Windows Defender Computers OS vs Chrome OS vs Electronics Windows OS vs Mac OS Software: Which Is The Most Secure Desktop Operating System?

Operating system holds a lot of value in our day to day life. This is because everything we do on the computer system is somehow linked to the OS. Whether it is simply exploring the files stored on the system, solving a complex calculation, or programming software applications. However, there is one thing we all want with the operating system we use and that is security.

There are many different OS present in the market and all of them target different demographics and they imply their own security systems. In this blog post, we will discuss which desktop operating system is the most secure among “windowsdefender computers OS vs chrome os vs electronics windows os vs mac os software”.

Windows Operating System

The Windows operating system was developed by Microsoft and you can say it is the most used and famous operating system in the world. Earlier versions of Windows did not have any security system however, it was changed in the later iteration and the introduction of Windows Defender.

In common terms, Windows Defender is an anti-virus software which protects your device from virus infections. With the most recent version, you get real-time protection from malware, virus, RATs, and other similar infections.

Besides that, Windows OS also has an in-built firewall software to watch the network connection you are using and block access from threats who are trying to enter your computer system. Last but not least, the “secure boot” feature protects your device from malware at the time of boot. This is one of those features which are not talked about much but play a very important role.

Apple Mac Operating System

The macOS is very well known for having a friendly user interface as well as strong security system. This is because many big corporations and government organizations work on macOS. Just like Windows Defender, macOS has a “Gatekeeper” to safeguard the system from malware by checking each and every application before installation. This helps reduce the chance of you getting attacked by viruses hidden inside third-party apps.

Other security systems of macOS include “FileVault” which puts a lock or encryption on your device storage. This will secure your personal and sensitive files in case your computer system gets stolen. “Xprotect and MRT” are other tools that consistently run in the background and scan for viruses then remove them before they infect the system.

Linux Operating System

Linux is the only open-source operating system that is known for its security measures and protective systems. You get “User Access Control” which stops any unwanted commands from getting executed without your permission. This reduces the chances of malware or virus contamination.

Other than that, you get a “Package Manager” that makes sure that you only download software from reliable and verified sources. Lastly, unlike many operating systems that get fewer updates, Linux distributions frequently release updates to get rid of vulnerabilities and enhance security.  

Chrome Operating System

Chrome OS is a cloud-based computer OS developed by Google that is mostly used in Chromebooks and requires internet connection for most of its operations. It is well-known for its simplicity and focus on web-based apps. It has security systems like “Sandboxing” in which Every application works in a private sandboxed setting, which prevents malware from causing damage to the entire system.

Same as Windows OS, it also has a “Secure Boot” feature which verifies the authenticity of the boot process, finding and restoring malware-caused system errors. Google guarantees that Chrome OS systems get regular, automated upgrades that fix security problems as soon as they are discovered.


Choosing the most secure operating system between “windowsdefender computers os vs chrome os vs electronics windows os vs mac os software” mostly depends on your usage. If you are a normal user who does not have many sensitive files or documents on their device then Windows OS is a good option otherwise macOS is better fitting for sensitive use cases as it has a more robust security system. The same can be said for Linux and Chrome OS therefore you have to asses your preferences and decide which operating system you should use.

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