Tax preparation software can help prepare and file your taxes by _____

Making an appointment with a tax expert for you.
Posing questions to collect necessary information.
Calculating your taxes based on your savings account balance.
Providing you with blank tax forms you can fill out.

The correct choice for the question “tax preparation software can help prepare and file your taxes by” is posing questions to collect necessary information. It helps you manage your financial data, calculate your taxes, and get you all the necessary forms for filing.

How Does Tax Preparation Software Work?

The main role of the software is to gather important data and simplify the procedure for tax filing. Here’s a more in-depth description of how it works.

Posing questions to collect necessary information

In the first step, the software will ask you a bunch of questions as well as prompts to get your financial and personal information. Some of the commonly asked questions include sources of income, investments, credits, and deductions.

Importing Data

Some software even has the option to import user data directly from different sources. This feature is there to reduce the overall time for filing taxes and have data accuracy.

Calculating Taxes

Now from all the information that you have inputted or imported into the software, it will perform accurate calculations. The software will consider factors such as tax rate, credits, and deductions that might affect your taxes thus optimizing the overall tax outcome.

Validation and Error Detection

Most of tax preparation software includes an in-built error detection feature to reduce the error and increase the accuracy when filing tax returns. It also flags missing data which might delay the whole process or an IRS audit.


Once you have carried out the process the software will give you the option to electronically file the tax return with the IRS. E-filing is much better than the conventional paper filing method as it is quicker and allows for faster refunds.

Access to Tax Sources

Some software has tax data and resource bases that can help you in understanding laws, rules, and changes which could impact your tax status. It can help you increase credit and deduction possibilities while remaining in line with tax rules.

Customer Service and Updates

The rules and regulation revolving around taxes changes often and tax software updates these changes very frequently so you don’t have to worry about finding these changes and learning them from unreliable sources. In addition, most software providers provide dedicated customer care service which you can use in case you have any issue with the software or the tax filing process.

User Friendly Interface

These software are made for the masses therefore their user interface is easy to understand and use. This makes it convenient for people who have absolutely no experience in filing taxes and returns. Also, some software providers might have mobile applications which makes it easy for users who don’t have access to a computer system.

Limitations of Tax Preparation Software

Tax preparation software is helpful in many ways, however, it has certain limitations which you need to remember when using it. Here are some of them:

Give Personalized Advice: These software are made to provide general financial situations and cannot give you advice for your or other special cases. Here you will need to find a tax professional and seek their help for your special situation.

Complex Business Taxes: Most of the software cannot handle complex tax filing for businesses and their situations. You will also need to find professional help in this case.

Long-Term Planning: The software has data set for the current year’s taxes therefore you will not find any option or features related to long-term planning. The one person that will help you in this place is financial advisers.

State Specific Tax: Tax Preparation software mostly work around federal tax laws therefore you can find discrepancies with state tax laws. Some might even have support for state tax returns but it might not have state-specific tax provisions.

Non-Standard Credit and Deduction: Although tax software covers common deductions and credits, it may not include each possible loss or profit that relates to your special need. If you have less typical deductions or credits, you might need to manually look into and enter the information.

File certain tax forms: Commonly used tax software might not handle some specific tax forms, mainly for complex investments or specific tax situations. In some cases, you might need to manually complete such papers by yourself or seek the help of a tax specialist.


The correct answer to the question “tax preparation software can help prepare and file your taxes by” is posing questions to collect necessary information. To help you understand why this option is the right choice we have prepared a detailed explanation which you can refer to.    

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