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Have you just graduated and looking for a job that gives your career a kick-start? Or you are someone who is already working for a company and wants to switch to some other? Well in either case, if you’ve got eyes on one of the most famous companies in the world of accounting, Deloitte, then we have brought this article of Deloitte Interview questions and Deloitte interview process just for you.

Deloitte is a service based company whose headquarters are in London, UK. It provides audit and assurance, risk advisory, financial advisory, legal and tax services to its clients. The Fortune Magazine in 2019, rated Deloitte as one of the ‘100 Best companies to work for’. Deloitte also maintains its position in the top four companies in management and global consulting. Working for such a prestigious and highly decorated company is a dream for many.

Most of the people say that Deloitte interview process is difficult and not everyone’s piece of cake but we say that with consistent hard work and determination you can easily sail through it. If you commit yourself towards clearing Deloitte interview process then you’ll definitely do it. This we are saying by listening to Deloitte interview experience provided to us by many candidates.

In this article we’ll let you through Deloitte Interview process, Deloitte Interview questions and answers, Deloitte interview questions for freshers and Deloitte analyst interview questions.

Getting a job at Deloitte involves many steps in the process. We’ll go through them quickly.

  • Submitting the application: The first step in applying for a job at Deloitte is submitting a good and polished application. The application involves your CV which should contain all the basic details about you such as your name, your father’s name, your postal address, your phone/mobile number and your current qualification. Apart from this it should also contain your hobbies and interests and what kind of co-curricular activities you have performed. Don’t forget to mention any project or internship you’ve done in the past which you think might increase your chances of getting shortlisted.

  • The Online round: After you’ve submitted the application you’ll get an invitation to attempt an online aptitude test. You’ll get the invitation only if your application is shortlisted, thus it is very important to focus on the application. This online test has mainly four sections – General aptitude, logical, probability and statistics and verbal reasoning. There are several online resources from where you can practice questions related to these sections. It is very important to practice related questions before you attempt the final exam as it will help you in boosting your confidence as well as you’ll get to know your weak areas.

  • Group Discussion or Just A Minute (JAM) Round: After you clear this Online round, there comes the Group Discussion or Just A Minute Round. In Group Discussion, you’ll be seated with the other applicants and you all will be given a topic to discuss upon. You’ll have to present your ideas regarding that topic keeping in mind that others are also getting a chance to speak and the group progresses towards a meaningful discussion. While in JAM or Just a Minute round, you’ll be given a topic on which you have to present your ideas and deliver a short speech of nearly one minute. These exercises are for checking candidate’s communication skills, organization skills and general awareness.

  • Technical + HR round: In this round the overall personality of a candidate is measured and they are given some technical problems to tackle. For this round, applicants must be prepared with the topics like Operating System, Computer Networks and Database Management. The applicants are also expected to write codes based on the problems given to them by the interviewers.

So we had a quick glance at Deloitte Interview process and the steps involved in it. We’ll now have a look at Deloitte Interview questions and answers and Deloitte interview questions for freshers.

Deloitte Interview questions-What to expect?

If your application has been shortlisted and you’ve got the call for interview then you might be very tensed related to what they might throw at you. But don’t worry, through Deloitte interview experience of many students we have gained useful data which you should have a look at.

Open Ended questions:

These questions are generally common for both technical and management streams. It means that, there is a high chance you’ll encounter these questions irrespective of the job profile you’re applying for.

  1. Tell us about yourself: Do not open up the history of your career on this question. Just tell the recruiters good things about yourself and why you’re opting for this particular industry.
  2. How will you describe an ideal job?: While answering this question, know what you’re looking for in the job. Don’t go with the recruiter’s job description. Mention your skills and also tell the recruiters how you will use them in the job.
  3. Tell us about your weaknesses?: Don’t try to portray yourself as a perfectionist. Instead know your weaknesses and also what you’re doing to improve them. Put these points fearlessly before your interviewer.
  4. What salary are you expecting or what are your expectations from this job?: If they ask about salary, tell them the figures you’re expecting. Do some research beforehand that what other companies are offering for the same role and tell them figures in the same range. Regarding expectations from the job, tell them what you hope to learn through the role and how it’ll be helpful to accelerate you ahead in the industry.

Technical questions and Deloitte Interview questions for freshers

In the technical round, you can expect questions from Operating systems and DBMS (Database Management System). These questions are generally same for both freshers as well as for those who are holding experience.

We have rounded up some of these questions below:

  • State difference between C and Java
  • What is database normalization? (asked frequently)
  • Different layers in the TCP/IP model. Function of each layer.
  • Tell us about your final project and why did you choose a particular language for it (if chosen).
  • What is Cloud Computing?

You can expect questions like these in your technical interview round.

Deloitte Analyst Interview questions/ Deloitte Analyst trainee interview questions.

In the interview for Deloitte analyst, the questions asked are mainly those which are in the HR round. We have rounded up some of the Deloitte analyst trainee interview questions below:-

  • Why Deloitte?
  • What is the most difficult situation you ever faced in life?
  • Would you lie for the company?
  • What are your ambitions in life?
  • Tell us about the highs and lows you experienced in these 4 years of college life?

Quick Tips for Deloitte Interview Process- How to face Deloitte Interview Questions successfully

As you’re all set for your interview at one of the top four companies in management and global consulting, we just want you to go through some last minute tips we’ve got from Deloitte interview experience holders.

  • Have a brief knowledge about the job profile you’re applying for.
  • Don’t think of the interview as some test. Think it of as an interaction between you and someone you’re going to meet for first time.
  • Use a good set of vocabulary.
  • Study your final project well if you’re a fresher.
  • Keep calm and don’t panic on any question. It’s okay to not know some answers. Nobody has all the knowledge.
  • You’ll get through. Keep this in mind and be confident. Good Luck!

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In this article we have covered topics related to Deloitte Interview process, Deloitte Interview questions, Deloitte interview questions for freshers and Deloitte analyst trainee interview questions along with some details and tips on how to handle them.

This blog is a must read for you if you’re applying in the company as a fresher or even as someone who is an experience holder.

Deloitte interview process looks difficult but with few guidance and consistent work it can be cleared easily. We have provided methods in this blog with references from various Deloitte Interview experience holders. We hope that this proves to be useful for you. Keep following us for more such knowledge-full articles and blogs!

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