New Zealand’s Top 10 Run-Makers In 2021

In the previous year 2021, the New Zealand cricket season did not get underway until the month of April. The hitters for New Zealand nevertheless managed to score a respectable amount of runs in 2021, despite the fact that the country did not take part in a particularly high number of international Test matches. The recent history demonstrates that New Zealand’s national team has been one of the most successful in Test competition. This success has been one of the primary reasons for the nation’s current dominance. In point of fact, they prevailed as champions in the very first iteration of the World Test Championship. According to new update of cricket, article will have a look at the top 10 run scorers for New Zealand in Test cricket matches that were played everywhere around the globe in 2021.

Kane Williamson (395)

Kane Williamson was well on his way to becoming New Zealand’s all-time highest run-scorer in the history of international Test cricket in the year 2021. He was currently on pace to do so. As a member of the New Zealand national cricket team in 2021, he competed in a total of four international test matches during that year. During four matches, he amassed an amazing total of 395 runs for his nation with a batting average of 65.83 and a strike rate of 46.03. Kane is one of the most successful batters to have represented New Zealand in Test International cricket in recent years. In addition to that, he is the current captain of the New Zealand Test team, a position he has held continuously since 2016.

Devon Conway (379)

Devon Conway had finished the year 2021 as New Zealand’s second all-time top run scorer in international Test cricket, moving up from his current position as New Zealand’s third all-time leading scorer. During the course of previous year, he had represented New Zealand in three international test matches and has amassed a total of 379 runs during those contests. It is surprising that Conway maintains a strikeout percentage of fifty percent while yet averaging 63.16 runs scored per game at the plate for his team.

Henry Nicholls (323)

In 2021, New Zealand’s Henry Nicholls had became the next batter to score the most runs in a Test match for his nation. In the year 2021, he represented New Zealand in six different International Test matches. During these games, Henry had a batting average of 35.88, a strikeout percentage of 43.88, and scored 323 runs. He has shown to be a consistent performer for New Zealand in the international test cricket competition.

Tom Latham (323)

He had a total of 323 runs at the conclusion of 2021, making him New Zealand’s 4th highest run scorer in the history of test cricket. In the six international test matches that New Zealand competed in during the year 2021, Tom Latham led the team in run scoring with an average of 32.30 and a strike rate of 36.83.

Ross Taylor (217)

The big-hitting batsman Ross Taylor of New Zealand is currently ranked sixth in the team’s run totals for their previous year 2021 test cricket matches. During the last year 2021, he was a member of the New Zealand national cricket team and participated in six international tests, during which he scored a total of 217 runs. Taylor has amassed 2021 runs in international Tests, giving him an amazing batting average of 24.11 and a phenomenal strike rate of 48.87.

Will Young (205)

Will Young, the most recent captain of the New Zealand national cricket team, is on track to become the next New Zealand batsman to score the most runs in Test cricket in the last year 2021. He participated in three International Test matches for New Zealand in 2021, scoring 205 runs at a strike rate of 40.59 and averaged 34.16 runs per game.

Daryl Mitchell (176)

Daryl Mitchell is now second only to Ross Taylor in terms of run output for New Zealand in international Test cricket in the last year of 2021 with a total of 176 runs scored. Throughout the course of the year, Daryl scored these runs while competing for New Zealand in three International Test matches. He had an excellent strike rate of 74.26 and an average of 58.66 while doing so.

Kyle Jamieson (105)

In the year 2021 international Test cricket season, Kyle Jamieson has earned the position of New Zealand’s tenth most run scorer. During the course of previous year, he had participated in five international tests for New Zealand and had scored 105 runs. In order to score these runs, Jamieson had a batting average of 17.50 and a slugging percentage of 51.47.

Tom Blundell (73)

Tom Blundell was given the role of Batsman for the international Test cricket tournament that took place in 2021 as a result of his extraordinary run total. Tom had a batting average of 12.16 and a strike rate of 24.91 over the four International Test matches that New Zealand played in 2021. He also contributed 73 runs to the team’s total score. Within his native New Zealand, he is revered as a cricketing legend of the highest order.

Rachin Ravindra (53)

Rachin Ravindra, an all-rounder, was the only remaining batter from New Zealand to enter the top 10 list of New Zealand’s greatest run scorers in international Test cricket in 2021. His batting average was 17.66 and his strike rate was 29.69 in the two international test matches that he participated in for New Zealand in 2021. He scored a total of 53 runs.

When it comes to the game of cricket, people from New Zealand are universally considered to be among the most modest athletes in the annals of sporting competition anywhere in the globe. They had a refined demeanour off the field, which was in stark contrast to the passionate appeal they exuded on the field, and this helped them win over the hearts of every cricket fan.

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