Pantera Capital’s New 15M Series Fund(Labs 15m Pantera theblock)

If you are wondering what Pantera Capital is doing with its new 15M Series, you are in the right place. This new fund will help Pantera build a trading desk for its ZRX token and develop an open-source protocol for NFT swaps. Dive into the article and learn about Labs 15m Pantera theblock. In addition, it will expand its Matcha product, which aggregates liquidity from various DEXs.

Labs 15M Series Pantera Capital invests in 0x Labs

Pantera Capital recently invested $15 million in 0x Labs, a startup building infrastructure for decentralized exchanges. The company’s team is made up of veterans from leading tech companies, and it has a remote-first culture. It has made significant technical contributions to the Ethereum protocol and helped establish the NFT token standard. It plans to expand globally, launch a trading desk, and further develop its open source protocol.

The money raised from this funding round will go towards the expansion of 0x Labs’ global reach, building out their open-source protocol, adding a trading desk, and launching an API. It will also enable 0x Labs to expand its Matcha platform and develop an open-source protocol for developers.

0x Labs is developing tools to make blockchain easier to use. Its goal is to launch a platform with transaction fees that are 50 percent lower than the current average. Pantera Capital led the $15 million Series A round, which will help the startup expand globally and hire a team. It will also expand its Matcha product, which helps users compare prices on different DEXs.

Pantera Capital’s investment in 0x Labs is aimed at enabling institutional investors to leverage the technology of their choice to develop decentralized platforms and services. The company hopes to expand its platform and network in the coming years, by integrating other chains and expanding the 0x API service.

Pantera invests in non-fungible tokens

Pantera Labs is an investment firm that invests in non-fungible tokens and related companies. The firm is looking to invest in platforms and marketplaces that help developers to create non-fungible tokens. This type of investment is similar to investing in venture capital.

Non-fungible tokens can be used to prove ownership of digital and real world items. For example, if you are purchasing a diamond in the real world, you can easily prove ownership of the diamonds on your engagement ring using a NFT. The same goes for other items.

Pantera Labs has invested in startups that create commerce APIs for NFT. These APIs allow companies to create and manage NFT products. The company has raised $10 million in Series A funding round led by Pantera Capital. The company plans to use the money to hire employees and accelerate product launches with enterprise partners.

Pantera Labs has also invested in startups that use blockchain technology. For example, NBA Top Shot is an early non-fungible token marketplace that lets sports fans trade videos of NBA players. It has now grown into a billion-dollar industry. In addition, the platform’s early adopters developed the idea for a decentralized lending platform, allowing users to borrow against the “moments” of Top Shot. They called their platform Flowty.

Pantera invests in blockchain gaming

Pantera is an early-stage blockchain investment fund that invests in early-stage token projects and venture-capital deals. Its portfolio includes a variety of investments, including Aurora, which provides Ethereum compatibility and scalability for smart contracts on the NEAR blockchain. It also invested in South Africa-based cryptocurrency exchange VALR, which recently raised $50 million. The company also invests in blockchain gaming, NFTs, and the metaverse, including Web3 gaming infrastructure platform GuildFi.

Pantera Capital’s first fund raised $600 million, more than tripling its initial target. The fund’s second fund is expected to close with more than $1 billion in commitments. The second fund is expected to close by May. Its primary goal is to invest in early-stage tokens with high liquidity.

Pantera has received $1 billion in commitments for its blockchain fund. The company announced in May that it hoped to raise $600 million for the fund. Investors will have to invest at least $1 million in order to qualify. The fund will no longer make new investments in its other three venture funds. All future deals will be funneled into the new fund. The fund will allocate approximately 40% of its assets to venture equity.

Pantera is investing in blockchain-based game development studio InfiniGods. The company has secured a $200 million funding round from Pantera Capital and other prominent investors, including Animoca Brands and Dapper Labs. The company plans to develop three games by 2022. It also plans to develop a blockchain-based governance token for its games.

The company’s new fund a16z will be focused on crypto assets, with the objective of investing $2 billion by 2021. The firm is a leader in the crypto industry, having become the first U.S. institutional blockchain investment manager. Its fund raised $34 million in Series A fundings.

Metatheory is another blockchain gaming startup that has received a major investment. The company plans to merge blockchain technology with entertainment and game experiences. A16z led the round with Pantera Capital and other investors. FTX Ventures, Breyer Capital, Recharge Thematic Ventures, and Rainmaker also invested in the startup. The company is aiming to create AAA-quality games that utilize blockchain technology.

Pantera invests in venture equity deals

Pantera is a venture capital firm that invests in blockchain-related companies. The company’s Blockchain Fund has invested in 44 early-stage token projects. But the company’s new $200 million Select Fund is focusing on more established revenue-generating companies. The fund is smaller and more targeted than the firm’s other funds.

Since its founding in 2003, Pantera Capital has focused on blockchain technology and digital currency. Today, Pantera is the largest institutional cryptocurrency investor in the United States. The firm manages $5.6 billion in blockchain assets. Its investment portfolio spans from early stage tokens to multi-stage venture equity.

In April 2022, Pantera raised $1.3 billion for its Blockchain Fund. The fund will invest in Web3 startups, early-stage tokens, and digital tokens with established liquidity levels. The new fund will invest in a diverse range of crypto assets and projects. Pantera has backed more than 90 blockchain companies and 65 early-stage token deals, including Ripple and Bakkt.

Pantera Capital has raised more than $1 billion in its first blockchain fund, which is expected to close in May. The new fund will invest in digital tokens with a high liquidity rate. The firm’s second fund will target blockchain projects at an early stage, but Pantera will continue investing in early-stage tokens and web3 companies.

Pantera’s Blockchain Fund will invest in both venture equity and digital tokens, with an emphasis on early-stage tokens. The fund is limited to accredited investors and requires a minimum investment of $1 million. Its new Blockchain Fund will not make new investments in its three previously launched venture funds. However, future deals will feed into this new fund. The fund will allocate 40% of its assets to venture equity as Labs 15m Pantera theblock.

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