IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate Review and Everything You Need to Know

IBM cyber security analyst professional certificate currently is the top cyber security analyst certification program on Coursera and probably online. There are over 170,000 students who left over 10,000 reviews and the general rating for this program is 4.6 out of five stars. So is this the cyber security analytics course that you should take today or should you wait and look for something different In this blog, we will be doing an IBM cybersecurity analyst professional certificate review, so make sure to read till the end to make a better decision.

About IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate Course

This course is suitable for beginners, and if you have some prior experience then it is a big plus. It’s great because there are not so many courses for complete newbies out there. You don’t need to have any specific coding or programming experience and of course, you don’t need to have any kind of college degree to enroll into the program. At the same time, you need to keep in mind that you should have a basic understanding of computers, how computer works, the Internet, and the logic behind cyber security.

Nevertheless, it’s great to see that with this certification program, you get a chance to learn cybersecurity analytics from scratch to the core structure. It’s made up of seven courses and a final assignment. These are some of the major aspects you will learn during the course.

Introduction: Cyber Security Tools and Cyber Attacks

This is part of the course where you will learn all the basics and fundamentals of cybersecurity concepts, methods, and tools. You will learn stuff like security protocols, cyber threats, methods of encryption, and techniques to use to defend against cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity Roles, Processes, and Operating System Security

Here you will learn about the key roles of cybersecurity in an organization, the processes used in it, computer system architecture, file system, and the concept of Virtualization in terms of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Compliance Framework and System Administration

This course is all about cybersecurity compliance as well as industry standards such as NIST, SANS, GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI. Also, you will get to know about endpoint protection and patching concepts.

Network Security and Database Vulnerabilities

You will now understand the basics of networks around TCPIP and OSI Models in this part of the course. Besides that, you will learn about Packet Sniffing, IP Addressing, and Network Address Translation.

Penetration Testing, Incident Response, and Forensics

This is an important point in terms of course priority as you will learn about the background required to learn Cybersecurity skills such as penetration testing tools, incident response techniques, digital evidence, as well as the power of scripting.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

You will learn instances of network defense strategies, discuss the ideas and methods of data loss prevention & endpoint protection, Core concepts in threat intelligence and SIEM products along with a review of suspicious signals and actions in this part.

Cybersecurity Capstone Bridge Response Case Studies

This course is designed for anybody interested in learning about examples of cybersecurity breaches in order to work in the field of Cybersecurity Analyst or as a Cybersecurity Specialist.

IBM Cyber Security Analyst Assessment

This is the final part of the course where you need to apply and pass the final assessment quiz. It will consist of questions from all of the seven courses separately. If you successfully complete the quizzes then you will receive a certificate for the IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Course.

Just so you know you can take any course in this program separately, however, you should take the entire certification program because it offers some solid knowledge

This Core Series provides some nice hands-on experience with tests labs and practical projects and it’s great to learn by doing things. Of course but there is something more these practical tasks give you they are directly applicable to real-life cases and it’s even more interesting. During these practical tasks, you will use tools like Wire Shark, IBM Q Radar, IBM MaaS360, IBM Guardium, and IBM Resilient.

Is the IBM cybersecurity analyst professional certificate Worth The Price

“IBM cybersecurity analyst professional certificate review” The course is not free and you will need to pay for a monthly subscription for it. Also, it’s not bundled with Corera Plus so if you’re thinking about taking the certification program, remember it’s a separate deal.

For the certificate, you get a Coursera completion certificate for each course in this program that you complete. But most importantly when you complete all the courses in this program as well as the assignment, you get an IBM badge. This is a huge advantage as you can boost up your LinkedIn job profile or your resume.

There is one more big advantage that you will not be able to find in similar course programs and this is the ACE American Council of Education stamp of approval. This means that you can grab college credit from four universities if you are living in the United States.

Career Opportunities

This professional certificate is created to give you all the skills necessary for an entry level cybersecurity analyst position. As you now know that, it includes practical projects with real world tasks to make an effort to prepare you for a job you want to apply for. However, you need to keep sharpening your skills and dedicate some time to prepare for interviews to get the position you want.


“IBM cybersecurity analyst professional certificate review” This course series covers a bunch of stuff laying down the basics of cyber security and then leveling up these hands-on skills. If you want to become a cyber security analyst having this certificate could come in handy. And in terms of cost, it is a very well priced course and you get a lot of additional advantages that other similar courses do not even offer. If you want to know more about it in depth then read the blog above.

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