its relevance. The time has come for industrial farms. Even if you invest in purchasing powerful home equipment, it will pay off for several years. Plus, crazy electricity bills. Plus, constant investment in upgrades due to the increasing complexity of mining. Fortunately, there is still a worthy alternative to traditional cryptocurrency mining.

Cloud mining

Cryptocurrency cloud mining means renting a certain percentage of capacity from an industrial farm or pool for money. The costs of purchasing expensive equipment, upgrades, and electricity are eliminated. Another advantage is earning valuable coins on a machine without additional effort.

Examples of platforms:

  • Hashflare;
  • IQMining;
  • Nuvoo Mining;
  • Hashing24;
  • Genesis-Mining.

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How to make money on cryptocurrency mining in this way? The task comes down to choosing a reliable service. There is a risk of running into fraudsters who do not even have their equipment. Unforeseen circumstances can also spoil your plans: data centre failure, hacking, etc. Remember service fees and the length of withdrawal periods.

But such risks, commissions, etc. exist everywhere; perhaps, in the case of cryptocurrencies, there are a few more of them. If this scares you or does not suit you, look for other sites for making money online – fortunately, there are many of them. 

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