How to Clone a Phone without Touching It ? – Easiest and Best ways

As the world is getting more digitalized, many parents are concerned about the online activities of their children. They want to monitor the online activities of their child but cannot do it because they don’t want to make their child feel that he/she is being monitored. A solution to this problem can be cloning a phone. In this article you will learn how to clone a phone. Some of these methods will even teach you how to clone a phone without touching it.

Cloning a phone is a better alternative than all others because it offers you a hidden way to monitor activities on any other device. In case, you want to monitor the online activities of your child then this method is what you’ll need. In today’s digital world, there are many scenarios where kids are easily distracted by some online trends or they get influenced easily. Thus it becomes important for parents these days to have an eye on the activities that their kid does online. Phone cloning can also be used for spying purposes. Although, it is illegal to clone someone’s phone and we do not endorse this practice. This article is just for telling you the ways through which a phone can be cloned.

The term “Phone Cloning”

Before moving on to how to clone a phone and ways of how to clone a phone without touching it, let’s see what the term “phone cloning” or “clone phone” actually means.  This term is given to the process of copying data and files from one phone to another phone.

It is not always done to spy on someone else but many times it is done to create backup files or transfer old files from your old phone to the new one. This process creates duplicate files of everything that is present on your original phone such as contacts, images, documents and other applications.

Having seen the meaning of the term, let’s now move on to the actual steps of how to clone a phone.

Cloning A Phone – How to Clone a Phone without touching it?

As we have seen that phone cloning can be useful in many cases such as while creating a backup or doing some file transfer. This section of the article discusses about the ways of cloning a phone.

Use of Bluetooth

The first and the most common way of cloning a phone is use of Bluetooth. This is a wireless technology which is used for transfer of data and files over short range.

To use Bluetooth; follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Turn on Bluetooth of transmitting device and the receiving device.
  • Go to the Bluetooth settings of either device and select the device to which you want to transmit or from which you want to receive.
  • Once you select the device, both the devices will get connected through Bluetooth.
  • Select the files that you want to transfer and then transfer them through Bluetooth.

            Bluetooth services offer limited exchange and thus are not fully efficient if you want to clone a phone completely. For this, you need to use some other third party apps which we will be discussing in the upcoming sections.

Using Minspy Cloning Application

The first cloning application about which we will discuss is Minspy. We’ll look at some features of the Minspy which will help you in deciding whether to choose this or not.

  • Minspy application works on both Android and iOS platforms.
  •  It has several options for cloning such as messages, contacts, social media activities and SIM card details.
  • Minspy is compatible with Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 and above.
  • Has stealth mode feature with which you can clone a phone without even revealing your identity.
  • It works on Internet and thus you can login anywhere to see the results if you have an active internet connection.

Using Spyic application for Phone Cloning

Spyic application offers you the service of cloning a phone by use of a few simple steps. This is one of the most widely used applications for cloning a phone as it does not require any kind of rooting or jailbreaking.

If you’re using Spyic you can view the results of phone cloning remotely as it has stealth mode for this purpose. This keeps your identity safe.

Spyic is compatible with Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 and above. Through the use of Spyic you can view contact details, call logs, saved messages and other information of the targeted device remotely.

We’ll now mention some quick steps through which you can use Spyic for cloning a phone.

  • For starting, you have to register an account on the Spyic website. This requires your e-mail ID and password.
  • Enter the device’s OS (iOS or Android), make the payment and complete the registration.
  • Once the registration is completely done, you’ll receive a mail containing guidelines on how to setup Spyic on the targeted device.
  • After the completion of this step, you’ll have to login into the Spyic website with the credentials that you made during the registration.
  • After you’re logged in, you’ll see the details of the cloning on to the left pane.

One thing that is worth noticing here is that, these third party applications offer a large number of details when compared with Bluetooth but they are paid. The Bluetooth is a free service for the transfer of files.

Use of Cloneit

The last third party app about which we’ll discuss is Cloneit. Transferring data through CLONEit is pretty straightforward.

  • Install CLONEit on both the phones and turn on the Wi-Fi.
  • Connect both the phones through the Wi-Fi.
  • Once the phones are connected, open the CLONEit app and set one phone to send data and the other one to receive.
  • Once this process of transferring is complete, open the other phone and check whether the data has been transferred properly.

Unlike the other software that we have discussed so far, CLONEit offers limited services mostly related to transfer of the data. This software can be a good choice if you have bought a new phone and you want to transfer the data from your old device to the new one.

Choosing the Right One for Phone Cloning

We have put before you several methods on how to clone a phone. The simplest of these all is Bluetooth. It is present in every phone and involves easy steps for the transfer of data and files.

But if you are searching for how to clone a phone without touching it, then you’ll have to go for the third party software that we have discussed. We would like to mention here that these software are paid.

If you are doing phone cloning just for transferring simple data and some other files then using Bluetooth or CLONEit is enough for you. But if you are using phone cloning as a way to spy on someone or to monitor activities on some other device, then you won’t want your identity to be revealed.

Here, the paid software come into the picture. These software have a special mode they name as “Stealth”. The stealth mode of these software hides your identity while you monitor the activities of some other device. Not only this, by using these software you can extract out some crucial details of the target device such as contacts, messages and call logs.

So the choice of the software or the method completely depends on the purpose of your phone cloning.

Why to Clone Phone?

Cloning a phone is generally illegal around the globe. Still, many people do it because of their own personal reasons. These reasons could be anything like to retain the features of old phone, or to transfer some important files between the devices or even for keeping an eye on the online activities of your kids.

Creating a backup is also one of the reasons why people go for phone cloning. Through this they transfer the important files present in their phone to some other phone so that those files remain safe in case of damage to any of the phones.


In this article we have discussed steps related to how to clone a phone including how to clone a phone without touching it. This article is intended to teach readers the ways in which they can clone a phone. Phone cloning is used in different cases. Sometimes, these cases are valid and legitimate while few of the times phone cloning is done for illegal purposes.

Although this has the ways of cloning a phone, we do not endorse or encourage our readers to clone a phone for illegal purposes. Doing such an act is a crime worldwide and only the reader will be responsible for their act. We hope that this article passed on valuable information to you. For more informative and educative articles, keep following our blog page. 

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