MAGCH Tablet: Should I Buy it or Not? (2023)

Were you searching for some tablet to buy and stumbled upon MAGCH? Well, its highly likely that you came across this tablet and found it pretty impressive. The features of this tablet are lucrative enough to lure viewers into knowing more details about it.

In this article, we’ll see what some ‘not to miss’ specs of MAGCH are and will try to know more about it.

The MAGCH tablet is said to be one of the most powerful tablets present in the market. The specifications of this tablet are pretty impressive. It has an 8-core processor, RAM of 4GB and the display is 12-inch. The battery life of this tablet is estimated to be around 10 hours. 

Should I go for MAGCH M101 tablet?

Before proceeding to buy MAGCH, one should briefly examine the features it has to offer. In Addition to what has been discussed in the previous section, it has a built-in memory of 64 Gigabytes. External memory up to 256 GB can be added to the device for extending the memory. 

It has a powerful processor which allows users to run multiple apps at a time. Also, if we talk about the battery life of the tablet, then in a single charge it gives a backup of around 10 hours. 

The camera quality of the tablet is also pretty impressive allowing you to capture moments and keep them as memories for long. 

On which Operating System does it work?

The MAGCH tablet runs on Android 11 Operating System. It has Google Play pre-installed in it with which you can access popular applications. The processor of this tablet is also optimized for performing multiple tasks at a time and thus it becomes useful for so many professionals.

The tablet is lightweight, easy to carry and thus can become a perfect travel companion. Talking about Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the tablet is compatible with Bluetooth version 5 and 5G Wi-Fi. 

The Hardware of MAGCH

The hardware of MAGCH attracts a lot of potential buyers. If we just have a look at the latest launch MAGCH T10, then its amazing features are enough to justify the solid reviews this product has been getting.

The T10 has octa core processor and its speed is around 1.8 Ghz.Very few tablets in the market are able to offer this much speed currently. The display is 10.1 Inch which gives great experience during watching movies, playing games or even browsing the web.

Seeing the amazing features of MAGCH T10, its quite obvious to assume it as a device of much higher price. Contrary to this, the price of MAGCH T10 is just $199 making it one of the affordable tablets too.

Display of MAGCH M101 Tablet

The display of the MAGCH tablet is full HD and it has a rear camera of 13-MegaPixel. The screen color can be adjusted with the help of various color settings present on the device. 
Battery life of MAGCH Tablet

For any electronic device, battery life is one of the important aspects. Just like RAM, processing power and screen resolution, people look for battery backup too. THe MAGCH tablet is equipped with a 6000 mAh battery which is enough to provide its users a backup of about 10 hours.

If you are traveling somewhere and worried about the battery backup of your device, then MAGCH comes as a relief for you. 

Speakers and Audio

MAGCH has  a great performance in the field of audio too. It has dual speakers for high quality reproduction of the sound. Watching movies or playing games is much better on a device which has a high sound quality. 

Apart from the high quality sound, MAGCH also offers a great feature of Eye Comfort mode which is for redecing eye strain while using the deivce.

Many working professionals and students use screens or tablets these days for their day to day activities. The Eye Comfort Mode in MAGCH is a great option to lower down the stress levels caused by the usage of screen


In this article, we discussed about MAGCH and some of the features of MAGCH M101 Tablet. It is a very powerful device that has got the market buzzing and comes at a relatively cheaper price too. There are many other benefits associated with this device. High processing power, large memory space, high quality camera, great battery backup are some things to name.

If you’re going to buy some electronic device for your own use, then you should have thorough knowledge about it. This article is an effort in that direction only. If you like reading such informative and interesting articles, then keep following our blog page.

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