How many Jobs are available in Computer Software Prepackaged Software?

Working in the field of computer software is a dream for many computer geeks and also sounds cool! As the world moves towards the digital era, the demands for computer software engineers have increased drastically in the last decade. This article makes an effort to convey that “how many jobs are available in Computer Software Prepackaged Software?” so that the aspirants get an estimate of the jobs available for them.

In recent times, prepackaged software has been a lot in demand. With the advancements in the software industry, use of these prepackaged software is becoming more common. The more the demand, the more is the requirement of the engineers who have knowledge about prepackaged software. Let’s first see what we mean by the term prepackaged software and further on we’ll discuss about the jobs in this field and the Computer Software field.

Prepackaged Software – What does the term mean?

The name of these software well defines their behavior. Prepackaged is the name given to those software which are pre-installed with the necessary files and the instructions for the installation. You can use these software as soon as you receive them.  

For an example, you can have a look at the CDs containing computer games. They have the setup of the games and the necessary instructions pre-installed in them. All you do after buying them is insert them into your computer and begin the installation. This is the most basic example of a Prepackaged Software.

A Glance on How many Jobs are available in Computer Software Prepackaged Software

Let’s have a look on the number of jobs against various roles in the computer software industry. Software engineers work in a lot many different roles to make the working of software possible.

This section of the article will give you a glance at how many jobs are available in each role so that you get a rough idea in which roles you should apply to while searching for a job in the computer software, prepackaged software field.

  • Application Developer: Around 4 Lakh Jobs.
  • Programmer: Around 3 Lakh Jobs.
  • Hardware Engineer: Around 50,000 Jobs.
  • Software Developer: Around 4.5 Lakh Jobs.
  • Software Engineer: Around 3.5 Lakh Jobs.
  • Database Administrator: Around 1 Lakh Jobs.
  • Programmer Analyst: Around 3 Lakh Jobs.  
  • Web Developer: Around 2.5 Lakh Jobs.
  • Infrastructure Architect: Around 25,000 Jobs.

Roles available and the Skills required in Computer Software and Prepackaged Software Jobs

The skills you will need

The field of computer software demands a different skill set from you. For securing jobs in this field you must have these skills in you. This section of the article focuses on what are the skills that you should have before you start looking for jobs in the market of computer software.

  • Knowledge of Programming Language: Any software that we use whether it is on our phone or computer, it is built upon some programming language. It can be C, C++, Java, Python or any other language. The point is that you should have knowledge about some programming languages as a part of your skillset.
  • Problem Solving Ability: Knowing all the programming languages in the world will do no good for you as long as you do not understand the logic behind the code written. At its core, mostly software are designed to solve the day to day problems. Solving a problem requires logic and mental ability.

When we say that you should have knowledge about programming language, this thing is hidden behind the curtain. The importance of problem solving ability in the field of computer software cannot be emphasized more. All the programming languages have different syntax but the logic behind all of them for solving a specific problem is same.

It is not very much difficult to build this ability. Start by solving problems and be consistent in solving them. The more problems you will solve, the stronger this ability will become.

  • Cloud Computing: This thing is new but it is rapidly taking over the software industry. Cloud is basically a name given to a virtual storage. Cloud computing is the online availability of computing powers such as servers, storage, database and networking.

The knowledge of how cloud computing works, how to manage and handle server requests, knowledge about managing databases helps a lot in software world. The one thing that is worth mentioning here is that this skill is optional. It means that even if you don’t have any idea about cloud computing but you have knowledge about programming languages and databases then you can easily land at a job related to computer software.

  • More optional skills: With the knowledge of programming language, it becomes easy to find a job in the market if you have some more things in your mystery pocket. One of these skills is AI or ML. A lot of software these days use AI and ML for their functioning. These are known to make software more efficient and highly user friendly.

AI and ML software are also based upon programming languages but their functioning is different and it gives you a bonus if you know about their working.

Till now, we have mentioned some must have skills for you before you start searching for a job in the world of computer software. Now we’ll have a look at the jobs market in this domain.

The roles available in Computer Software, Prepackaged Software

With some basic skills in your hand, now you should apply at different roles. In this section of the article we’ll mention for you some of the roles that are popular in the industry.

  • Development Jobs:  These are related with the designing and creating the software that will be implemented in the real world.
  • Analyst Roles: These roles are based upon the analysis of things. It can be anything such as data, some software a model or anything. Analysts study about a specific thing, collect data about it, organize that data and then drive out results based on that.

The analysts help in developing efficient software that are based on the improvements of the mistakes that were made earlier while developing the software.

  • Support: This domain of roles has customer interaction and also helps in the development of the software. If development engineers lay down the foundation of a product then support engineers are the most important pillar of the process that support the whole process of development.
  • Database Engineers: Big software companies have large databases where the data regarding various software and operations is stored. Database engineers update, manage, maintain and look-after these databases.

If you have knowledge about data structures and basic knowledge about database management, then you can apply for this role.

  • Security Analysts: For companies, it is important that their data remains safe and within their own organization. If the idea behind the software they develop gets stolen then any company will start building the same software.

Thus, companies hire security analysts for this purpose. Security analysts find out vulnerabilities in the company’s or organization’s systems that can be exploited and fix them.

If you have gained knowledge in the field of cybersecurity and understand the ways of a hacker, then you should definitely apply for these roles.

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