Top 5 Filter Apps Like Snapchat (2024)

Capturing selfies plain and simple no longer works especially in the era of Snapchat filters which provide each of your photos a unique twist to it. You can instantly click a good looking selfie with amazing filters with Snapchat and share it with your friends. Besides that, you can even switch between these filters also known as lenses on Snapchat.

But what if you don’t want to use Snapchat or need better filters with additional features? In this blog post, we will be discussing the top 5 filter apps like Snapchat with their pros and cons, so you can choose to create an account on Snapchat or better off without it.

1. Snow

“Snow” is one of the biggest and best filter apps you can find on both the Android and Apple app stores. Some even consider it as the closest rival to Snapchat as you get a plethora of filters that can completely transform any of your selfies in an instant. What makes it better than others is the ability to add real time makeup to your face seamlessly.

With your enhanced appearance and glamorous look, you can either take a selfie or record a video directly from the app. Similar to Snapchat, you can also switch between the filters on the go as well as add “AR Stickers” to it. The user interface is very easy to navigate and you can share your selfies with your friends or followers in full resolution.

Snow app also works as a social media app where you can post your picture and your friends can see it just like a status update on WhatsApp. The post will remain on your profile for 48 hours and then it will automatically be removed. You can also use the GIF function to create a 1-2 second video to share it with others.

2. BeautyPlus

Beauty Plus started as a photo editing app but now it also has filter modes where you can create different and interesting looking selfies. It essentially creates Snapchat filters without Snapchat with the additional features of including makeup such as removing blemishes, adjusting skin tones, smoothening skin, and much more.

Unlike Snapchat, you can make your custom filters with the help of dozens of tools, presets, and functionalities. However, the interface of the app is very easy to follow and you will not get lost in the river full of features. Besides that, you can even select from the built-in filter presets to directly apply it to your selfies without any hassle.

Most of its user base knows Beauty Plus as a photo editing app but as time changes it has now evolved into an allrounder filter app that can give others a run for their money. For more advanced users, you get options like background and object removal tools with enhanced color correction mode.

3. Instagram

Everyone knows Instagram as it is one of the most downloaded social media applications on the planet. However, not everyone knows that it has one of the largest pools of filters available on a single filter app like Snapchat. You can completely transform and remake any average looking photo into an outstanding picture that all appreciate. 

What makes Instagram interesting is the ability to use filters made by other users. This gives rise to a whole new generation of filters with a unique twist to it. You also get AR (Augmented Reality) stickers to add animal ears, animated effects, and virtual makeup live on your face. So that you can see which filter is looking best for what scenarios.

One of the best parts about the filter system on Instagram is the option to use it on any part of the app whether it be stories, reels, or posts. Also, you will never run out of ideas as new and interesting filters are regularly getting added to an existing river of filters.

4. TikTok

You might be wondering why is “TikTok” a video sharing social media app on this list. This is because on TikTok you can not only share short videos but also create them using the in-app filter system. The app houses hundreds of thousands of filter presets to choose from, some of them are simple face enhancing filters, and others completely transform your look as well as your surroundings.

TikTok is now on the verge of becoming the most used video sharing platform with millions of users joining every month. Not only that, with its face filter you can click an absolute one of a kind selfie or selfie video. Your face can change from a cartoon character to an animal and even a Japanese anime style picture.

TikTok is available on every operating system whether it be Android or iOS, so you can directly download the app from your respective app store and start creating awesome selfies with it. Besides that, the app also provides tutorials on how to use the filter system as well as make videos using that specific filter.

5. YouCam Perfect

Last on our list is You Cam Perfect and it might ring a bell to old Android users. It is one of the oldest apps similar to Snapchat with filters with hundreds of trendy filters to choose from. Back in the day when people used to make themselves more attractive using makeup filters, YouCam Perfect was a game changer with so many real time face filters to choose from.

You can access special holiday filters like Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and many more. This gives your boring looking selfies a festive look which enhances your beauty as well as the uniqueness of your picture. Also, you choose a filter preset and add more features to your appearance by adding hair color or changing your makeup.

Furthermore, the app lets you adjust the contour of your face, pupils, or lips in actual time, making sure that you always take the best shot possible. The app provides you with all of the tools you need to easily make faultless and gorgeous selfies.


Plain old boring selfies are out of trend and if you want to look your best without using filter apps like Snapchat then here is the list of five applications that you will like. All of these apps provide a similar experience to Snapchat with the additive benefit of extra features. If you want to know more about them then read the blog post above.

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