How to Play and Earn Money on Khel Bro?

For most people, playing games in their free time is their favorite thing to do. This form of entertainment has existed for a very long time, even before the age of digital technologies. You get your friends together and play board games like ludo, snake and ladders, chess, monopoly, etc.

With “khel bro” you can now play these board games with your friends in your free time. And if you are good at it then you can even earn some money as well. If you want to know more about the khel bro app and how to earn money then read the blog below.

What is Khel Bro and How Does It Work?

“Khel Bro” is a gaming application in which you can play your favorite games alone or along with your friends and family members. If you think you are very good at board games then you can even compete with other players for real money.

There are hundreds of single player and multiplayer games to choose from. You can answer trivia questions in quiz based games or try out your skills in cricket. The best part is that you can get some real cash if you manage to win tournaments hosted by other players.

Once you win the prize money, you can instantly withdraw it to your bank account without paying any additional fee. Besides that, you can also host your own tournaments and let other people compete for the prize money.

Not only that, this gaming platform is available for both mobile devices and computer systems. For smartphones, you can even download their software for a smoother experience, and for PC users you can simply use your web browser to access the platform.  

The main reason why this platform exists is to promote traditional board games in the age of graphic intensive games made by billion dollar companies. Also, playing games with your friends makes your bond really strong.

If you are not interested in playing tournaments but want to earn money then they also have a “khel bro jeet bro” referral program. You can invite new people to create an account on Khel Bro and play games on it and in return you will get real money.

The developers are also very supportive of the community and they frequently add new games based on the community member suggestion. Therefore, if you want to see a game added to the platform in the future then make sure to leave suggestions on their official social media handles.

How to Play Games on Khel Bro?

If you want to play games on Khel Bro then you can do it in two ways. You can either use your Chrome web browser to access their platform or download their application on your smartphone.

For Web Browser

  • Open web browser with HTML5 compatibility. (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave, etc.)
  • Go to “address bar” from the top then type in “Khel Bro” and search for it.
  • On the result page, click and open the first link. (The Domain name of the website will be the same as its real name)
  • Once on the homepage, tap or click on “Sign Up” button from top left corner.
  • Here you will have to enter your phone number. Also, make sure the number is active as well.
  • Now you will be asked to verify your phone number by entering OTP code.
  • After you enter your OTP code successfully you are ready to play some games.
  • Move back to the homepage, and choose any of the games.
  • Once you are in the game, you can invite your friend using their phone number.

That’s It. If you want to browse other games then move back to the homepage and tap on “Categories”. Here you find many games sorted into categories.

For Smartphone Application

  • Open Google “Play” store on your device.
  • Navigate to search bar and type in “khel bro app”.
  • Now download and install the first app from the result page.
  • Wait for it to finish installing and then open it.
  • If you cannot find it on Play Store then look for “khelbro download” on Google.
  • Download the apk file and install it through your file manager app.
  • On the first game, you will be asked to register yourself. So enter your phone number and create your own profile.
  • You can see list of all single player and multiplayer games once you enter the app.
  • If you want to play any of them, simply tap on it and wait for it to load.

How to Earn Money Using Khel Bro

Khel Bro allows you to both play games and earn some cash. There is no catch behind it, you get one free try at the tournament mode every day and if you want to participate more then you have to buy more tries.

On the homepage, you will see two types of logos one is “two swords” and the other is “trophy”. Swords is for battles where you can compete with one another people for prizes. Trophy is for tournament where you play with 4-12 people in a tournament style format where the last one standing wins all the prizes.

Once you win the money, you can either enter your PayTM or UPI ID and the prize money will be transferred to your bank account directly. The same is true with the referral program, once you share your unique referral code with your friends and they join the platform using it, you will be paid with reward money directly in your Upi ID.


“Khel Bro” is a gaming platform made for people who love playing traditional board games like chess, ludo, carrom, and others. You can play with random people on the internet or play with your friends. Besides that, you can earn some cash if you win tournaments and get paid directly in your bank account. To learn more about how to earn money using the platform then read the blog above.

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