How to Watch and Download Movies Using TamilMV Proxy

Online streaming is one of the most convenient ways of streaming as it gives you the accessibility to watch any of your favorite movies or TV shows from anywhere. Whether you are taking a break at work or you have a day off on the weekend, you can just fire up the streaming site and start watching.

If you are a South Indian movie enthusiast then you don’t have many options in terms of streaming service that provides all the latest movies and shows within a couple of days of release. However, “tamilmv proxy” has got your back.

They offer an endless collection of South Indian movies and shows in addition to Bollywood and Hollywood movies. If you want to know how to use the website and download movies, then read the blog post below.

TamilMV Overview

Tamilmv Proxy is an online streaming website that has one of the largest movie collections available to watch and download. You can find almost all the popular titles from past years and upcoming releases. If you are interested in watching documentaries then they have that too.

The best part is, you can use the website on any device whether it is your smartphone, computer system, or tablet. If you don’t want to stream it directly, rather you want to download the movie in high resolution for watching later then you can do that too.

Both streaming and downloading movies are free of charge, plus you do not even need to create an account to use the website. In addition, there is also an option to choose in case you want to save the title in the original subbed version or the Hindi dubbed version.

However, there are some drawbacks to using 1tamilmv proxy. The website is filled with advertisements and popups to the brim. If you are not careful then you can probably wander off to some dangerous website.

Another big disadvantage is that the website has copyright issues and it is banned by the government in some places as well. Therefore, you will have to either use its proxy counterparts or try VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to move to a location where it is not blocked.

Steps to Stream or Download Movies Using TamilMV Proxy

Unlike traditional streaming websites where you can simply open their website and start streaming, with 1tamilmv unblock you have to take additional steps to start watching movies on the site. Nevertheless, it is simple if you are familiar with how a proxy website works.

  1. Firstly, open any browser on your device and make sure you are connected to a fast internet connection.
  2. Move to the address bar then type in “tamilmv proxy” and tap on search button.
  3. Now from the search result, open a website that has the list of all working proxies. Most of the time, you can open the very first search result and it will have all the required information.
  4. Once you have the list, select and copy any of the working website URLs and see that you have copies of other URLs as well in case the first one does not work.
  5. Paste it in the address bar and wait for the website to load.

Instructions to Download Movies from TamilMV Proxy

  1. Now from the homepage, you can either look for the movie or TV show you want to watch or choose any of the titles available on the homepage.
  2. Once you found the movie, click or tap on its thumbnail to open it.
  3. Here you will find a short description of the title which is of course spoiler free.
  4. You can directly stream it using the “Play Now” button. Or you can scroll down to find download links.
  5. Select the quality of the movie from SD (480p) to FHD (1080p) and even UHD (4K).
  6. Now choose whether you want to download it in a subbed version or a dubbed version. All of them will have separate download links to avoid confusion.
  7. Select the location you want to save the media file to and wait for the download to complete.
  8. That’s It. You can now watch the movie using any supported media player on your device.

Note – If you are unable to download the movie or open the website then you will need to install a VPN app on your device. For Android and iOS devices, you can simply search for VPNs on the app store and download them from there. And for Windows or MacOS users, you will need to manually find as well as install the app from the internet.


If you love watching South Indian movies or TV Series then “tamilmv proxy” is the perfect streaming website. You can directly watch movies or download them in different quality without having to pay any subscription fee. However, the website has faced problems regarding copyrights and you might have to use workarounds to use the website. Read the blog above if you want to know more about it in detail.

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