Everything About Tekmetric Auto Shop Managing Software and Tekmetric Login

If you are an auto shop owner then you know the struggles of keeping up with the customers on a busy day. This is mostly because of your outdated auto shop managing software as it does not have a lot of advanced features to keep it with a lot of customers.

With the help of “Tekmetric”, you can now manage your business more efficiently and also keep up with the demand. If you want to learn more about this amazing software or how to do Tekmetric login then read the blog below.

Tekmetric Rundown and Benefits

Tekmetric is a computer software made by auto shop owners for auto shop management. It can help you manage schedules, assign or take appointments, see detailed analytics, go through your inventory, contact vendors for supply, and others. Instead of struggling to get the best deal on parts, you can save time and money with just a couple of quick clicks.

Whether you are a neighborhood auto shop or a multi-shop owner, Tekmetric makes managing your business easier than ever before. Not only that, you can get through all of the pending jobs smoothly without having to rely on additional help.

If you own multiple auto shops then you probably have a lot of technicians and employees working for you. You can now access their performance as well as their job rating through this wonderful software. Besides that, Techmetric makes everyone’s job easier whether you’re crunching numbers in the back or helping people up front.

The best part in all of this is that you don’t have to go through hundreds of hours of education just to use the software. You can simply install it on your systems, go through a couple of tutorials, and start using it like a piece of cake.

Last but not least, your customers will also love Techmetric as they can track their service in real time and get a transparent breakdown of their messed up car. This makes it easier for them to say yes, resulting in a higher average repair order. 

How To Create a Tekmetric Login Account

Before moving to the instructions on how to create a Tekmetric sign-in account, you first have to download the software to your computer system. Also, you need to make sure that you meet the requirements needed by Tekmetric.

For this, you can either contact their customer support executive or schedule a demo through the website. Once you do that, they will give details on their pricing where you can buy the software based on your preference.

Once you bought the software, you will receive an email with the application executable file and your login credentials. Keep both the username and password safe as it will be required throughout the software regarding administrative tasks.

Now you will need to install the Tekmetric software using the installation instructions. After that open the app and here you will get a prompt to sign in. Using the credentials provided via the email, enter the details and click on “Login” button. That’s all. Your Tekmetric login account is now ready to use.

Tekmetric Pricing

Tekmetric software pricing is not what you expect. Depending on your auto shop even the cheapest version of the app will do all the tasks you need. You get four pricing options, “Start”, “Grow”, “Scale”, and “Multi Shop”.

The “Start” option has an unlimited repair order feature, vendor and inventory management, computer-generated invoicing and authorization, and one-way messaging function. This is best suited for those who are new to the auto repair business.

Then you have the “Grow” option. Here you will get all the features of the Start option in addition to Integrated Parts Ordering, Time & Job Clocks, Parts, Inventory & Marketing Reports, and Maintenance Schedule.

After that, there is the “Scale” option which is suited for most businesses. You will get all of the Grow plan features with Two-Way Texting, Employee Performance Analytics, a Technician Board, and a Real-time Shop Dashboard.

Finally, you have the “Multi Shop” plan, and as the name suggests you get everything in the Scale Plan plus Shared Customer History, Centralized Data Management, Employee Tracking, and Custom Shop Reporting Comparison.

Basic Instructions On How To Use Tekmetric Software

  • To log into the software you are going to open the app.
  • On the login page, type in your username, and password, and hit sign in
  • That’s going to take you to the console.
  • When you’re ready to get to work, select the shop down below that you want to jump into.
  • Once here, you can see a blue banner up at the top and it’s always the same it never changes. This is where you’re going to find some of your basic controls.
  • From left to right we have a “hamburger” icon in the upper left-hand corner, this will open the repair orders option.
  • Beneath it, if you need to see the reports of the outgoing and completed tasks then select the “Reports” option from the same menu.
  • You have the techmetric logo and if you click on it, it’ll take you back to the console.
  • You can move shops, contact support, and jump back into it.
  • Next to that, you have the global search bar which you can use to find things in your shop. And if you hit the “I” within the box it’s going to give you a list of things you can search for.
  • You can look for your customers by their phone number, license plate, or last date of the VIN.
  • Moving further to the right you have a question mark and this is your resource center.
  • You can also use the “Tech messaging” feature through which you can message your customers via your shop management system.
  • You also have a clock to see who’s physically clocked in and who’s clocked out. And if you have the permissions and the controls you can control those timesheets here.
  • Next to that, you have your profile icon where you can customize your information and other details.
  • Finally, using the profile menu you can log out of your account.


“Tekmetric” auto shop management software is a complete package for any type of auto shop. You get a whole bundle of high-end features and functionalities that other software does not provide and they cost more money. In the blog above, we have discussed more about the software features, how to create an account, how to do Tekmetric login, etc. Make sure to read it till the end to get all of the information.

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