10 Benefits of Eating Roasted Chana you Should Definitely know 

Grams, or commonly known as chana have been known for their health benefits. Popular as a protein source, very few people know that chana can also be a good source of many other nutrition and can be great for our health.  

In this article we will see wellhealthorganic.com:10-benefits-of-eating-roasted-gram or benefits of eating roasted chana. Roasted chana can be a great snack too if you need something for munching. They are also called garbanzo beans, or some people might identify them as chickpeas. Chana also comes in varieties. The two most known varieties of chana are white and black chana.  

Eating chana helps in improving digestion, makes the process of weight loss faster, improves immunity of the body and is a great source of protein. We will see other interesting and lesser-known facts about chana further in the article, but let’s first dive into the roasted gram benefits.  

Roasted Gram: WELLHEALTHORGANIC.COM:10-Benefits-Of-Eating-Roasted-Gram 

Some of the benefits associated with gram are already discussed in the introductory session. Grams are usually eaten as sprouts after soaking them inside water for a few hours. Most people find it difficult to consume sprouts as they are somewhat tasteless. 

To overcome this, people started roasting grams and that is our roasted chana. Roasted chana is somewhat salty and is easy to consume compared to sprouted grams.  

Great source of Protein 

Roasted chana are known to be one of the best sources of protein for those people who do not consume meat. It is often believed that people who do not consume meat or non-veg food lack in protein and this deficiency can be fulfilled by consuming roasted chana.  

Protein is an important part of our diet and is one of the top nutrients which help in muscle building. People who go to gym can also consume roasted chana as it will help them a lot in maintaining their energy and strength.  

Lose weight Quickly 

One of the best assistances for your weight loss can be roasted chana. The fibers and proteins present in the roasted chana keep the weight in control and help miraculously in the process of weight loss.  

Roasted chana has very low calories when compared to other snacks and is high in nutrients. After eating roasted chana, you’ll lose the appetite to have anything else for a long time and thus this helps greatly during weight loss. 

Keeps High Blood Sugar Levels in Check 

Roasted Chana has almost 0 cholesterol present. Foods with high cholesterol content are known to increase blood sugar levels and are thus harmful for people with diabetes. Roasted gram benefits include that it can be a great snack for people with diabetes.  

The glycemic index of the roasted chana is low and this prevents coagulation of excess sugar in the blood after consumption of food item. Magnesium is one of the best sources to regulate rising blood sugar levels and the amount of magnesium present in the roasted chana helps greatly in doing so.  

Improves Digestive Activities 

The list in wellhealthorganic.com:10-benefits-of-eating-roasted-gram also includes its aid in digestion. The roasted gram is rich in fiber content, and this immensely helps in increasing good bacteria in your gut for the improvement of digestion.  

Moreover, eating roasted chana also reduces the risk of having digestive issues and keeps your tummy happy. The bowel movements become fine after eating roasted chana. So, if you are having issues with your stomach and are looking for something to eat, roasted grams are your food to go for.  

Improves Overall Immunity of the Body 

The nutrients present in the roasted chana have been known to fight off man diseases and protect your body against them. The vitamins and magnesium present in the roasted gram help in development of immunity against diseases such as cancer and various heart diseases. 

The soluble fiber present in the roasted chana helps in lowering the cholesterol levels in the body thus protecting your body against several heart diseases. Also, these are very low cholesterol foods so there is no risk of getting high body cholesterol levels after eating them. 

Good for Bones 

Calcium is one of the nutrients that is known for improving bone health and making bones stronger. Roasted chana has around five percent calcium present in each server of standard size 2000 calories. This much amount of calcium is enough to maintain your bone health.  

The magnesium and phosphorus content of the roasted chana also helps in keeping the bone healthy and in a good status. 

Good Supply of Iron 

Iron is one of the most vital nutrients for the body and low supply of iron can cause many severe diseases. In women, during the period of pregnancy, iron helps in providing the oxygen to the unborn baby. It also assists in growth and development of the fetus present inside. If a pregnant woman does not intake enough iron for herself and her bay, then she might suffer from certain serious conditions such as premature birth. 

Roasted grams contain fine amount of iron for maintaining the immunity of your body and helping the women meeting their iron requirements during pregnancy. As in the previous sections we have already seen that roasted chana can help immensely during weight loss, it prevents weight gain during the period of the pregnancy.  

For Acne Less Skin 

Growth of acne, particularly on the face, can be troubling. Don’t worry, roasted chana has it under control. It contains various anti-inflammatory agents which help in reducing the swelling in people with acne.  

Being a rich source of Vitamin C, it also helps in boosting the health of your skin and restores the glow in it. It prevents skin cells from the damage and heals up the scars more quickly.  

Your Substitute for Energy Drinks 

Despite having many nutritional benefits, roasted grams are widely consumed as a great source of energy. These can be taken with a glass of milk in the morning. Eating roasted chana with jaggery also helps a lot in boosting the energy of the body and also makes up for a good snack.  

Easy to Add and Affordable  

One of the best things about roasted chana is that people of all economic status can consume it. Roasted chana are an easy inclusion in your diet while they help you a lot in staying healthy. Roasted grams are available in the market readymade but can also be cooked at home. 

All you need is a packet of raw chana, roast it in a utensil and store it inside an airtight container. Your nutritious and healthy snack is ready.  


One of the best and easiest snacks you can prepare at your home is roasted chana. For this you’ll need 

  • Boiled chana – 1 Cup 
  • Salt – ¼ Tablespoon 
  • Pepper – ¼ Tablespoon 
  • Oil – 1 Tablespoon 

The method of preparation is simple.  

  1. Take the chana and boil it. Leave them to dry for a few hours. 
  2. Preheat the oven to 200-degree Celsius.  
  3. Now put the boiled chana in a bowl and add spices and oil to it. 
  4. Put that bowl inside the oven and bake the chana until you get the desired crunch. 
  5. You can also pour the contents of the bowl in a frying pan and fry it until it becomes crunchy enough.  


We have already seen in our article that roasted chana has many benefits. But like any other food, overconsumption of it might be fatal.  

  • Roasted chana is high in fiber and if you consume too much of it, then it might cause stomach issues such as bloated stomach.  
  • If you are consuming roasted chana for weight loss, then eat it in smaller quantities and not in excess amount.  
  • Boil the chana properly before consuming it, else it will be hard to consume and might cause toxins in your digestive system. 
  • If you are allergic to legumes or beans, then it’ll be best for you to avoid eating roasted chana as you might catch an allergy after eating them too.  
  • The high carbohydrates content in the chana can make it difficult to digest and it also puts strain on kidneys if consumed in excess amount. 

Thus, it is important to eat chana in a regulated amount otherwise it may cause problems to your body. Roasted chana is best when consumed in morning or taken as an evening snack. Diabetic patients can consume them with an empty stomach.  


Roasted chana is an excellent snack and wellhealthorganic.com:10-benefits-of-eating-roasted-gram are enough to convince readers that they should include it in their diets. A food with high nutrients, eating roasted chana offers many benefits to your body. 

It is also affordable, easy to include in diet and can be prepared easily. It is a highly recommended snack for people suffering from Type-II diabetes, or for those who are looking to cut down some weight. But people should be cautious while consuming as it might cause stomach issues, digestive problems and sometimes allergies. 

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