Find the Best Solution for Exam tnschools gov in Login Issue 

The educational department in Tamil Nadu has asked the department to maintain comprehensive details on students, teachers, and non-teaching staff online. It will require a dedicated web portal to provide all the required details. Therefore, the department has developed a cutting-edge platform to register and update the required information safely. 

Many users are facing issues in using the newly created platform due to SSL errors. Several users cannot perform exam tnschools gov in login and they seek immediate help. This post will provide a comprehensive guide for Thus, you can easily update new information and maintain proper records. 

Exam tnschools gov in login guide

You can use the “https // login” link to access the login page immediately. Use that link and you will access the login page of the State Council of Educational Research and Training. Now, use your username and password to log in and use the portal. 

The Tamil Nadu government has launched the EMIS portal to timely update information. Users should not face any troubles with accessing this website and the content updated on that site. Exam details, school information, teacher and non-teaching staff information are available readily on that portal.  

How to register on exam tnschools gov in login portal?

You can follow the below-explained steps to register for exam tnschools gov in login:

  • Open your web browser and visit 
  • As you open the homepage, find and click on the New School Registration option
  • Once the new window opens, provide all the required details and then click the “Submit” button
  • You will have to provide the required documents. Keep those documents ready for quick attachment and then complete the registration process. 

It may take a few minutes and then you will have the official account to update the required information. Use the login page whenever you have to feed new information about your institute. 

How to log in on the exam tnschools gov in login website?

The process is pretty straightforward and you can follow the below-given steps for a quick log-in:

  • Visit 
  • Enter your login credentials 
  • Click the login button and you will get access to your profile

The department of education in Tamil Nadu has addressed issues users were facing. Logging into your account should not be a tough task anymore. Follow the steps shared in this post and you will readily access the account to update the latest information. 

What if you forget the exam tnschools gov in login password?

It has become pretty tough to keep track of various passwords. People use various web portals for different purposes. Most web portals require users to create an account and secure that account with a complicated password. 

If you have used a complex password to secure your exam tnschools gov in login ID and forgotten it, you may not access the data. Follow the below-explained steps to access your password as soon as possible:

  • Visit the official website of the Tamil Nadu educational department
  • Click on the login option to open the login window
  • Enter your ID and the password you remember
  • If it shows the password is wrong, click the “Search by Username” or email address option
  • Now, provide the information required on the new window 
  • This website will send a link to change the password on your email
  • Change the password and then try to login

You should be able to perform login after changing the password. Jot down that password along with other important passwords. Thus, you will not face login issues in future.  


EMIS is a central database for storing important information related to students. It stores students’ details, such as their age, name, educational qualification, home address, contact number, and teaching/non-teaching staff information. 

The Tamil Nadu government has established a similar portal to store school information. Users were facing trouble while trying to log in. That issue has been solved. You must use the “https // login” link to access your account. 

This link is working flawlessly and you should not face any errors while trying to log in. Suppose you face any issue regarding login, follow the steps shared in this post. You will regain access to your official account to add or remove data from the database. 

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