Gaming Apps to Earn Money in India: Top 6 Legit Games in 2023

Are you searching for a way to make some extra cash while gaming? You’ve come to the right place. Gaming is one of the most popular activities in India right now, and with the growing number of gamers, more and more companies are designing gaming apps that allow people to earn money.

These apps are real and legit, and they can be a great way to make a side income if you’re already playing video games. But with so many gaming apps out there, it can be hard to know which ones are worth downloading. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 6 legit games in 2023 for you to choose from. By the end of this article, you should have everything you need to start earning money while having fun!

Dream 11: India’s Biggest Sports Gaming App

Are you looking for the best gaming apps to earn money in India? Look no further than Dream11, as it’s one of the top-rated gaming apps in the country! Dream 11 is India’s biggest sports gaming app, and it offers you a chance to participate in daily fantasy cricket and win real money.

Besides cricket, you can also join matches for various other sports like kabaddi, football, basketball and hockey. All you need to do is create your team with 11 players from both sides before the match starts and earn points based on how well they perform in real life. You can even join leagues with friends or other players from around the country and compete for your share of cash prizes.

Dream 11 not only lets you play your favorite sports but also allows you to show off your knowledge. And if that isn’t enough, there are always rewards waiting for successful players—from exclusive phones and goodies to money prizes! So what are you waiting for? Give Dream 11 a try today!

MPL (Mobile Premier League): Skill-Based Real Money Games

If you are looking for an app that rewards your skills and competency in gaming then MPL (Mobile Premier League) is the best choice. It is India’s largest real money gaming platform that offers a range of skill-based games including fantasy sports, quizzes, pool, racing and more.

You can join tournaments with cash prizes without making any initial deposit. Additionally, you can refer your friends and earn more every time they join a tournament or play on the MPL platform. As they say, if you’re good enough you’ll get paid – and MPL will reward you for your efforts.

So why should you choose MPL? Here are some of its key features:

  • You can choose from a variety of popular games to compete in
  • Games on offer include fantasy sports (cricket, kabaddi & football); rummy; quiz; pool; poker; carrom; archer & snake wars
  • Over 2 million users compete on the platform every day
  • You get instant payouts for your winnings
  • Your earnings are 100% withdrawal proof

Paytm First Games: Play and Win Real Cash

You might be interested to know that you can not only play games on your phones but also earn money playing them. Paytm First Games is an application that allows users in India to do just that. This app provides a platform for players to challenge other gamers and win real cash prizes.

Exciting Challenges

Paytm First Games has a wide range of exciting challenges for players ranging from fantasy cricket, mobile gaming tournaments, live trivia quiz games, and rummy tournaments. This wide variety of gaming challenges ensures that you have multiple opportunities to win real cash.

Different Levels of Play

The gaming app also has different levels of play with different levels of prizes for each level. With basic entry levels, players can instantly participate to begin their journey and as they progress, they are provided with more challenging levels with higher rewards if they manage to complete them.

The gaming app is free to download and use and is equipped with advanced security measures ensuring it is safe and secure for all users. Furthermore, Paytm First Games also offers user-friendly navigation which makes it easy for new as well as experienced players alike to quickly understand how the application works and get started right away having fun while earning money in India.

Winzo Gold: Multiple Real Money Games in One App

If you’re looking to make money gaming in India, then the Winzo Gold app is a must-try. It offers you a range of real money games including rummy, fantasy cricket, 8 pool, carrom, and more! You can test your skill and luck in these games and make some real cash replicas as rewards.

But what makes Winzo Gold special? Here are some of the awesome features:

  • Game Variety: Winzo Gold gives you the flexibility to choose from multiple skill-based and luck-based games in one app.
  • Secure Platform: All your transactions are secure using world-class encryption technology.
  • Easy Payments: Withdrawing your winnings is hassle-free with multiple payment options like UPI, Paytm wallet, or bank transfer.
  • Great rewards: Play more and win big with amazing rewards that you can redeem for real money!

So download the Winzo Gold app today and start competing with players from all over India for exciting real money prizes!

MyTeam11: Another Popular Fantasy Cricket App to Earn Money

If you’re a fan of cricket and looking for a way to make money with gaming, MyTeam11 is definitely for you. It’s one of India’s most popular fantasy cricket apps that can help you turn your knowledge into cash.

Unlike other fantasy apps, MyTeam11 allows you to create and manage your team privately or in public leagues. You start by creating a team of 11 players, then compete with other teams to win points and prizes on the leaderboard. As your team performs better, your points go up and so do your chances of winning bigger rewards.

MyTeam11 also has some awesome features that make it stand out from its competitors:

  1. Automated Team Selection – You can let this app pick the best players for your team based on their form, stats, and records.
  2. Referral Program – Invite friends and family to join the app to get rewards in return.
  3. Private Contests – Create closed groups and customize contests for family or friends only!
  4. Live Score Updates – Keep track of the live scores from different matches around the world!
  5. Live Video Streaming – Stream live matches from anywhere around the world!

So if you’re a fan of cricket and are looking for ways to earn money through gaming apps in India, MyTeam11 could be an awesome choice for you!

Qureka: Live Quiz Shows to Win Real Money

Are you looking to win some real money in your spare time? Look no further than Qureka. It’s one of the best gaming apps to earn money in India with its live quiz shows.

Qureka offers daily quizzes where you can win cash prizes. It’s really easy to get started: all you need to do is download the app, sign up, and start playing. You’ll get a set of questions and depending on how quickly you answer, you stand to win cool prizes.

How it Works:

  1. First, select a contest that interests you
  2. Answer general knowledge questions in the allotted time
  3. Assemble points for each correct answer
  4. The players at the top of leaderboard will take home awesome prizes!
  5. And that’s it – It’s that simple!

Qureka is great for those who love quizzing and want to put their knowledge to work for them while having fun at the same time! Compete against other players with similar interests from across India and stand a chance to win real money every day!


With India’s thriving gaming industry, it’s no wonder that gaming apps are growing in popularity for those who are looking to earn money from them. From daily fantasy sports, trivia games, and fantasy cricket to trading apps, there’s plenty of ways to turn your passion for gaming into money.

No matter what type of gaming app you choose to use, be sure to research it thoroughly, read all the rules, and check the terms of service before committing to it. That way, you can be sure you’re playing a legit game and can focus on making the most of your time and money. Good luck!

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