6 Software Solutions to Grow Your Business

Software Solutions

Ask yourself as a business owner how much time you spend working ‘in’ your business instead of working ‘on’ your business. A survey by The Alternative Board shows that on average, an entrepreneur spends 68.1% of their time working ‘in’ the business – managing daily tasks like marketing, bookkeeping, etc. – and they have only … Read more

What is the importance of Salesforce Testing Automation?

Salesforce testing Automation

Salesforce is an enterprise software company that provides software to help companies sell more, save more and work smarter. Salesforce uses its software to help companies automate sales processes, save money on operational costs, and connect with customers effectively. Our software helps companies manage all aspects of their sales and marketing operations, from approaching new … Read more

Blogging For Small Business Is Still Important; Here’s Why

Blogging For Small Business

Blogging is the extreme sport of writing. It is less formal, more instinctive, more alive. Essentially, blogging is thinking out loud. However, many people are questioning the significance of this medium in the present climate that is dominated by social media marketing. They wonder if it can be of any benefit to their small business. … Read more

How Electronic Price Tags Change Digital Retail?

Electronic Price Tags Change Digital Retail

Retailers and super markets are looking at new ways to cut labour expenses and improve customer experience in general, including innovative ways to show price information. Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), also known as “digital price tags,” have been one of the industry’s most intriguing recent developments. Given that these digital price tags for retail have … Read more

Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies in India

Blockchain Development Companies in India

Due to the enormous demand in the era of safe companies, there are an increasing number of Blockchain development businesses in India. In order to leverage the technology for company performance that combines management, supply chain, banking and finance, and many other areas like Web3.0, every business owner is eager to choose the finest Blockchain … Read more